I am all the things Music think about it. Music, well, thats a long way down, thats a really long way down all right. So apparently i dont talk enough on videos. People said that its the amanda show sorry ill. Do a little where it uh locks. Well, i just dont like it very much, so amazing is much better than i am uh. I think its locks well or lock. Wells locks well, its cool just a little bit south of elliston see. This is why i have to take over because you dont put enough info in where is it just a little south of elliston, probably like 15k or something south of alliston? And you cant like if youre tying a caravan leave it at the top? Carry at the top car park and then come down because theres not really enough room to turn around at the bottom car park, so get some exercise walk down to the bottom, its a long way down a long way down for you. It does say no swimming at the beach because it rips, but there are no surfing, but there is good fishing, apparently theres salmon here and theres toilets up here as well, so thats how the man is going to go and walk down this to the beach Music Air peninsula, putting it on again for us check this out behind me what an epic location shes pretty stiff down there: Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, Applause up and we are heading north, just a little um past elliston.

By what i dont know, five minutes or so to do, the cliff top sculpture, drive um weve had theres some really cool sculptures along the way. So we thought were going that direction. We might as well take the short little detour and have a look at the view and the sculptures as we go Music Music. That was really interesting, yeah taking the caravan on that was fine. It was all nicely sealed dirt road, um wide enough wide enough parking and stuff like pull outs to park, and all of that perfectly fine with our massive bed yep. It was a nice 15 minute diversion. There were a few missing according to the little like plan map of them, but um theres, some extras at it. So you never know what youre in for Music next up is the uh italia, caves area, uh theres, a few things you can do here. We drove to the end and had a look at the monument and beach at the end, uh and then were working our way back, theres a few different things ill. Show you those on the way. The next stop is the tub, which is a cave thats. Had the roof cave in, you can actually walk down inside via a tree ladder, so thats what were just about to do cause all thatll want is for you to be happy. Give me a chance to show that you can be well open your eyes, Music, happy with me Music, your tears.

They say a thousand words, the ones Music. He broke you Music all down, and the next part is the wool shed cave rock pools, and hopefully we find the natural window Music. With me, Music, you is Music cause. All that i want is for you to be happy. Give me a chance to show that you can be well open your eyes, and you see the way i so. If you go to see bottom of the stairs, you go left to the cave, go right around and you follow the rocks and you get to like the flat reddish rock bits. Keep going and theres some amazing rock pools Music Music. We are off on an experience today, ill give you a hint requires a wetsuit here we go on the water and then we go under the water and arya gets to come. Can you guess were going see swimming with sea lions and dolphins? Are you excited aria? Sorry show me: yes, ive been looking forward to this havent you youve, been doing a countdown for the days were hoping that the sun comes out just a little bit more, so that we can get some amazing footage for you guys and so that were not freezing Cold when we get back out but yeah lets go Music. So for me, Music, all right, we just arrived at the ceiling, so were going to chuck the gopro in the dive case and uh. You wont be here much audience anymore, because therell be a dog face but well see ill show you.

It looks pretty awesome: Music, Music, Music, foreign, Music, being Music, hmm, Music, Music, look, Music, uh, Music, oh for me, Music, Music, oh, were back on shore now um. Just finished our sea lion and dolphin swim with the beard bay eco tours uh. It was really really good um, just one of those like i dont know about once in a lifetime experiences but like it feels that sort of that good like certain lines theyre. So playful, and ah we all enjoyed it: hey zarya, especially if she really enjoyed it so yeah come down. Give these guys a look up and uh kind of play with the sea lions. I just uh forgot to tell you guys how much it was so its 200 dollars per adult and a hundred dollars for a child and under fives are free, so went for about three hours: uh theres, no food or anything down here, so just bring everything yourselves Yeah, it was really good Music Music. So yesterday we stopped in and stayed the night at the venus bay caravan park, its really nice uh only 33 for the night, which is great, and we had like water views just um and beach like access right next to our uh event, which is awesome. Um yeah nice little tiny little town, coastal town with beach and awesome fishing um, so were here and um like a jetty and a playground and all those things that a small little coastal town has so weve moved on this morning and um.

We are heading to pelubi beach, um, so weve stopped in here at streaky bay. This is the jetty behind me um and we are heading to palupi for a few nights, because the weather is like perfect beach weather. So we thought well go up there and well do a few days there with a couple of friends um and enjoy the beach with them. While were there just stopped in it, streaky for um, some more sliders for daniel um and then well get heading over to bluebee, which will be great. What do we reckon amanda goodbye wheres it from what is it so daniel ended up at the uh streaky bay? Bakery as he does as he does, when hes in a town at lunchtime and um youre holding it, i mean, thank you um and oh no. I just dropped a bit uh. What want some ham, cheese and not ham, cheese, sorry, steak, cheese, steak, a cheese and bacon pie, thats, good, very good yeah, still, not as good as the other yeah thats. True, sorry yeah. I think one and a half of those weve been doing for lunch ones.