And if you dont know what fpv freestyle is youve got to check it out, theres tons of cool videos on my channel were also giving away a fema. X8 4k. Three axis little tiny mini drone this month, uh. So if you want to comment subscribe and send us an email on, you will be entered to win that, but lets check out this a10 warthog here, no, its, not actually an a10 warthog. It is the diatone roma, f35 and 35 means 3.5 inch props on here and gigantic motors. They have two versions of these motors available 4s version and a 6s. I have the 2305 2650 kv motors. Those are for 6s. They are green and gold. Really nice, four bolts on the bottom here. Actually, three bolts im wrong one: two: three and aircraft aluminum on the front: two millimeter top plate; three millimeter bottom unibody on the bottom, with roma on the bottom, which is kind of nice, its all cncd in the back right here – and i put a couple – zip Ties in the very back for the tx 500 on the back, because it looked like the connector thats going on there. The ufl connector was sitting in an odd angle and i think thats caused other reviewers to have a blackout of their video just completely go out, because this does wiggle loose so make sure you put a zip tie right around that, and i have an xm plus Riding back there on analog video today up to 500 milliwatts, so lets go outside and do some ripping with this on 4 and 6s.

You can buy this on 4s. If you get the 6s version, its going to be a little slower, youre going to really wake it up with 6s and youre going to have a ton of power and a ton of speed, probably one of the fastest 3.5 inch out there in our community. Right now for fpv freestyle, you could even race this thing, i think, but plenty of power and plenty of performance at the bottom of the throttle. So it can save itself, which is nice, lets, go ahead and do some ripping out in the field in a new location. Today, here we go Music, so Music, so Music, all right, buddies. Welcome back from the flight test there. She is on the scale shes weighing in at 223 grams. That is before you add your 4s or 6s battery. We have a 10s 1050 that im liking to fly on this one and that gets us up to ‘2 grams. So it is one of the heavier 3.5 inch in the pack, so um you can get the gap rc smart, 35 under 250 grams and if thats kind of your thing, if you want to be under 250 grams, this cloud is probably not for you. So im gon na, as always im gon na put my top five favorites listing from one through five down in the links down below you can check out the gep rc smart 35 review that i did and compare it see what you think about the footage.

Also, the emacs baby hawk 2.. The baby hawk 2 hd. I flew maybe three or four months ago, maybe six months ago now it seems like that one came out forever ago, but these are all competitors in the 3.5 inch class. So this one probably is one of the fastest um. I will say that it is probably one of the fastest on 6s, so uh, probably the best tuned would be the gap, and then this one is also doing really really well. As far as the tune goes. They have gone through several iterations of the tune now and i think they finally got it hashed out, but i do have to say, aside from some kind of sluggish looking fat body, looks on this quad and big giant horse. You know motors on the front here um such a big motor for a 3.5 inch prop. I have to say that i really like the way these motors do look. These are some nice sexy. Looking motors, look at that. What do you guys think about the green and the gold there im im kind of fan of these? I would like to see them come out with a version of a four inch, an f f4 with the 220 3.5 on there. So i think that would probably be the perfect combo there. I did not get a gopro on here for you guys, because i didnt have a mount. They didnt send me any type of tpu mount on this one and and the other mounts that i had are set up for m2 hardware.

So this is m3 hardware on the top just to let you guys know if youre looking for a mount youre, probably going to have to use a full size amount or wait till they release an stl file which theyll probably do the lowest price. That i saw on this quad was around dollars and you know again: the prices are a little bit higher this year because of the chip shortage, but this is a quality release. Another edition from the roma series, which i think is pretty nice you can see they have a little bit of a cnc detail up in here, which is cool. It says roma weve got a tpu mount on the very back with my xm plus tucked just above my tx 500, and that might be in a precarious place because it does get hot. So you need to probably move your xm plus up to this top part right here and then run your antennas out these posts right here. You do get two posts in the box and they give you a lot of extras in the box which is nice. I also like this. This antenna is a little taller than what ive seen recently and it has plenty of clearance for getting way across the field, but smart audio is already set up as well, and the sidewalls open up for your f7 22 flight controller 40 amp escs. I believe it was on here and the runcam phoenix up front.

I actually think that camera looks great, so yeah. This is uh, not a bad release. I do like this one a lot and four and six s. Options are pretty sweet, so you guys can check out the link down below for this one and my top five 3.5 inch quads and see what i like the best and then you can make a decision based on that, because i try to do honest reviews for You guys take care, guys be sure to subscribe and make a comment on this video. Its also a giveaway video were going to pick the name coming up in september for the x8 mini from xiaomi, so 4k drone were giving away on the channel guys.