We have the swan k1 pro here and we are going to fly it today with the dji fpv goggles yep. So here we go so the first thing to do would be to open our case and let me show you whats inside, so if you buy this unit, let me show you with my gopro here: you can see we have the main body here. We have a few wing tips over here, heres where you have your remote and if i lift up this area, youll see we have batteries over here. So i brought two batteries with me. You can order this with one or two batteries. I also have some spare props down here in the back area. Its all velcroed down so were just gon na unvelcro. It pull this back, and in here we see we have the legs with the motors. You got two sets of those, and you got some spare props and some spare props. The only thing i do not have in the case anymore, would be the power supply, plus the instructions and a few other minor odds and ends taking a look at our swan. Really quick: we have a pitot tube up front for measuring wind speed, so you dont stall your plane in the air. I do have a gopro up there and below the gopro. Is your fpv camera to see where youre going and below that is the dji fpv air unit right there now to assemble the swan k1 pro for flight it takes about about a minute.

It gets really easy, so watch this okay first thing you do is grab the main body now. One thing ive done on mine is. I have marked all my little legs here with markings on the legs, to tell me uh what is the right and the left? It just makes it faster and easier for me to put it together. So let me show you so on this item. I have right motor listed there and on this one. Where is it over? Here i have left and even on the wings. If i pull out the wings i have left wing and down there, you can see, i have right wing so putting this together is pretty easy. Can the gopro pick this up? You can see. The connections are right there. So i just match up the right side with the right side and do the same for the left side, then, for the wing tips, theres, a little item, sticking out a little piece of plastic and it fits in a circular hole down there. And once again i have them marked right and left, so i just slide that in they just click into place, theyre not going to go flying off in the air there we go ones on and then you put the other one on and im pretty much ready To go, except for the props, which im going to put on next all right there you go, i told you, it only takes about a minute now for your props.

You have two colors of props, you have silver and black, and if you look at this motor it has a tip that has no indentation, so that would be silver and then over here you have a tip that has an indentation and that would be black. So lets put those on the silver tip. Prop goes on clockwise. There we go and, as you can imagine, the black tip prop ill. Just move this over here. Well go on counter clockwise! Okay! I think i was mistaken. It doesnt take a minute to put this together. It takes less than a minute. Next thing you do is power on your controller and as soon as it starts, beeping then plug in the battery into your swan. Always make sure, on your controller, that this switch over here is always pulled over to the left like that, can you see it? That means its in gps mode? If you accidentally leave it to the other side, the gps may not function and your drone might fly around in the air a little bit erratic if youre a beginner that might be scary. If youre used to flying drones and stuff there, we go so beeping, then its not a problem, so that beeping means put the battery in. So this cover comes off and then we just take our battery and it goes in like this. It should just stick in there, its a nice tight fit there. We go push this this way and then connect the battery and everything will power on Music.

Put your cover back on its held in place with magnets, now heres an important point. If you just purchased this swan k1 pro, then the very first thing you must do when you take it out to a field, is do a compass calibration and if you look up here, you can see me doing a compass calibration. You can see me spinning it. Three different ways, so i spin it one way. Then i spin it another way. Then i spin another way it walks you through it on the instructions on the controller. Now there is a calibration youll have to do. Every time before you fly and thats the pitot tube calibration and thats, what im going to do here is basically put your hand over the pitot tube or your finger over the pitot tube to stop air from going into it. So it defaults to zero, then blow into it. So it knows air is going through it measures the pressure, the pitot tube is there so that this does not stall and fall out of the sky thats. What stops it from stalling, so its pretty cool its got! This stall defensive system built into it, so you got to do that before every single flight when you put a battery in. Finally, i should also mention, if youre a newbie, you might want to set up your parameters in your little controller. Youll see theres a bunch of settings at the top right right.

