I stabbed my hand this morning cutting up a piece of brisket for toby for um again for breakfast and went go put the knife back in the sheath and yeah stabbed myself, but anyway um. So this splash drone four, when i first got it great looking aircraft. I mean it was a great looking aircraft. I have an ipad and at the time, at an iphone 7., the ipad works very well with my dji drones. The swell pro does not have any cables that connect to your ipad or your cell phone. It strictly has its own wi fi, and i will tell you the wi fi is not that strong um at first excuse me its been a great weekend so far or a great week. So far anyway, the um when i started flying the aircraft it the picture. Would always have um lapses in the video or the picture? The picture would also freeze up. The videos would freeze up and i would end up getting a complete green screen and its, not even in here as you can see its right there and its still doing all this and so lets switch it over no sd card. Look boom. Sd card is right. There this thing has not touched water, nothing, and i want to know why i spend all this money to get this and ive only had it in air twice today. Probably five minutes each so i contacted swell pro, they said, switch out your sd card to a u3 style sd card.

Well, i was using the sd card that came with the aircraft because i got the the fishing drone bundle means it comes with three batteries. All that now you can only charge one battery at a time and your controller and your remote control all at one time, but again only one battery. Unlike some of the dji stuff, you can do three batteries four batteries at a time, so i got a hold of urban drone um. I sent them some videos of what it was doing. I had to send the drone back to urban drone and this is prior to vacation. They in turn flew the aircraft said: oh yeah, everythings, fine, everythings, fine, of course, so they recommended. I upgrade my phone and im like why why? Why should i have to my phone? Was working fine wasnt having problems with my phone um and i had already spent 2 600 on this aircraft. So i was a little irritated about that um. So i got a new phone, the iphone 12.. It it started to work better um. There are still some lapses and some freeze ups in the video and the pictures which i really do not like now. The camera system that i have is the 4k camera. With the 12 megapixel pictures on a single axis gimbal. They say the drone is waterproof and i believe that the drone itself is waterproof, but if youre at the beach and you get sand on, the aircraft sand will get inside the gimbal of the camera and it will cause your camera not to operate properly.

Like go up and down so thats, another big problem with me, because, when im flying it out the bait out there, i need to get down to a 90 degree angle and um and see the bait see where im dropping it. There was a couple times out there that i couldnt even put the camera down, because sand was up in the gimbal. I brought it back, flushed it with sweet, uh, fresh water and worked the camera. While i was rinsing it and it finally came – came out the remote controller, the remote control is supposed to be waterproof. Now i have, i havent really put this the remote in the water um ive had it near the water weve ive, dripped water, on it. From my bathing suits and stuff, but theres condensation all inside of here and last night, when i was flying or yesterday when i was flying, i can barely see the screen because of all the condensation so thats bothering me when i brought the normally. I would use the return to home button and the aircraft would come back to wherever the remote controller is well. I noticed that the aircraft would come back and wherever youre standing, the aircraft will come down like almost on top of you and wherever you moved. The aircraft would adjust to it and thats a problem with me. The aircraft would also land in the return to home mode and flip itself over that bothered the hell out of me, because i mean its an expensive drone.

So i know i didnt use to uh return the home button anymore. I decided to fly all my flower, my baits out, and fly the aircraft back when im flying it back and i get to where i need it to go. What ive noticed is when i let go of the joystick, its ive got it in gps mode, so the aircrafts supposed to stop and hover right there. Well, this aircraft comes in stops and then just backs up keeps backing up all right. I dont know what the problem is. I dont know if its a result of condensation in here getting into something i dont know um. That was doing a lot last night and that really bothers me too, because im im a big believer. I dont want nobody around me when im operating this aircraft uh within close proximity, at least at least 50 feet so um aircraft comes in stops and then backs up and goes away from me because i like to bring the aircraft to me when im landing, but So, im going to figure out what that problem is and um see if i can get that problem rectified see if that is what uh see if the condensation in here is causing it and again, i dont know how the condensation got in here. They said this things waterproof so well see. I still got two or three days to fly, so i know tonight, friday, night saturday, night yeah so todays thursday, so i got thursday night friday night saturday night to flat.

This thing so well see the weight wise that the aircraft can load. It says four and a half pounds. This aircraft picks up those lines and takes them out with zero problem whatsoever, im very impressed with that so and the the payload button they say you just have to press it and itll open up. Well, you literally have to press it and hold it down and then for like three seconds and then itll open and then let it go and it will close anyway. So i will do some more reviews on this and hopefully hopefully this will be a great aircraft. Once they get kinks knocked out, oh and thats another thing i have no clue how to do a firmware, update on the aircraft or nothing the remote, the i had to print out a 52 page owners manual from the internet and its confusing to me, but ill Figure it out all right guys so im im back home uh from vacation. I decided that you know what i im gon na enjoy my vacation and ill do more of a review when i get back home so while on vacation, when i had the issue with the aircraft coming in in gps mode and then the aircraft just backs up Without touching the controller um, i think i found that problem so when the aircraft would come down in the return of home mode flip itself over the props would dig into the sand and it happened three different times.

I was able to get the one time on camera uh, but it happened two additional times from that one so on here um it broke the blade i dont know if you can see that so im thinking what was happening was the airflow over the prop was Causing the aircraft to go backwards, i switched the prop out and didnt have that problem anymore, so um its very important to uh. You know, after each incident that you check your czech aircraft uh for the remote yeah. Well um. I flew it a couple more times and the screen completely went blank on me. I couldnt see nothing on the screen. I i ill turn this thing on now and there is nothing nothing here, no readings, no, nothing, um, theres, a black spot right here and theres. A little something right here, it looks like theres still moisture in it and thats for 2, 600 or 2 700. Drone 100, unacceptable. 100 percent unacceptable. It so im gon na be making a phone call to urban drone and see if they can assist with rectifying this problem right now i im not flying my aircraft. I i need this window. Yes, i i can use my phone and and have some of the uh information on there on the screen with my phone, but for a 2700 drone. I want this too. I dont want nothing wrong with my drone so and ive had ive had the drone.

Probably two months now, if that so anyway, guys, i i, i think the only thing right now, thats good, for this drone thats a good pro is its a good looking aircraft and it flies the bait out without any problems. Everything else is nothing but a problem. It im im real, oh another thing with the remote. Be careful of these be careful these, because sometimes this thing pops off! Why why poor design, poor poor design and your remote control is not waterproof this back here this little rubber flap, you have to make sure thats sealed every time and yeah. I i dont its a very, very bad inconvenience, because you can use this drone, not only for fishing, but you can do it for other things: inspections for photographs, you know aerophotography, it has that capability. It has the camera systems that can go on it. For those capabilities, but until they start fixing this, the drone is useless, at least in my opinion, its useless. Everything needs to be working flawlessly. My opinion so ill be calling urban drone today and uh ill, be uploading this video and sending them the link. So they can look at this review and hopefully they can. Hopefully they can fix this problem. I know i have to send it back to them and theyre, probably gon na give me some warranty stuff or tell me its not even warranty what whatever well ill cross that bridge when i get there, but um yeah its just im, not happy with this drone, Especially for the amount of money that i spent on this drone, i am im not happy with this drone by no means all right, guys.

Well, um, if you like, the video hit the like button, if you havent subscribed to the channel, please subscribe and please hit that bell notification for any new video uploads. And that way you get notified. And i hope you like the video and i hope its helpful and i really hope, swellpro uh – i i hope they work their kinks out, because again they have the ability to have a great aircraft its just. They got a lot lot of kinks to work out.