Its a four channel, hovering drone quite a bit of features its a mini drone. The drone has obstacle avoidance, one key takeoff and landing barometer. It can do 360, flips runs on 2.4 gigahertz frequency, it has headless mode and it has obstacle avoidance, sensors right. There has four of them on each end and it comes with two batteries. A charger comes with a set of extra propeller, blades and screwdriver to change. The blades simple to operate has two speeds: it has high and low and theres the controller in order to operate it youll turn the drone on first then, the controller and youll then push the up the down button. The lights will stop blinking on the drone and then, if you push the up button, the motors will start working and then you can push up to raise the drone up off the ground and if youre going to fly this indoors, my recommendation would be to turn Off turn it on actually to high speed, because in high speed mode the obstacle avoidance is turned off. The obstacle avoidance will interfere with it. If youre trying to apply it in dorby, because it will actually think that its going to hit the wall and itll deflect and go the opposite direction might be a flaw in the companys design, but still its easy to fly. If you, if, even if its in high speed mode its not too fast that you couldnt handle it its pretty durable its flexible plastic, which is nice, its light very lightweight, as you can see, theres, red and green lights to flash and turn the controller on by Pushing the button up down and then the lights stop flashing.

Now, if you push up the motor will start Music. I dont have room here to fly it right now, so i cant really fly the drone in the house right now at this minute, but as you can see, thats a quick demonstration and it takes off pretty quick. It actually flies pretty quick for as small as it is and yeah the controller is actually bigger than the drone, which is kind of crazy, but all in all its a pretty good drone. I had it outside one time and it was on a fairly windy day and it did fly away. Not they didnt fly away, it was just uncontrollable. The wind would just pick it up and carry it carried off. It has a simple, simple box here for the battery on the bottom of it, you just unlatch it and put the battery in there. The controller takes four a batteries, double as which is not too bad. Well, thats my initial thoughts and the unboxing of the simon x100 drone.