Take it on a review and youre coming along with us lets check it out. Music. The swift max is a fun little electric moped that straddles the line between e bikes and e scooters. It rides like a scooter, but is priced like an ultra affordable e bike, especially with the sail they have going on now. More on that in a moment. First lets talk shop and see which features the swift max here stole from scooters and which are from e bikes. First off it has all the comfort youd expect from a scooter. Unlike a small bicycle saddle, youve got a nice big plush seat. There are even fold out foot pegs and enough room on the seat, so you can bring a passenger. My wife served as my test passenger, but she ended up liking the scooter so much that she just stole it for herself Music. What do you think awesome to get some more saddle time in the beginning? I had to take the back seat, though now i can at least vouch that the scooter is quite comfortable either as the driver or the passenger and just like youd expect from a scooter. Theres real suspension here too, which is more than youd, find on most e bikes. The hydraulic suspension is great on speed, bumps and other times when the roads arent perfect, smooth planes, the other scooter niceties. Are there as well things like under seat storage, usb charging, a bag, clip and storage compartment up front full, led light package, including turn signals high and low beams hazard lights, brake lights, etc.

The works theres a nice hydraulic, disc, brake up front while the rear gets a drum brake. Most of the braking force on a two wheeled vehicle is provided up front anyways and the rear drum brake still seems to work. Just fine, so no complaints from me there. You get a side, kick stand and a center kick stand and, of course, you should always use the center stand since its more stable, though the side stand, is nice in a hurry on level. Ground ive also found that the scooter is nice and nimble. Those 10 inch wheels may be small, but they certainly help you wiggle around just about anything with ease. They also keep the scooter, nice and low and stable at a stop. You can easily flat foot it even from the rear seat. It just makes it that much more comfortable to ride, since you can easily reach the ground on the performance side. The swift max pretty much falls in line with something akin to a class 2 electric bike. Weve got a hub motor in the rear that they claim is 400 watts, but feels like the acceleration im used to in a typical 750 watt e bike. Also, this would be the most gigantic 400 watt motor ive ever seen so im guessing. That rating is a bit underrated. The top speed of the swift max is also e bike, like at just 20 miles per hour, thats, not particularly fast for a scooter, but is normal e bike, speed, thats, also the biggest thing i wish.

I could change here. Id love for some more top speed. The battery here is a 48 volt and 20 amp hour lead acid unit that is built right into the moped, so no removing it for remote charging. You need to charge in your garage or somewhere else, with access to a wall plug or extension cord thats, the other area i might have changed a bigger battery and maybe a lithium upgrade with 960 watt hours of capacity. They claim 38 miles of range, but thats, probably with luck and a tailwind based on my riding, it seems like 25 miles of reasonably relaxed riding is more likely in real world conditions, at least in the beginning. While those lead acid batteries are new, lithium would have been nicer, but then it would be harder to achieve this price, while the swift max has an msrp of 1999 bucks, its on sale right now for just 14.99 link in the description below this video at 500. Off that is a crazy good price 1500 bucks for an electric moped with hydraulic suspension and braking seating for two full light package: alarm system on the key fob, mirrors, storage, etc, etc, etc. Its hard to find a decent e bike for that much these days, let alone a scooter. But of course therein lies the rub: its not an e bike, at least not technically its, not a bicycle, since it doesnt have any pedals, but its not really a motorcycle, either at least not legally in most states, since it only goes 20 miles an hour.

So, while the good news is that you dont need a motorcycle license to ride it or even a car license for that matter, doesnt necessarily mean youre a bike either on the best buy sales page. They list it as a class 2 electric bike, but the power of positive thinking can only take you so far. Just because you say something, doesnt mean its true, so youll likely want to check with your local state or city laws to make sure youre, 6, 8 and straight since e bike. Regulations often require a pair of functional pedals. Then theres another issue: where do you ride? It are you a vehicle or arent you on the road. I tend to get a little more respect from cars when im on the swift max than when im on one of my electric bicycles, since they tend to assume im a normal gas scooter on this thing. But then, when the speed of traffic picks up im stuck on the side of the road getting passed by drivers, then i have the bike. Lane dilemma. Can i ride in it? Should i ride in it yeah im, not a bike, but neither are those lime or bird scooters and they ride there, though they also dont weigh 160 pounds. Like my scooter here, then youve got cases like this road here, which is a 50 mile per hour. Posted road and cars are usually going 60.. So of course, im over here on the mixed use bike, slash pedestrian lane.

But then, if i come up upon a cyclist im, not sure what to do and give the ol on your left to let the cyclist know im coming up and passing, but even then im not sure if this is kosher or not. What i am sure of is that it feels a bit not cool, so basically ive pretty much stuck to riding in the road when there are not a lot of cars and riding in the bike lane when there arent a lot of bikes its, not a perfect Solution but it seems to work, and it represents the hybrid situation that the swift max has going on here, in one sense its a scooter if it walks like a scooter and quacks like a scooter. What else can you call it, but then it has performance that matches most of my e bikes. So i see it as a nice in between it does what an e bike can do, but in a more comfortable and more utilitarian way. Just dont ask me to lift it onto an elevated bike: Music thanks for watching everyone. We hope you enjoyed that review of the swift max electric moped. If you did why dont you give this video a thumbs up, dont forget to subscribe, so you wont miss any of our future electric vehicle. Videos well see you here next Music.