INSANE IN THE BRAIN – BetaFpv X-Knight 3″ HD Fpv Racing Drone – FULL REVIEW & FLIGHTS ?

Here we go Music all right guys. Here we go today's review we're going to talk about this beta fpv x night. Three inch edition now on the channel recently, if you're interested in the five inch version of this under 250 grams 6s x night, amazing ripper go back and look at that video. […]


Can the x flip goggles replace my favorite 03 0s, this guy's 0.03 0s on my channel and any pretty much any skyzone goggles for the last couple years have been my go to daily driver goggle and even over fat sharks. Guys don't just keep winning with me. Um, just an easy, no modules […]

DJI FPV System review (Is it worth your money?)

Is there such a significant change from analog to digital? That makes it worth money? Hi I'm Paul from drones, Gator comm, and this is going to be a review of the relatively new fpv system from DJI, even if you're not into fpv drones or haven't flown one. Before this, video could also prove […]

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DJI Digital FPV System Maximum Range Test (1200mW Hack) – How Far on 4GLte Parrot Disco?

Today, we're gon na fly it as far as we can that away and we're gon na try to see how the line of sight is again with the digital fpv. Goggles already did a flight in 700 milliwatts strictly but there's a hack, and you can make these up to 1200 milliwatts. So today, […]

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