Gadget Friday – Flashlight Fingers

I know they're not much to look at, but i promise you once i explain what they do and how versatile they are. You'Ll see why i'm so excited they're a pair of finger flashlights or as i like, to call them. Flashlight fingers and it's the kind of product that you might see online […]

Gadget Friday – Car Cane Review

I got a cool product to talk about today, but before i get into the details of exactly what this does, i thought i'd give you a little backstory of where it came from now. My family knows i'm, a super nerd, so they're always out there looking for gadgets to try to stump dad […]

Drone Flying Tips from Drones & Electric Unicycles

Wait, a TECH Umbrella?

I enjoy when modern and day-to-day items clash and also this Weatherman Umbrella is a fantastic example of that. You're probably questioning how much a person can enhance an umbrella, well the team at Weatherman have taken that difficulty to a whole various other degree. They've made what might be the excellent umbrella that is […]