Everything comes together in this nice little zip up case. Pretty sturdy, a nice feel to it. Let’S see what’s inside so looks like we’ve got the charger, some other small pieces let’s get that open for you right now. Charger got ta have that looks like it comes with some extra propellers in case they uh come apart on. You got some extra ones here. Just in case, hopefully you won’t need them. These look like some kind of braces let’s look into and see what they go for. So here we have. The batteries looks like it’s a dual battery very nice, very solid, so here’s the actual unit itself comes folded up like this. So oh yeah, they just pull right apart, there’s another there we go there. It is fully open power. Button right here looks like it comes with just a battery port right. There just looks like it snaps right in just like that. We’Ll have to charge it though little camera lights here is the remote. I believe these braces are to hold your phone in place. So what you could do is you could actually see you could connect it to your camera phone and you can see exactly what you’re doing through your phone. So the remotes once again, you’re gon na need some batteries, for this looks like uh three triple a’s you’ll need for the remote it’s, not too bad all right, we’ll fold that back up battery cover do not forget that and when you got a backup battery in Case this one dies on you, you got to back up one, so that’s actually really good to have not too bad, pretty good size.

One nice little sleek, look to it something out of those uh terminator movies, not better.