YAY, HUMIRA DAY! (Graphic) Giving myself a SHOT in the Belly with the Auto-injector

Crohns.. the Autoimmune illness that’s hidden from everybody, however the individual experiencing it, and their households. #Crohns is one other phrase for "Inflammatory Bowel Illness". A part of my bi-weekly routine is an injection of #Humira – a $1800 shot of drugs that I would like insurance coverage to assist pay for. This can be […]

Telling my story: I have a Diagnosis – Crohns and Ankylosing Spondilitus (WTF?) | RC ADVENTURES

The Pastime of Radio Management is a robust one. I simply may have spoken for an hour or extra on this concern, however wished to maintain this video quick. If viewers ask me to enter extra element, I’ll think about doing one other video sooner or later. It’s time I let others in the neighborhood […]