Atoyx AT-66D Racing Drone Ghost Review and Indoor/Outdoor Flight Demo 👍🏿

This time we have the atoy x at 66 d racing drone ghost i don’t know if uh i’m pronouncing that name right, atoy, x or atoyx, but i do know we did have another drone on a channel from this company and it was pretty good. So this one here is a little micro […]

The New Hyundai Alcazar 2021 – Drone Review

When life becomes grand hello, blue link, i want to see the sky presenting hyundai.

Newbeedrone Acrobee the Best starter Drone for YOU!! | One Month Review

This is the drone it’s, pretty simple, it’s, extremely tough i’ve been dropping this thing from pretty far up. I crashed into some trees trying to fire line of sight this weekend because i didn’t have my headset all types of stuff and i have missed two screws which actually just came in the mail, […]

Unboxing Holy Stone HS175 Drone with Camera | Remote Control Drone for Beginners (Under $200)

I got everything i want and everything i need. I keep my mind. Open abundance overflows. I budget right and i know where all my money goes. I am debt free and money works for me money in my sleep, a magnet for prosperity, ain’t, nothing wrong with that. I deserve the best, because i […]


A aperu de pas mal de choses premire des chose la plus importante c’est que pour pratiquer cette discipline, il faut une structure, phnomnal c’est dire que le terrain c’est 14 mtres de long sept, mtres de large par sept mtres de hauteur ce qui veut. Dire que si on veut s’entraner faire des tournois […]

DJI Air 2S vs Autel Evo 2 Pro | Which is the BEST drone? | Battle of the 1" sensors

In my right hand, i got the autel evo 2 pro and here on my left, i have the dji air 2s. Now both of these guys have one inch sensor, some really impressive, specs. Now, how do you know which one you should buy? Well, i want to break down for you now. You […]

LS Min Mini Drone review – Unboxing Drone Terbaru 2021

Lt. Si nah ini, lele singkatan dari, lantai sih, udah 14 tahun keatas drama mendapatkan, empat buah, baling, baling cadangan, satu buah baterai satu make 2 manual book 1 down4 protector, jadi, pelindung, baling, baling, satu controller sama satu charger Nah di sini, ada fitur, fiturnya, 360 seperti biasa, yaitu, Flip Halo, The headless Mod […]

Holy Stone HS175D CAMERA TEST Brushless GPS Drone with 4K Camera for Adults RC Quadcopter REVIEW

Um we got this holy stone drone that we’re going to go ahead and throw it up in the air, basically testing, image, quality and photograph quality. All right. So here you go guys. There is a slight breeze there doesn’t seem to be much image stabilization if any on this, as far as the […]

3.5" is my new freestyle favorite! GepRC Smart35 Review

What a nice evening i had to use this last race of golden hour, sunlight to test the cap rc smart 35 hd, a really nice 3.5 inch class drone. I installed the reinforcements right away and it’s so much fun that i just wanted to come out and fly a bit. I thought the […]


. You may have some questions like so what’s different well, let’s start with the larger sensor, there’s a lot more pixels 48 megapixels to be exact, which means you can do this and then shoot a hyperlapse in 8k with smartphoto every shot is a masterpiece. Yeah but photos aren’t, really my thing: don’t […]

GEPRC SMART 35 HD Micro Quad Review 👍

I already know that people are gon na, probably leave comments down in the comment section without even watching this video and saying this is a clone of the baby, hawk 2 hd from emacs, and i can tell you it’s pretty different actually and for those of you That are more experienced flyers, you’re, […]

✅ Review ưu nhược điểm và dùng thử APPLE AIRTAG tìm drone bị rơi, mất liên lạc

I nhanh l n s, t ng nh, thit, b, gi v, tr ca, ci, xc, cho, chng, ta, gi n ci, xc sut, tm c s, cao hn, th hai na li trn, nhng dng, iPhone t iPhone 12 n ang b, Chi Pu mt ci, gip Khanh, Nh v: rt l, chnh xc, […]