Do a backpack review. This is walmart brand swiss tech, some type of backpack um lets get into it all right. This review is going to be fairly short and simple, with the frame of i am an fpv drone pilot, so im going to be using this backpack for fpv drones. So you see i got my drone here. Ive got my radio inside ive got all my stuff that i need to carry to the field with me and ill show you that kind of as we go along. I picked this up from walmart for about 30 bucks during school season. You can get it online for about 18 right now, its dirt cheap, its not perfect for fpv drones, theres, not a lot of compartments going on, but it is good enough and its dirt cheap. So, stick around well see if you like it ill, go ahead and start off with my favorite part about this. Backpack is the bungee system is all right but its there and it does work. I use my keep. My drone strap to it so ill, go ahead and ill just pull that right off comes off pretty easily and then underneath that this is this pocket right here this one big pocket unzip, it fits perfectly. The radio master tx16s youll youll want gimbal protectors. If you choose to go this route, but i love the way this pocket, like fits this radio perfectly inside there theres a couple extra pockets and like doodads and netting, i dont use any of that because i got my radio in there and i dont want extra Junk in my radio, its probably a little bit of wasted space, but whatever there is a pocket right here on the front that you could use for some small things.

Maybe some batteries for your gopro or some sd cards or whatever. But i dont really use that. All right on the side of the backpack, this is both sides. Theyre the same, you have a mesh pocket with elastic at the top and you have two straps um. The one on the bottom goes over the zipper and keeps you from opening the main pouch. All the way, so i take that and i get rid of it. I need to cut it off. I just havent done it yet, the one at the top. I used a lot just for hanging the backpack up on a doorknob or hanging it wherever you want to hang it. It just hangs pretty well its strong enough hasnt broken yet um. You can strap stuff to it. If you got stuff you need to dangle on the outside of the bag, you can dangle it from there pretty easily. You see the other sides, the exact same ill. Keep some batteries over here, keep whatever over there again undo the bottom strap. So you can get the main pouch open all the way on the back of the bag. Theres not a whole lot going on. You have two reasonably robust back straps. I mean its a freaking backpack. Of course, youre gon na have straps um. They do have like a chesty, strap sort of doodad. I dont use it. I should probably get rid of it because i dont use it and its always in the way.

Aside from that, theres not a whole lot to talk about back here, i guess i got ta clean this desk off a little bit, so we can actually get into the inside and get some of the stuff i carry in it, expand it out, so we can See whats really going on all right so inside this deal, theres one main component, one big ass main compartment opens up zips all the way down to the bottom, which i like. I like that feature a lot and the top comes open. It just lays completely flat. Just lays all the way out there, so inside ive got a bunch. My stuff theres one pocket here and youve got a couple pockets in the in the flat and inside the flap. Weve got a couple small pockets and a mesh zipper pocket up here at the top, so in here ill usually keep my prop wrench. I dont know keep kind of whatever odds and ends that i expect to be at ill. Keep like usb cords ill. Keep all sorts of junk up there. This is just a little tool kit that i keep in this pocket. I dont use it very often, but ive got it there. One of the downsides of this bag is that you kind of have to keep all your stuff contained because its got no dividers its got no nothing. So if you want to carry your stuff, you need to have it all in little boxes.

I keep like, for example, my repair kit is in this box, got all my tools: ive got my drivers. My soldering iron ive got some heat shrink. Ive got a little torch screwdrivers. All that stuff is in this box and it stays in there. Ive also got some little repair odds and ends like some mama grip. Some heat shrink a couple whip antennas. Just uh zip ties they all go in this box. It just lives right. There. Ive got my charger here. I keep rolls of tape. I keep them in bag, so it doesnt get sticky everywhere and i keep little bags of odds and ends back here. My props, i keep battery straps um. I keep big power cords back here. What else? Probably all sorts of crap that i dont actually need to carry with me, but it is what it is: thats thats, where all that stuff lives. I also keep all my ancillary soldering equipment in here um that all goes in a bag. Ive got brass brush, flux, solder, wick and solder. This all goes. I keep a lot of my stuff in prop bags, just because you get them all the time and theyre actually really handy for just like keeping stuff in there put away and reasonably contained after ive got all my core kit in here all my extra stuff just Kind of gets piled up on top its, not really elegant, but thats. How i do it like.

I keep my goggle battery just stuffed in there. If im taking my micro chargers, my 1s chargers, they just get kind of tossed in there now. I can also put batteries in here. I dont really suggest putting batteries in here in this main compartment, but you can put them in a lipo bag stuff them in here. Youll be all right. The way i usually carry my batteries is, i put them and one of the side pockets on the outside, so on these mesh pockets. Here ive got a couple in there now, so ive got ive been flying these xylo 1250s and i can pretty comfortably fit four of them in one of these side pockets. So if youre carrying more, you may need to use both side pockets. If you have a different solution for your batteries, thats – probably smarter than me, so you do what you you feel is best. This is what i do, though, lets talk about the strap on the outside for a minute, this bungee uh its not great its, not fantastic. Um, its probably one of my least favorite parts about the bag, because if there is not a radio in that pocket and you go to strap a quad on here, lets put one on you go to cinch it up say this pack is zipped, but you got To lift it up and the quad will just kind of fall and dangle and be sloppy on there, because this pocket wants to cinch up and its its not great.

But if you keep a radio in there, its not so bad itll itll sit up just the way its supposed to you can tighten it down, theres, no real, no dramas there now do. I recommend this bag um yeah, absolutely like you, can get it for less than 20 bucks and you can carry a bunch of crap in it. Its not perfect its got problems but, like i said earlier, it is dirt cheap and it can carry a lot of stuff now in this main pocket. If youre just going to the park youre carrying your radio, your goggles, your quad, you got some stuff on your person. You dont necessarily need this whole backpack theres going to be a lot of empty space. But if youre going out for a day trip at the buddys place and youre going to fly all day out there, youre gon na be charging batteries. Youre gon na be doing all your stuff. It may be a little bit tight. I know i can carry all my stuff for one five inch and a micro and like chargers and stuff like this, and i can be out there flying all day long and have all my repair parts and have basically everything i need, and i can get it All to fit in here its a little bit ugly, but it all fits without a whole lot of cramming and thats thats, really what it comes down to. I can get it all to fit its, not the most comfortable thing in the world, its a little bit heavy but its all in there, and i can get my day flying in.

I can come home im not like having to juggle parts and carry goggles on my face and this and that the other thing ive been using this bag for, like six months now and its not really shown any sign of wear its dirty its covered in ferg. So live in a house with six animals, the zippers theyre, not massive, but theyre, reasonably robust. The bungees is not stretched out its not frayed its, not torn the stitching on ill hang. This bag fully loaded off of these little straps. Just on my doorknob theyre, not showing any signs of wear anyway, i think thats about all. I have to say about this bag ive been happy with it, its not perfect for fpv, but it works, and it works pretty well anyway. Yall, if you decided to watch this video, for whatever reason i appreciate you being here, makes me feel like i did this not for nothing. If you found this review helpful, there will be a link down in the description. It is not going to be an affiliate link because nobody knows i exist.