s lawmakers. He once again requested a no fly zone over his country and pleaded for more security assistance in its conflict with russia. Now a no fly zone remains off the table, but a few hours later, president joe biden authorized a new package of 800 million dollars in military aid. This is in addition to the 200 million dollars he approved over the weekend. Now the new aid packages include more of the javelin anti tank and stinger anti aircraft weapons that the biden administration had previously sent to ukraine and which have been used to great effect against russian troops. But the administration is also sending a hundred of what it referred to, as quote tactical unmanned aerial systems. Two congressional officials told nbc news today that those tactical unmanned aerial systems are actually something called switchblade drones, similar to the ones that youd see here. Theyre, portable low cost single use weapons that can strike enemy targets from miles away and fly much faster than the turkish drones that ukraine has been using to date. These u.s switchblade drones are also small enough that they cannot be detected by most air defense systems.