DJI FPV Backpack and ND Filter by PGYTECH + Giveaway

com, i have a few accessories from pgy tech and if you guys don’t know what pgytek is they make a bunch of drone accessories for pretty much, almost all the drones on the market and for those that have seen Some of my recent fpv videos that i’ve been shooting for the past few […]

DJI FPV DRONE FIRST FLIGHT Experience and TIPS! – TheRcSaylors

I think you need to fly this i want to. He wants to see – and you guys apparently want to see me made in this and see how i, how i do now. You guys have told us in the comments of our unboxing video, some good things and some not so good things […]

DJI FPV Drone rates best practices? Freestyle rip session

I want to talk about the rates on the dji fpv drone now for a beginner coming from a mavic or some other gps drone. This is a whole new level of tuneability and, while there’s tons of guides on how to use rates. What they are and what they do specifically there really isn’t […]

Why we decided to return our Skydio 2 drone – Adam’s honest review

But ultimately, there are five reasons why we decided to return this and we want this comes across as a negative review and at the end, we’ll talk about a lot of the positive things we really did enjoy about this drone before we get into all those reasons. Skydo did not send us this […]

DJI FPV Drone – How To Enable Turtle Mode

Now we don’t have to so much enable it it’s already there on your drone. We just have to customize one of the buttons on the controller, so you can make use of it so just quickly before we get into how to do it, if you’re not quite sure what turtle mode is. Basically […]

DJI – Agras T16 – Agricultural Spraying Drone | Special Review

It can agricultural innovation be taken to the next level. A highly efficient, reliable and intelligent tool is the key. The aggro t 16 was designed from the ground up. It features 6 orders, an arctic dual redundancy system and an avionic redundancy system. It has a playlist of up to 16 liters, a spread […]

Insta360 GO 2 / Review (FR)

He is earl en effet cette camra amliore normment la v1. Qui tait sorti fin 2019 et propose de trs belles caractristiques elle filme dsormais en deux cas et ce jusqu’, 50 images par seconde, plein de fonctionnalits sont au rendez, vous, nous allons les dcouvrir la camra est fourni avec un botier multifonctions qui, […]

I'm selling my dji fpv drone | jarak terjauh | verdict saya | activation | fly safe Dengan password DJ Hai saya kita login nanti kita akan mendapatkan menu di DJ, asisten untuk, downgrade kita punya From where dari Google ya baru kita bisa nanti setelah kita, downgrade kita, nih bonusnya, aktivasi, itu masalah, pertama, untuk, aktivasi, masanya, kedua, apabila, teman, teman, sudah, download downgrade ya; Premiernya ia masih tidak bisa […]


Now these are just a few of the releases of various different cinewoops out there. We have so many multiple categories of cinema. It kind of makes your head spin, so you’re, probably wondering which one should i get, and and really that comes down to what your needs are. If you have a big […]


You know it’s rush, the discover, boss and we’re here with another exclusive video update, so we’re back at the kingston 876 commercial development right outside of the mandala highway, so we’ll just be taking a quick update, look on a weirdos that was being built and also a Bpo that was being built as […]

Can you race the DJI FPV drone?

There are those who are loving it and those who think it is the devil’s own work now i’m going up this afternoon to do some flight footage with this will be a video coming up pretty shortly on that i’m at home. At the moment, i’m in the edit studio, because i found something […]

Syma X5 UW Drone Review

The Tron looks very impressive, and this is my impression when I fly it. This is a very stable, drawn wow. This is the first run that I can fully control the drone, definitely great for beginners. This drone also has many features. First of all, let’s talk about the app control you can download […]