Best Drone in 2021 II 5 Best Drone in 2021

A visual shock beyond imagination, hs720 eye catching debut. The 2k video camera with shock absorption can tilt 90 degrees down to take bird’s eye view. Shots optical flow adapts to various ground textures for stable hovering, indoors brushless motor with aviation propellers for the highest aerodynamic efficiency built in metallurgical gear, shafts for smooth […]

Nikon Z6II Review 6 Months Later | The BEST Full Frame Camera You Probably Aren't Buying

Music. Music is i’m. Sorry, this just doesn’t feel right. So all of that probably looked like a typical review for my wife and i in fact on the outside, it looked like things were going pretty well, but the bts actually tells a completely different story, because when this camera first came out, there […]

HUBSAN ZINO MINI PRO vs DJI MINI 2 (Spec Comparison)

So i think we want to know all about the specs today, i’m, not going to review the real thing, because i don’t have the actual devices yet. However, do wait for me for the real review before we start, though i just want to share with you guys about this mic that i’m, using […]

🔴 Mejor DRONE MINI PARA TI 🤔 Dji Mini 2 VS Fimi X8 Mini VS Dji Mavic Mini

Con los sensores de posicionamiento sin utilizar el gps, lo vamos, a comprobar despus tambin veremos un poquito en exterior cmo; se comporta cada uno de ellos y hablaremos, un poco del tema de las cmaras de los tres drones y cul puede ser el que, ms se, adapta A lo que t necesitas ya: […]

DJI FPV Drone New Firmware – Minor Updates + Fixes V2 Goggles Switching Issue

That not only brings a couple of little firmware improvements to the drone itself, but this firmware also fixes the issue that i highlighted on the vision 2 goggles. That meant if the battery goes flat, it would jump from standalone fpv mode that worked with the fpv ear units like this on the cadets […]


What ever tasted itu Kyuhyun kek: ke 8 mp34shared penggunaan internet pemilik, pemilik, tuh, jauh, instrumen, depannya, teknologi, gede, itunya, mah punya sensor. Oh nih mode ya, Hai banget, Cecil, Kamu, kentut, besok, kalau, itu eh, nih, ah nih Dek, ini, bagi, fairy sub aku jadi uang, dia, lebih, tua, incense, dia, punya, solution mode, […]

review: red5 nano drone

This is a mini drone. Um is by a company called red five um i’ve, never used from them before and it’s their nano drone um yeah. So this one, i guess, is trying to look like a mini phantom or something similar to that um, which i guess it does. If you put on […]

My New Favorite 4-inch Micro Long Range Quad // Rekon4 👍

. This is another one of dave c fpv’s designs, uh very similar to the original four inch long range that he worked with flywoo on the explorer lr. However, he has made a few improvements. Modifications in this sort of updated design under the four inch long range here and then let’s talk about […]


This is the nebula nano one here. You can also get an analog version for about 350 dollars now this power system on here has been so upgraded that i mean i’m just getting right into this right now that when i was doing my power loops with this one recently, i reviewed the eachine […]

Mi primer Drone // review de mis drones

Lo que tenemos como pueden, verse, tenemos, nuestro, pequeo gran est su partido tiene, la apariencia, incluso de los bic, lo creo trae una camarita, integrada la de frente. Es la de mejor calidad viene con dos bateras y mucho mejor porque tiene una carga 2 por microusb que comparan el tamao del control, tambin […]

UZ80 Review

uh. This is a small 1s toothpick it’s uh, very similar to the mobilelite 7, which is one of my favorite, tiny, whoops um. It has the same motors. It has the 0802 uh by 19000 kb motors running a 40 millimeter long uh prop by bladed. Prop props are a little different. They don’t […]

Hexagon Drone review

Nina’S gon na try her look at the at the machine. The quarter machine go into the quarter. Machine see what to get, which one that one trying to get the harley quinn, Music, okay, let’s, see. If we get a 75 cent you might have to mess with it then put two quarters in […]