How to Immelmann! – FPV Trick Series with Le Drib

It is yes all right, so we've been flying with sean a lot. Lately – and he keeps talking about doing this trick – it's a gentleman yeah – i can't even say the name right a moment a moment, so the name comes from acrobatic planes, 3d planes. This is a fixed wing. Maneuver, […]

FPV vs. Onewheel STUNT Riders!

I like him, Music, Music, Music, so DJI has been wanting us to try out the Osmo action camera for fpv, with how much cinematic fpv has been getting more popular. They wanted to see what we would do with it, so we sent Zoe an Osmo action. Camera tell us what happened. What you […]

FPV Coach: Rubik’s Cubes with VORT3X & Little Stellar Fox

LittleStellarFox is on the town and needs to study Rubik's Cubes! The FPV trick that’s, not the precise puzzle. Sorry. Try our different video on studying cling time: Share your individual rubiks cubes with Jamie on Instagram: – – – – – – – – – – Need to fly FPV like the professionals? Begin […]