Best Osmo Pocket Accessory Yet – Polar Pro Wifi Tripod Adapter

Test Out The Product Right here – The DJI Wi-fi Module is a tremendous method of controlling your Osmo Pocket from throughout the room. The problem with this base is that it has restricted choices for mounting it to a tripod. On this clip I present an summary of the Polar Professional Wifi Tripod Adapter […]

Osmo Pocket Wireless Module – Everything You’ll Want To Know

The Osmo Pocket Wi-fi Adapter Module supplies a simple means of extending the attain of your digicam. By enabling a connection over each Bluetooth and Wifi to your telephone from the Osmo Pocket, it permits you full management over the gimbal and digicam features from over 100’ away. On this clip I present an summary […]

Upgrade Your Osmo Pocket With These 2 New Accessories

Osmo Pocket Standing Base – Osmo Pocket Screen Protector Kit – The Osmo Pocket is an amazing device and since its release a few weeks back, a slew of new accessories have been released for the product. In this clip I review two of them that I have been testing and using that I think […]