BUSTED at Disney Springs for Flying our DRONE • EverGlazed Donuts REVIEW • DISNEY VLOG 2021

We might get locked up says, put it up 17 pounds, because if you spend 40 dollars, you can get a blanket for five hours, what’s going on youtube. Welcome back to the vlog! Since what about me bro? We found the drone operator. I was like. Oh my god, you can’t fly in this […]

Insta360 GO 2 📷, le test en drone FPV et bien plus encore 👌

A peut donner en termes de conditions de blogs, notamment au niveau, du micro donc j’espre que a ira pour l’intro alors parlant de micro, ce qu’on, peut faire dj c’est que l j’ai pas de musique j’ai pas de ventilation. Sais que je vais ouvrir la fentre ou un petit peu au niveau du […]

DJI Air 2s Low Light 1" Sensor Test Vs Mavic Air 2 Drone Sensor 👀

Are you ready let’s do this? First up air 2 master air screw plop props i’ve got on the black edition. Now they don’t believe in you little guy little guy camera over here with your half inch sensor, but i do i’m popping away. Okay, i can’t see nothing. Actually, everything is in auto. […]

Review: Flying A Drone with the RadioMaster T8 Pro

Now this video is the review part of the radiomaster t8 pro now i’ve connected it up to my tyro 79 quadcopter, and i flew it now. It was quite windy today and i didn’t go to the flying site. So i went to a friend’s house and she filmed me and you’ll hear me […]

RunCam MIPI DJI FPV Camera Review 📷

This is the second run, cam camera that uh is compatible with the dji system. The first one, the run cameras for four was um, pretty pretty bad image quality. In my opinion, i didn’t even bother reviewing that one, because it just didn’t look very good. Um not very competitive, i mean the nebula […]

REVIEW L800 PRO Drone GPS Brushless Murah + Dapat 2 Kamera

Just like this day, New spirit, Oh ya, namanya A800, Pro Rising opo kuwi kok, lagi, ngerti, jeneng, itu Coba, kita, lihat, fb, nya, cowok, yang di monitornya, wooww disini, sudah, terlihat, seperti, kayak, gitu, itu Hai, dan dia, lari, kesana, kemari, Hai, Yap, udah, disetting, sini, coba, tak, Ambil protes lebih biar ada, video […]

Tello Quadcopter Drone Review

One of their best drones is the telo quadcopter priced at under a hundred dollars, but without any compromise on the quality, the telo quadcopter features a decent flight time. Amazing camera amazing ease of use and durability and it’s appropriate and will provide ample fun for all skill levels, regardless of whether you’re an […]

បើកប្រអប់ដ្រូន SG108 Pro / Unboxing Drone SG108 Pro.

com, horizontal Nike, Sb, menelepon, ke, Kemen, ESDM, rukhsoh, BoBoiBoy, kedai, kenangan, Nike, kecil, pengumpal, bersahabat, memang, Maret halilintar make money By the way ke metode Syaikh, menentu, Hai, otomotif, kemeja, nih, gue, bacot, Hai ke bebas Mosque, Mosque, nih di kedai, kedai, smackdown.cso hylete, without pain, pain with hearing loss, Madrid, Hi, honey, khas, […]

DarwinFPV – Darwin Whoop Drone – 2s Tiny Whoop Drone

We are looking today at the darwin 75. This is a 75 millimeter, tiny whoop drone. It uh has darwin branded 1103 motors and they’re 12 000 kv it’s got gem fan four blade. Props it’s got a pretty decent camera. The caddix ant it’s got a 25 watt, uh 25 milliwatt. Sorry, vtx it’s […]


Tni angkatan laut Indonesia, Hai pada, tahun 2014 pemerintah Amerika, Serikat, telah, menawarkan, untuk, memasok gua, fashionable kepada, pemerintah Indonesia, namun baru pada, tahun 2020 pemerintah, Indonesia, Setuju untuk menerima hibah, tersebut 14u, fashionable bersama dengan sistem terkait termasuk di antara, yang dijadwalkan, untuk, ditransfer, oleh, pemerintah, sebagai, hibah, Kepada pemerintah Indonesia, dibawa skema foreign […]


I can find that video here. I am a first time flyer, so there wasn’t enough camera work. I left those shots raw, so no editing at all. If you like those shots and would like to know more about the sjrc f11 4k pro drone today i’m going to do an unboxing hands on […]

DJI Mini SE – New Mavic Mini Drone Coming Soon? | DansTube.TV

tv and it’s that time again the rumor mill’s been turning and it looks like we have a brand new mavic mini about to hit the market of all drones. I was not expecting a new mavic mini anytime, soon, still waiting on that mavic 3 pro that might or might not ever hit the […]