DJI MINI SE, Hello World! This Is The Best Drone Ever For $299! The Drone For Everyone!

. That just seems crazy. Theres, never been anything in the 300 range. It even comes close to this in the video capabilities and the performance of this drone and how easy it is to fly. So you may be saying why would dji come out with the mini se when they have the dji […]

DJI Mavic 3 Pro: 2 Cameras, 3 Options inc new Cine Model variant & Smart Controller

2 k, video gigabit data transfer well over half an hour, actual real world flight time. Three different versions to buy too much to talk about today, so ill be brief and straight to the point: Music, hello, im ian and i play with drones and as autumn rolls around so does the usual pre […]

Drone Harvesting High Voltage From The Sky

Things are going great and while most people use their drones to capture footage or just for fun, ive been using mine for the past two months to capture free energy, free energy j, there is no free energy. Okay, so maybe free is a relative term. You see directly above our heads is a […]

Almost Perfect – GoPro Hero 10 Black Review // Cinematic Mountain Running Adventure

I have just completed a six mile run through the warren mountains. Given the gopro hero 10 black, a proper proper test weve had 40 to 50 mile an hour gusts on the summit. Weve had ive been in some water. At one point, weve had rocks weve got jumps up test, slow motion, ive […]

Top 5 Picks: Best Selfie Drones Review in 2021 | For High Quality Photo Shooting

You click the circle for more info and real time deals number one most popular dji, mavic mini the dji mavic mini drone, is small compact and ultra light about the same size as your smartphone. Making it easy to take with you anywhere. This mini foldable drone can fly up to 30 minutes and […]

DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone Reviews 2021

Quality. Put aerial masterpieces within reach, safer, smarter flight enables you to up your game while fully enjoying the creative process. Master, creative aerial shots thanks to effortlessly smooth 4k slash. 60Fps video, the dc nalik flat color profile retains more information for post processing. The hevc h.265 video codec records more image, information, uses […]

EARLY REVIEW Lego Marvel Spider-Man No Way Home set 76184 Spider-Man vs Mysterio’s Drone Attack

My name is jacob, and today i have an early review for you of the new spider man no way home set spider man versus mysterios drone attack. This is um inspired by marvel studios, spider man 4 from home. So its not based off new film, but this could potentially be, but i dont […]

Sát thủ bất ngờ hạ gục drone của Google

I ca Google thit b bay, khng ngi li ng dng giao hng tn nh ca, Google, phi tm dng hot ng c sau khi b, qu tn cng Lin tc nh iu, hnh, dch v, giao hng, Win cho bit dch v, giao hng, tn, nh, bng, rn, Th camera cng phi tm, thi […]

Shendrones Terraplane Full Review

Why and the good the bad, the ugly, the things that i do and dont like about this drone, as well as a bunch of different notes about my setup when you should use this and were gon na go dive into each of those. So lets first jump into my setup, so ive actually […]

2022 Tesla Model S Plaid | Delivery & In Depth Review

. So much has changed for this car. That is hardly recognizable in regards to features. But when you look at the outside, it still looks fairly similar after the popularity of the model 3 and model y, the interior design for the model s was looking and feeling, especially dated. So all the way […]

Honda BR-V 2022 | First Impression | OtoDriver

Mirip dengan Honda n 7x konsep yang diperkenalkan, beberapa bulan, lalu jadi, memang ini, basisnya, dari, m7x, konsep, dan yang agak, mengkritik, adalah, Honda, brv, itu pertama, kali, keluar di Indonesia, tahun 2016 itu berbasis, Honda, Mobilio, Honda, Mobilio yang ditinggikan, ground clearance, ia kemudian, diberikan, aksen, dan aksesoris Yang membuatnya terlihat gagah Nah sekarang, […]

Kota Factory Season 2 | Anupama Chopra's Review | Jitendra Kumar, Ahsaas Channa | Film Companion

. This is not a spoiler. The word factory is in the title.. We are back in Indias, coaching capital, a town, fueled by competition, aspiration, desperation and kachoris.. Once again, the lives of teenagers toiling away at this sweatshop are rendered in monochrome., But the critique is leavened by deep bonds of friendship, slice […]