This is the sironx black edition and i just purchased this so im super excited to show you guys what its all about and walk around the bike and talk about. Some of the specs before we get into it, please subscribe to my channel for more content like this. It helps me out a lot hit that thumbs up button and also ring that notification bell for future notifications of my videos, all right so like i said this is a cerron x black edition. I picked it up from lunacycle super sweet, looking bike. The quality on this is absolutely amazing. The sine wave x controller is on this bike. You also have a 32 amp hour battery with 2 000 watt hours, which the range on it is absolutely insane. Its a 60 volt battery system theres a lot of power going through this thing. The shocks that came with this bike are the rst shocks and theres a huge controversy or discussion or argument about which shocks are better the dnm or the rst, so basically theyre both a low quality suspension. So it really doesnt matter. The dnm are inverted coil shocks which a lot of people prefer those, but the rsts are. Okay, too. I havent had a problem with them. So far, the only thing that i didnt like is it doesnt, come with a fender. The dnm suspension comes with the fender. The nice fender, so i had to buy one. This is actually the mucky nuts fender here it was easy to put on, but id rather have one come with a fender thats meant for the bike, so thats.

The reason why i really wanted the dnm first. For that fender, but i dont have any problems with the rst killer shocks. You got your hydraulic braking system. I believe this is a four piston hydraulic brake system. All right there you go. You have your your motor here. I believe its 7 000 watts – and this thing is an absolute beast. You have your foot pedals here, your kickstand, your rear, braking system, but uh, awesome bike. You have the rear suspension and i believe, yep thats a dnm shock in the back. You can replace that as well. If you want to the battery, goes in here, well open this up. Sometimes you got ta press down on it to get it to pop up theres your battery. You also have your your breaker here, so you would flip that to on and whenever you disconnect the battery before you disconnect it switch it off. It just protects things within the bike, but this is your battery, its a huge 60 volt, 2 000 watt hour 32 amp hour battery the power that this bike has is just incredible. Now everybody talks about e bikes, but i do want to let you know that this is not an e bike. This is an electric dirt bike, theres no pedals on it and you can get pedals on it, but they are basically useless, especially the ones that come from luna cycle. They do make a candy waba.

If im saying that correctly, a fake pedal kit, which i did purchase and ill, i will be putting these on the bike, but you can install them, but they dont do anything theyre just there for uh legality purposes. Basically, if anybody wants to give you a hard time, you have pedals on a bike, so its basically an e bike, its basically so cops. Dont, look, you know back at you or give you a hard time, but this is not an e bike. Let me be clear: this is an electric dirt bike. You have the small tail at the end, im not really sure what thats for you got some fenders back here, but it doesnt protect much from mud and dirt. Believe me, after riding in wet conditions, my back is absolutely soaked with mud and dirt. The seat is very uncomfortable. Luna makes different seats for your bike. I do recommend upgrading the seat im 260 pounds so its very hard on my butt when riding especially long rides. So i do recommend getting the luna upgraded seat. I believe theyre around 100 bucks uh. They do make so im 6 to 260 pounds. They do make a seat riser. Basically, so it actually heightens the seat, so it makes it more comfortable for taller riders. I will be getting that down the line, but you know for now it works. I dont plan on going for really long rides with this bike. But if i do you know, i just have to suck it up, but i do plan on getting the upgraded seat and the uh the seat, extender and raise kit, but very nice bike uh.

This has a lot of power. You have two modes: you have an ap mode, an eco mode and a sport mode. I do recommend starting out an eagle first, just to get a feel for the bike. It still goes fast in eco mode, but it will save you a lot of battery power too. I think it tops out at maybe 32 miles an hour in sport mode, ive gotten this bike up to 48 miles per hour. So, like i said, this bike is just insane: the grips are sweet. You can definitely change the grips if you dont like them. This bike does have a horn. Its very loud youve got your brake levers here, and you also have your throttle here. Its very very touchy, so its instant power, which is nice with these bikes. So once you pull that throttle this bike just wants to go. You also have your adjustable knobs here to adjust your shocks for recoil and spring back, but yeah. You would do the adjusting right here. You would put your key in so whenever you want to ride this bike, you have to put the key in turn. The key on the light will come on. The battery will come on. You can see the batterys at 100. Im not sure if you can actually see that you could check your battery meter there, but that will show you how much battery you have left. You also have your handlebars here, which you can adjust when putting it on and theres.

Actually, a guide here which will show you how to line it up so when you assemble the bike, its very easy to line up the handlebars and depending on your height, and what feels comfortable for you now there is different levels here that you can adjust to You cant upgrade the handlebars, which is nice. So if you want different pair of handlebars, you know go out and find the ones you want and you can put them on the bike. No problem, you also have this bright. Light in the front does shine very, very bright, so you wont have to uh to worry about seeing at night. This thing will definitely guide you. Its a super bright light led comes in handy. You got these tires too, with the rsts too. You just got to make sure you cant, upgrade to too big of a tire like you can with your dnm. So i would just look it up to see how big of a tire you can upgrade to with the rst installed on your bike, but other than that thats. The surround thats a quick rundown on the siron, but i will be releasing more videos, more riding content on the sarah in the future. So please subscribe to my channel and also ring that notification bell. So you can know when i post a new video all right. If you have any questions about the bike, please leave them in the comments below id be more than happy to answer them for you until next time.