iFlight Alpha A85 – Digital FPV For Beginners

So if you like, drones, quads and other rc stuff be sure to hit the subscribe button and check it all out. What i have here is the iflight alpha a85 i've actually already got it all set up, but i thought i'd pull it out of the box. Nonetheless, it is a little whoop […]

KING of LONG RANGE FPV JUNGLE – iFlight Titan Chimera7 Long Range Drone – FULL REVIEW & FLIGHTS

So all right guys welcome to today's review today, we're checking out the iflight chimera. It is the seven inch edition chimera that can fly 6s. You can also play around with 4s, but i have to tell you that this quad is very capable. It can do serious long range flights 20 to 30 […]

Can a DRONE chase a ROCKET?!

Fpv drones are an amazing tool for getting video clips. Unlike anything else, you can use these drones to get really dynamic shots, re chasing objects as they're, speeding down the road or flying through the air. We did a shoot recently where vanover chased an arrow flying such a great shot. It was so […]

GEPRC Phantom HD Freestyle FPV Quad – Compatible With DJI Digital FPV System

But today i have a brand new geprc, quad and we're going to check it out so stay tuned, Music Applause. So right here i have the gep rc phantom. Now this quad has actually been out for a while, but the difference is this: is the phantom hd which features the cadex vista digital […]

DJI Digital FPV Setup – Activate, Bind, and Configure with GEPRC FPV Freestyle Quad

I want to just plug something real quick. If you haven't already heard about spin up uh spin up 2020 is the event of the season it's going to be in september, it's coming up pretty quickly and if you want to go check it out, go to spinup2020.com. You can register to win a […]

FPV In Abandoned Putt Putt Golf Course (Creepy)

It goes over to canada, a replica of that uh tower it's a tower that's actually over. In canada, it's replica of that and a freighter, so i'm gon na do a little fpv flying through this abandoned putt putt golf course and i'm gon na take you with me so stay tuned. So if […]

GEPRC Rocket Lite – FPV Park Explorer

Very excited to try out the gep rc rocket light today, i've been flying the rocket quite a bit the rocket plus. I think the rocket light is going to be an interesting difference, because it's lighter weight it's not carrying as much so. I think this is going to feel really light by comparison, […]


We'Re gon na put that link down below, but it does have a twenty point, one millimeter camera. So it is the sort of micro sized camera. It will not work in the little tiny, whoop type style, brushless micro, so GameChanger would be if they released a smaller camera. That would be cool. It […]

DJI Digital FPV System Review – Maximum Range Test (700mw) How Far on 4GLte Parrot Disco

DJI Digital Fpv Quad – iFlight TITAN DC5 – FULL REVIEW & FLIGHTS

First look and full assessment of the iFlight Titan DC5 DJI Digital Fpv System quad. This quad has all of it. DJI Fpv, F7 flight controller and XING Motors, and No-Props View HD recording. – 5 Star Score. Purchase an iFlight DC5 DJI Digital Fpv 5" Quad Banggood (4S Model ) right here : 7% […]


Manufacturing model iFlight DC3 HD full evaluation and flights. 3" Quad of the yr. 5 Stars on flights, energy system, sturdiness, and total expertise. Fingers down a winner for the enjoyable of this quad! iFlight DC3 HD with DJI Fpv Cam & Air Module $349 Pnp Banggood : 7% Off Coupon Code : toyho iFlight […]

Cricket FPV: Baltimore’s Hometown Hero

Cricket is the Hometown Hero of Baltimore. He loves his metropolis and is taking up a tour of his favourite spots! Let's go to the place the King of Backwards started… Cricket's signature motors are OUT NOW! #FPVFREESTYLE #DJIFPV – – – – – – – – – – Help Rotor Riot by buying from […]