Today we got the simic s y m. I k p 250 mm waterproof hard case. This is for the dji mini se or the mavic or the mini fly, and it fits mothers combo its a professional grade carrying case made of pp plastic alloy with military grade superior protection. This thing is also waterproof and i think its just a really cool case to carry your drone around in. So i thought id share it with you guys so lets just get straight to the unboxing guys lets go Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, okay, guys! So we got the simic here and, as you can see, it just comes in this brown little box here, nothing too special, but we also have the drone the dji mini sc. So you have to have both of these, because we want to show you guys what it looks like once we get it out of the unboxing and into the placing the drone in the case. So here we just have this little flap, nothing too special. We just open this up and inside here you can see that the case is in there and its wrapped in plastic, so were going to pull this guy out theres nothing else inside the box, so were going to get rid of that. We got this plastic here. A little bit of warning on it and inside here we got the case and we could see that it has the simic logo on the front its a little bit peeling up there, which is strange.

But this is the case and this things heavy heavy duty. You can see its got the plastic on the back to cover the logo as well. Its got this nice placard its got this placard on the front as well. We got a really rugged handle here. Super heavy duty, nice super durable rubber. Here we have a little name placard that you can put like a little placard inside of here. That says who it is, which is pretty cool. We got this little vent on the front and then we got our clasp, so you can open it like this. Pull these clasps all the way up kind of fold it down, and it just opens just like this, and this things really really rugged and heavy duty comes with a little bit of a reading material. Here basically tells you what its made out of where all the different spots are, that everything can be held and theres an additional foam piece inside here. You can see it here. That goes into this little slot here in the top, and you can put that foam piece back in there. If you dont need it, i mean they got this little cutout here for a reason, but if you dont need it, you could put this back, which is cool. We just have a bag of silica in there, keep the moisture out so were going to get rid of that. Keep that phone to the side, and then you see these little plastic cases.

These are going to be for things like your propellers, your screws, maybe a screwdriver different things like that, so theres three of these little special cases over here, which is cool, and then we got a spot for our controller. We got a spot for a charging station with some batteries. We got a little battery spot up here and then we got the slot cut out for the drone itself. You also have these little tiny holes right here, and these holes are going to be good for you to put the thumb, sticks into and then theres a tiny little slot over here that you can barely see if i kind of pull that out, maybe you could See a little bit better, but that slot there is going to be for your sd card, your micro sd card for the drone as well. So this things got everything that you could possibly need for. The drone were just going to stick that back up in there were going to set this to the side for a minute because were going to bring the drone back, and so this is the box that the drone comes in, which is pretty nice. I mean its suitable, and so you got the controller kind of sits in there like this, and then we got the drone itself and then i just got the thumbsticks kind of laying in there like that. So were going to set that over here and then i dont think i have my extra propellers in here, but we can always put those in later.

So nothing to worry about so were going to get rid of. That box were going to bring back the case, and so this is where your controller sits. So if you look here were just going to tuck that away make sure these are folded down, and then the controller just sits in here just like that, and it fits perfectly. I mean they did a really good job with the cutouts to make it fit perfect. Heres the thumbsticks, so you just take those those go right inside of the slots here, so they fit tight and nice right like that, and then we got our drone. We got it all folded up ready to go. So we just lay that right in here and everything is just perfectly cut and fits really really nice. So this thing is going to do a great job, making sure that the drone is well protected. Like i said theres a lot of reading material talks about the name plate it talks about the controller sticks which are right here. It holds up to seven batteries, which is awesome. I dont know if ill ever get that many, but it does have that option. Then the charging hub, like i said, goes right in this area and then you got a spot up here for your power adapter and then the micro sd slots, which we already talked about, of course, the drone itself and then up inside here they say this is The slot for um a special slot for propellers, where they wont be pressured by the foam they wont get bent like.

I said you can keep that in place or you can remove it so that it kind of leaves extra room for the propellers but having it up there i dont think is going to hurt them so were just going to keep it there. So once we got everything in place, this kind of sits down snug its, not real, easy to close and thats a good thing, because if you look on the top here, we have this gasket. That runs all the way around and its a really kind of soft, pliable gasket and thats going to sit where this ridge is right here and thats going to keep it waterproof. So once we bring this down tight, we can clasp it in there. You hear them lock in and then we know that everythings locked into place and its not going anywhere. There is no room for movement inside of here so thats great, and that means that its going to be well protected. I think this thing would be pretty good for dropping as well, because its not going to damage it. You get these two little holes up here on either side and those are going to be good if you want to put a lock inside of there. So no one can get a hold of it, and then we just got the feet on the bottom, these four little feet that are going to keep it in place when its setting down like that and its just a really nice case.

This is probably the best case that ive ever seen for protecting the drone, just making sure that everythings gon na be nice and waterproof and tight in there and, like i said you have the option to put your propellers in here, screwdriver things like that, your screws, All your extra stuff charging hub, if you like, and then your your power adapter, so you got room for about everything that you could possibly need and thats it for the case guys. But i really think that this case is super cool, its made by symik or simic, and were going to get into just a little bit of the tech specs and go from there. Okay, guys we are back and were going to get into the tech specs a little bit. First and foremost, this thing is only 32.49, which i think is a pretty smoking deal given just how heavy duty it is so the features in detail. So this is not for the dji mini 2, its for the mavic mini and the mini se only which is the sc that we demonstrated for you guys. It is military grade waterproof its made out of pp plastic alloy uh. The quality is comparable to pelican or skb. Its got eva foam insert precisely cut for the dji ese. The mavic mini fly more combo and its got one times: dji mavic mini or dji mavic mini sc drone, which you can fit in there. Its got the ability for one power, adapter, one charging hub; seven batteries, one remote controller and two sd cards plus two remote controller sticks.

This is not designed to be able to fit with the mavic mini, with or without extensions landing gears, such as the pj tech and the simic that those are also on amazon and available, which are pretty pretty cool, and we will leave a link for those below. So the special design considerations we have its the top egg shell foam special slot to release pressure for propellers propellers, wont get bent during long term storage. The cut out foam piece is also included, so you could stick it back if you prefer a complete look. The piece is back glued, you remove the protective film and you can expose the glue. There is three mavic mini battery size, storage cases included, so you can store the tiny or delicate parts inside without losing them or damaging them. Those parts include extra propellers, propeller, screwdriver, propeller screws, extra, remote controller sticks, remote cables, sd cards, etc. Theres, four special slots for micro, sd cards and remote controller sticks, which you guys saw in one in the unboxing. The dimensions on this thing is 11 by nine. By five inches, the item only weighs one pound thats, it um. It gets 4.8 out of five stars on amazon and i think for the price. This is probably the best case that were going to find for this. So you guys should definitely definitely give this thing. A look we are going to leave a link below for you guys to purchase your very own if this is something that youre interested in.

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