MUD BATH for the FORD RAPTOR – Blows Motor & Smoke Show! | RC ADVENTURES

Sm t10 tires that I actually had switched over from my Maximum Destruction truck because they fit so well underneath the Ford Raptor two part body. Now the body like, I said being two part, the back part sticks on with a couple of posts and then the front actually has velcro and a magnet […]

How Much Would You Pay? LARGE FULLY UPGRADED FORD F150 1:8 Traction Hobby RTR | RC ADVENTURES

HOW MUCH Would YOU Pay for a Totally Upgraded Path Truck?! A few of you’ll say "$0, as a result of it's a FORD" Hah! That apart – many people have been awaiting an organization that might provide a completely Constructed, Sturdy, and Succesful truck for buy. In the mean time, there are just a […]

NEXT BIG THING: 1/8 scale Trail Trucks : BACKYARD TRAIL PARK – 4×4 Cragsman Crew | RC ADVENTURES

Today we get to see the results of the three trail trucks my friends unboxed the other day in this video ( ). They were hard at work all week painting and getting these trucks ready so we could trail today! Who knew that last night it would snow 15cm, and BOY ARE WE HAPPY […]


These guys put a lot of work into the show and into entertaining ALL OF US! So – today we get to unbox 3 new trail trucks for them. These are all 1/8 in scale size to a "full size". I think that 1/8 scale trucks are the next "big thing" in the scale world.. […]

NEW DRiVER MOE on TRAIL for the FIRST TIME! 1/8 F150 vs 1/10 F150 – FORD | RC ADVENTURES!

MAURiCE'S FIRST TIME ON THE PATH! "Is BiGGER BETTER?, & "Is the Traction Leisure Activity Creator like the Traxxas TRX4?" – "Which one is for me ?!" These are constantly questions I am asked when audiences comment in previous video clips. I wish this movie can reveal you why both of these automobiles are amazing, […]

The KiNG of 8th scale TRAiL TRUCKS?! NEW FORD RAPTOR F150 4X4 from Traction Hobby | RC ADVENTURES

In a day of method photography, as well as video clip modifying – I understand that an image can not reveal just how big this truck is. This is the latest approaching release from Grip Leisure activity – distributed at I was fortunate adequate to rack up a beta version of this 1/8 range Ford […]