Live Q&A! PARROT DISCO 25 Mile Automated Flight From Maui to Kahoolawe – I lost it! ?

Tuning in this will be a little bit of a live. Show. It'S been about, I want to say, I started at like 930 and it's 1000 almost 1020 now, so this is supposed to be like a 55 minute flight and I'm. Just gon na show you the screen here on the iPad. I […]

PARROT DISCO Review – Part 5 – [5200mah High Capacity Battery Cloud Flight & Crash Test]

PARROT DISCO – Review Part 3 – [20 Mile Waypoint Flight / Battery Mod / Crash Test]

I lost my PARROT DISCO Drone in Hawaii! ? – Here’s How & Why

Get pleasure from this lengthy vary auto pilot try with the Parrot DISCO Drone. Get the superb DISCO right here MultiStar 4000mah Prolonged Battery Official Parrot Disco BackPack Ipad I take advantage of for an superior FPV and Waypoint Mission expertise: I take advantage of Energy Director 15 to edit my vids: Hello everybody! Thanks […]

PARROT DISCO Review – [Flight/Crash/Range Test!, Pros & Cons]

Take pleasure in my evaluation of the DISCO Drone. You will get the DISCO right here: Big $300 worth drop! I take advantage of PD15 to edit my vids: Half three with 20 Mile autopilot flight!: Half 1 with Unboxing, Inspection & Setup right here: My new FaceBook Overview Sneak Peek Web site: Ship me […]