Where you found the calibration settings and youll see, you can set your parameters for return to home um how high it has to be before it goes into airplane mode and a bunch of other things. So make sure you set those up here, we go pedotube calibration hold my thumb over the top wait until my controller display says completed complete it so now i have to blow into it. So here we go and that says completed all right. So one thing i want to show you is up front here. This is where im going to put my gopro so im just going to slide it in and strap it down now im going to show you one thing for people flying this fpv as i move around here. Let me just get this off its just velcro doing this with one hand all right, so when you put the strap on to hold your gopro on, let me show you, you see your fpv camera right here. Well, it is very wide angle and its going to see this strap and because of that, you cant really get good quality video out of your fpv camera without having this in the way, so youll have to either put a smaller action. Camera on that sits lower. So that you dont get this in the way now after your calibration is done, just pull the left joystick down and move it to the right like this, and the motors will start then, after the motors start just raise the left, joystick past center position and the Swan will rise in the air now that your swan is flying, you can use the left and right joystick to control it exactly as you would control a drone now for beginners.

Please do not fly this on a windy day for pros no problem im going to show you me flying it on a windy day right here. All right lets. Take this baby up, see how she flies. It is pretty windy here. So lets see how she does in the wind, Music theres some birds, oh scatter, the geese right were fighting the wind. I can still yawn around really fast. I can move it to the right with one joystick move it to the left. Just get out of the way, so it doesnt jump me up and you can move it over here. I can go forward. You can see im kind of rough with it, but ive been flying this for a long time, so im very used to these uh. This swan now for your first fpv flight of the swan, take it up to about 25 or 30 meters, and just let it sit there and then go and get your fpv goggles all right to fly with the dji fpv goggles. I just have to plug them. In it will automatically connect because ive connected it before its just like a normal fpv drone. There is a record button on your goggles. You have to press it to turn on the record and now were ready to fly digital fpv, so lets put on our dji goggles and pick up. Our radio next were just going to press the a button on the radio and that will cause the swan k1 pro to go into airplane mode.

The swan will change from vertical to horizontal and just keep flying in a straight line. You dont have to touch any controls here. You can see im having the swan. Do a flyby and im not touching the joysticks. It just stays at the same height same direction keeps on flying, so you provide input heres. The view from my 4k footage on my gopro and here is the digital view that i see in my fpv goggles notice. The velcro is hanging down now flying the swan k1 pro with fpv goggles is an out of body experience, especially when you use digital goggles, because your range is extremely far and reception is really good. You just let go of the joysticks on the controller and the drone carries on in that direction. The only time you provide input is, if you want to turn to the right or the left or you want to go down or you want to go up or you want to go slower or faster. Now i just want to show you how relaxed i am flying this swan. If you look at the soccer field were coming up, theres a little dot ill put an arrow on it. Thats me sitting on the ground with the goggles on just flying around the park. Im not standing im, not kneeling, im, not leaning against anything im just sitting down and people are walking by wondering what im doing wearing these virtual reality goggles.

So for me flying the swan k1 pro fpv, well, its a very zen experience, very, very relaxing Music. Now i must point out that at this time, the time of this recording there is no on screen display with telemetry information of your flight. In other words, when im flying, i do not see an arrow pointing back to my home location. I do not see my height or my speed or any gps information thats all on the display of the controller in my hands in the future. They say they will add it Music. Next thing i want to show you is just your height control, so right now i have the nose pointing down slightly, so this is pretty much as low as you can get it, and the next thing im going to do is take it up it climbs very Fast, so you can ascend see im bringing the nose up. You can ascend very quickly. I have my max height set to 120 meters because thats the regulation in canada and you watch im almost at 120 meters. In no time as soon as you see the nose go level there, we go 120 meters and you can see at that height and distance. The image is still clear in my dji fpv goggles and you can see, as i swing around here looking at the world when youre flying that high theres not much around. Maybe some canada geese thats about it. Now ive taken the swan k1 pro fpv out from many flights over the course of several weeks, and i can tell you i have tons of good footage.

So let me show you some footage from the beach so heres the sun. Setting in the evening. I went to my local beach and flew this around there, and i got to tell you when youre sitting there with your little fpv goggles on and flying it is so serene and so relaxing the birds below didnt find it too relaxing, but uh yeah. I certainly did it was great now this is kind of funny im going to let you watch this for a bit. But people came up to me because i saw me standing there with vr goggles leaning against my jeep, and they wanted to know what it was. So i just handed the goggles to them and then i flew the swan k1 pro line of sight and they just kept watching in the goggles handing them off to each person who showed up and they were having a grand old joyous time with that. So here we go im just going to let you watch some footage and then ill come back Music now when youre finished flying and you want to bring the swan k1 pro home. All you do is press the b button on your remote controller and the drone will fly back to you because its in return to home mode it will go into vertical mode and then land right where it took off or you can fly it near. You and press the a button and then it will go again into vertical mode and you can land it manually, its totally up to yourself.

