We are out here for the full flight of the sema x21. Now i did do a real, quick unboxing and just a quick flight out of the box. With this guy yesterday, if you missed that make sure you check it out, if you want to see what comes in the box, i did go over to transmitter 2 and that unboxing as well, but ill go over it really quickly. With you guys case. Some of you guys didnt catch. That um here is the sema transmitter, but there is a camera version of this one. This is the non camera version. It just has a light in the front of there, but for the camera version you will have photo and video on the camera version, and then this one you have take off and landing. You have 360 flips. You have speeds or rates in this, stick right here by pressing it in short, press it for uh from beginner to expert rate and then hold it for a few seconds and youll enter headless mode. This stick right here. You want to press it in to trim out the quadcopter. Of course you have your on and off switch here takes four double as you guys and thats pretty much it. Looking at the sema x21, you have an on and off switch here with the light that will be a camera on the camera version. Like i said, this is a 9 camera version. It comes with a 380 3.

7 volt light bulb battery. You guys up now finds it rebound when gon na do both joysticks down into the that calibrates it. So we should be able to take off with this guy now by default, you start off in the beginner rate and theres, not a lot of pitch on these sema quads in the beginner rate, yeah, im full forward on the stick and the beginning rate, so full Forward so were gon na go ahead and just go right into that expert rate. As you can see, im able to fight the breeze. This is flying right into the breeze or the wind. This is coming with the wind, see it coming back, a lot quicker when coming with the wind. So this is flying into the wind and i could just let it go and the wind and just push it back towards me – see thats the wind pushing the quad back im, not even touching it. This is the wind pushing it. So there is some breeze out here, guys ill say about ill say about eight nine mile per hour breeze, but this guy should be able to handle. It should be all right. Now we didnt get to see any flips yesterday, so lets try some flips today. This battery gets uh too low. So this back this back right, shoulder button im going to press it and pick a direction to flip its pretty cool lets. Get it over here closer and check that out Music nice, so it flips in all directions guys.

Yes, very nice, the x 21. Now they have a smaller version of this one called the x20 pocket and it comes with a different transmitter that i wasnt a big fan of that little slide. It had like little slider pad joysticks didnt really have any actual gimbals and the quad was a little bit smaller, but i didnt mind the quad being smaller. I just wasnt a fan of the joysticks, but it was actually supported by deviation, so you could actually put it on a jumper. So im curious. If you can put this guy in the jumper as well im sure you can so stay tuned for that. If i can get this guy on the jump jump, i will do a flight with it come out with it on a jumper im, just not sure if its the same sema protocol as the other one, but i do believe it is. Oh yeah were getting a nice good flight out of it today, shes flying good. The breeze is trying to get out, like i said its about a nine mile per hour. Breeze Music lets get a close look. Lets get all of your phoenix this little green machine. Yeah yeah yeah thats, my nickname for this one thats. What ima call this from the little green machine? Music? Look at that. This thing is fine, really good, and this i like this, almost dropped. The remote come on back over. Here i almost dropped the remote i like this remote here.

This one is pretty decent nice slick remote, not too many buttons on the face. Something like that, pretty pretty slick all right were flashing. You guys im gon na go ahead and land this guy by pressing the lamb button, and here we go the sema x, 21 full flight. You guys appreciate you guys if you want to uh subscribe subscribe. If you have not leave me a comment below, i will read them. Try to get back to you. If i can, from your boy drones to dogs catch you guys in the next episode. I am out.