As i see, this is the box that it came in, and this is the name of the drone and all that good old stuff. All the information that the drone came in right here and yeah were about to get ready and fly it guys. I can see baby got the drone in his hand right now, hey they got the drone in his hand. He got it out. The um camera everythings set up and its ready to take off. You know what im saying its ready to take off. So i know you have probably hear my tv in the background im. Sorry yeah. All right now were here, but yeah yeah were gon na get ready to go outside the kids are so excited to um. You know fly this drone, so lets get it right. You ready lets, go hey so yeah i put on my hoodie real, quick yeah. It is cold out here so once once we get everything all settled and ready to get ready and go out and fly. The drone were gon na, come right back with you guys. So lets get it lets go hold on before i leave, though, if youre new to the channel make sure you like comment and subscribe to the channel turn that post notification bell as well, so you can stay tuned into more lady videos, then we upload yall. I know yall see a bunch of stuff back here, but today is actually halloween day yall.

So we got a lot of stuff everywhere. The kids just got a child put on their costumes and stuff like that, and we finish ready and go halloween trick or treating whatever you want to call it. Yall were gon na go. Do it yall. This is our first year really celebrating halloween, because we dont really celebrate halloween, but the kids really wanted to go trick or treating so were gon na, take them trick or treating today, but i am so excited to fly in this drone yall. I am really excited. Look, how cool it look? Aint it cool yall. They got the little flashing lights and stuff on the camera in the front and why you put on that one, you want that one on yeah but yeah yall were gon na get ready to go fly this drone. All right, you guys we back here. As you can see, we have these wrong out ready for takeoff yall, so yeah baby, look watch out for all right. Go closer too! Oh! Look at this! Oh my gosh, Music babe. You got ta, look at it on the camera. You dont know how to look. Look at it, though yall. Let me see how i look on the camera wow yeah. That is so cool great. I like that yeah. This is a 1080 camera, so its showing a really really good on there. This is what its looking at, but thats dope. Look at. My kids, with a halloween costume on luke is a spiderman katie.

As a draculas girlfriend, you got to come come back and my daughter right here is jesse from toy story. She left my hat in the house, babe thats, so fast aint. It yall look at how fast its going. I, like it im loving it yeah its pretty windy out here, though today im trying my hardest not to get nobody likes this place, yall, sorry, im sure yall. Oh my gosh, nobody hear nothing babe how you feel i like it. You do come back this way. Oh, we can go low, it can go dont get me, oh my god, all right. That is crazy. It is crazy. It doesnt want to go up bae. Oh okay, dont hit nobodys stuff bae for real cause. They look like hes, just gon na hit somebodys stuff. Yeah ill try my hardest, not to let him hit nobodys stuff hes, getting a little bit too excited Music, its still spinning its my girl. Let me try. Okay, i stopped Music team amazing on each other Music. She freaking you out katie how long katie let her? Let her play with it first baby. Well, yeah. She know how to work it. Take it over there, take it over there, Music, all right, hello, wow! Oh, that mug is active. What you think about it! How do you turn yall? I love it. I love it. Yall, like it yes youre, cold baby, i, like it yall hey. This is uh luke, how you like it my daughter, shes dressed as draculas girlfriend her outfit is not completed yet because we got to go.

Do the makeup put the blood on her and all that different stuff, but this way were going to wait until we get ready and leave for the trick or treat session. You know what im saying me and bae we just dressed up. We aint even got no. No its like this for real, we dont celebrate halloween, but the kids wanted to do it this year, so yeah were gon na go with the kids this year. But with that being said, you guys, we just have to show you guys how the drone was, and this will be, this drone will be in one of our giveaways, so stay tuned today, how you feeling about giving away that guy after you didnt play with it. Uh it can go yall, he dont care yall, but with that being said, yall im glad yall enjoyed this video.