If you had pressed the b button and it returned to home, it usually lands within five feet to four feet of the exact spot it took off from all right were back indoors to me, and i just want to clear up any confusion you may have with The swan flying normally and the swan flying fpv. So let me just explain this really quick. So in my first video of the swan this guy right here, this is the aircraft i used and let me just put it here, so you can see me and you can see it, and i use this controller here and when you fly it, you see the Video signal here and all the telemetry is on here, but the one you saw in the video you just watched is not this one. Let me show you so im putting this one back here and im picking up the one you saw in the video. So you see theres actually, two of them. If i show it right here so theres, two of them, the top one is fpv and that one down there is not fpv. So that was in my first video. This is the video you just watched of this one. So, with this guy theres a controller with it as well and its right here, so the controllers are identical. I had to label them which ones fpv and which ones not fpv. The only difference is, is that on this one, a lot of the wiring is disconnected to put the dji fpv air unit in it.

So what im going to do is im going to take it apart right now to show you where the dji fpv air unit is check this out all right so lets separate all the pieces really quick and were left with this piece right here and your dji Fpv air unit is right here, see with a little antenna sticking out the bottom theres just four plastic screws to take out there. We go after you get the four screws out im just going to bend this back with the antennas, and you can see your dji air unit. Let me just pull this up is right. There you see thats your dji fpv air unit and you can put a micro sd card in it. Ive got one in it. So when youre recording your goggles, you have your low res and the goggles thats. What i showed you you have higher res in here. I didnt show you this, because all it is is pretty much the same, but i want to show you exactly what you see in your goggles there we go ive yanked it out a bit more, so you can see it its theres, nothing exciting to it. You cant buy these air units anymore from dji, but some manufacturers still sell them. The folks who sell the swan. They still have them and they might be able to sell them to you, but you could just order one in this one and thats it now.

The reason im showing you all this is because i just wanted to remind newbies that if youre not used to flying with dji goggles, they dont automatically link. So when you get this unit theres a little spot on the side, you can watch a million videos on youtube: how to link your dji fpv goggles to the dji air unit and basically youre going to push in a button its going to turn red same thing. On your goggles, your goggles will beep about three times. I believe it is and then theyre linked and theyre all set to go thats it. Sometimes you might have to do an update on here if the firmware is not the same as the firmware on your goggles, but when i received mine, the firmware was the same so back to me sitting outside giving you my final thoughts. Here we go now, a few more points to pass on flying fpv with the goggles on is very immersive, its like going to see an imax movie in a movie theater. Now i can tell you about the movie i saw at the imax movie theater, but when i tell you about it, i can never explain how immersive it is. You have to try it to actually experience it. So if youre watching this video and youre going well fpv doesnt sound anything exciting its pretty awesome, you got ta, try fpv if youve never tried in your life you have to so.

If you just fly just fly, fpv drones and youll be in the fbv hobby. Now the next thing i want to mention is your controller. This is the second version of the swan hq pro i have reviewed. This is the fpv version. Basically, all theyve done is stuck the dji air unit inside and when they put the dji fpv air unit inside they had to disconnect the antenna that transmits the signal back to here for the video. So, in other words, when i fly this with fpv, i do not have a video from this camera up front on my controller, that would be pretty cool if you did, if you had it on the controller and in your goggles, but you dont its one, its One or the other, so in this case, when the air unit is in and activate it, theres no theres, no video on the screen, you would have to take the air unit out or unsolder it and stick it back the way it was with the camera connections And all that stuff and then you would get the video on here so with all of that said, im gon na put links below go check this out. It comes in several different versions and theres very professional versions, which you can fly them super far and do mapping and all sorts of things, but for guys like us, that are consumers and were just out to have fun. All you need is the version thats non fpv or the one that i have here.

That is fpv you can decide and you can buy everything you need on the website. So the links are below go check it out and see if its for you and if you have questions on this version or the previous version, i reviewed where everythings on the controller just post them below, and i will get back to you all right guys. Thanks for watching this video, if you enjoyed it, please give it a thumbs up and i will catch you in future video reviews with many more products. Maybe even this one, alright take care.