Your Top 10 DJI Pocket 2 Questions Answered

Can a DRONE chase a ROCKET?!

Fpv drones are an amazing tool for getting video clips. Unlike anything else, you can use these drones to get really dynamic shots, re chasing objects as they're, speeding down the road or flying through the air. We did a shoot recently where vanover chased an arrow flying such a great shot. It was so […]

FPV vs. Onewheel STUNT Riders!

I like him, Music, Music, Music, so DJI has been wanting us to try out the Osmo action camera for fpv, with how much cinematic fpv has been getting more popular. They wanted to see what we would do with it, so we sent Zoe an Osmo action. Camera tell us what happened. What you […]

Some Nifty Accessories For Your Action Camera

Now I spend an awful lot of time in the field playing with new technology. I fly drones. I put clips together on those and I love exploring other high tech gadgets like action cams and when I'm out in the field, testing I'm, always looking for ways to improve my experience, trying to find […]

Free DJI Osmo Action – 12 Days of Drone Valley Christmas Giveaways 2019

Well, we've made it to day ten in our 12 days at drone Valley Christmas, which means the big day, is right around the corner and I could not be more excited and man if we got some cool prizes for today's giveaway, but before we get to this I'Ve, had a few viewers ask […]

Yes, Your Osmo Action Can Used With The Osmo Mobile 3 – Finally!

Osmo Motion Mounting Equipment Web site – Amazon – Making an attempt to make use of your Osmo Motion along with your Osmo Cell Three is usually a problem for the reason that mounting kits available on the market don’t fairly work. On this clip I evaluation a brand new mounting equipment that means that […]

Osmo Action Charging Kit – Keep Your Camera Recording All Day

Osmo Motion Charging Equipment – For those who want somewhat longer recording time together with your Osmo Motion, this charging equipment is the right accent. It features a 3-battery charging hub, 2 contemporary new batteries and a couple of protecting circumstances. On this clip I assessment the equipment and level out a number of the […]

Turn Your Osmo Pocket Into A True Action Camera With the Waterproof Case

Osmo Pocket Waterproof Case – Drone Valley Clamp Equipment – The Waterproof Case for the Osmo Pocket permits you to swim together with your digicam and dive to a depth of 60 meters. Even if you’re not within the water it offers quite a lot of safety for the Osmo Pocket. On this clip I […]

Charge All Your Devices With This One Clever Cable

Drone Valley – Hydra Charging Cable – Charging your entire transportable units is usually a problem, particularly once they all use a distinct charging cable. We solved that downside by designing a cable that has all three of the favored transportable gadget connectors on one cable. This new Hydra cable from Drone Valley won’t simplify […]

Osmo Action Audio Adapter – Finally!

Osmo Motion Audio Adapter – Osmo Motion Equipment – Rode Video Micro – Rode Video Mic Professional Plus – On this clip I overview the brand new Osmo Motion Audio Adapter. I clarify methods to use it, take a look at it with totally different microphones and clarify why you may need to add it […]

Top 3 Mounts For Your Osmo Action / Osmo Pocket & GoPro Cameras

Bike Mount Equipment – Clamp Mount Equipment – Osmo Pocket Fast Launch Cage Mount Equipment – On this clip I evaluation my three favourite Motion Digicam mounts. I take advantage of these three mounts on virtually each shoot they usually make securing my cameras simple and fast. I present you use them and clarify why […]

Can You Use Your Action Camera With The Osmo Mobile 3?

Osmo Cell 3 – We’ve had a number of viewers ask if there’s any means to make use of an Motion Digital camera with the Osmo Cell 3. On this clip I clarify the testing we’ve carried out and what we’ve discovered when attempting to strap a GoPro Hero 7 and our Osmo Motion to […]