DJI Mini SE – New Mavic Mini Drone Coming Soon? | DansTube.TV

tv and it’s that time again the rumor mill’s been turning and it looks like we have a brand new mavic mini about to hit the market of all drones. I was not expecting a new mavic mini anytime, soon, still waiting on that mavic 3 pro that might or might not ever hit the […]

How to set up 4DRC Richie Drone (EASY)

Your drone up should come with the drone on controller instruction manual and some extra pieces and two batteries. So i one of my batteries is charging, but so first off thing is to take your battery and place it in to the drone. Next things, next open up your drone and yeah. So now […]

FAA TRUST – Recreational Drone Pilot Test. What's it about?

Finally, here the recreational uas safety test was just released, also called the faa trust. It is the training that all recreational uav pilots must now go through in order to fly recreationally, so let’s take a look at what it’s all about Music hi everyone russ here, thanks for stopping by the channel now. […]

🎮Neuer FPV Simulator mit riesigen Maps 🗺 – AI Drone Simu Review

Eigentlich braucht es gibt hier in default 5 inch modell da knnt ihr sehen, ich habe hier nicht dran umgedreht kamera enkel war, schon, auf 25 grad ansonsten habe ich hier auch da nichts eingestellt hier unten ist die option. Den eigenen copter als black box zu importieren, also hier fliegt eine ganz normale hunde […]

My Drone review🚀చివరకు ఏమైందో చూడండి🤦||✋ operated sensor UFO flying Drone||USB charger

Okay, lightweight, no worries, Applause, Music. Thank you for watching hope. You like this.

LEGO Creator 3 In 1 Cyber Drone 31111 review! A creative, futuristic trio

Drone set now this isn’t us like a 20 21 summer, set that you don’t have to wait for from as far as i’m concerned. This. These sets are already in stores that you can purchase that, like anytime, you want to so yeah let’s jump into the review, so this drone is really cool. […]

✅ Review and try using APPLE AIRTAG to find the LOST DRONE, lost connection

Today we will review a navigation device so hot at the time it attack of apple. This will help us navigate and find lost stock and it’s have many strong points than the device which i have reviewed. That’S a ramrez from xiaomi and right now i will glue austin on the front to see […]

DJI Mini 2 Firmware version 01.03.0000 Update: A Flying Review

It now has a better signal, strength and control. This video shows how easily i can fly to 800 meters distance without any interference. Now i can fly to over two kilometers without problems. Previously, i can only fly up to 1500 meters, so yeah. This update does provide a lot of things. So a […]

MAGIMASK DJI en immersion et partage numérique – Review Test Démo – Léger et confortable !

Vous aurez toujours possibilit de vous connecter une application de ralit augmente, je mette, a l, mais ils vont arrter, cette promotion, l puisque ce masque est plus maintenant vendu pour a soit pour regarder des films. Soit pour regarder des vido en ralit augmente comme vous avez pu, voir au dbut de la vido, […]

The Masters of Mayhem – Winning the Le Mans of Drone Racing

If you crash all your drones, your team can call one of three cautions. If you break all your drones, your team is out most labs at the end of 12 hours of green flag racing wins i’m part of team heart of america, the reigning dawn to dusk team racing champions. There are two […]

Fiido L3 electric bike review: Battery for days!

I know this is a pretty funny looking bike, it’s pretty small, but trust me it’s, an interesting e bike and you’re going to want to learn about it. Stick with me, we’ll check it out so here’s the thing this is actually a really cool e bike and it’s worth taking a second glance, […]

ExpressLRS Final Review and Flight Tests – Best Control Link For FPV Drones?

I’Ve had time to get some good flights in and form my opinions. So we’ll look at some of those test flights and talk about the results at the end of this video you should have an idea of whether express lrs is something you want to pursue or not. If you missed the first, […]