Today'S clip is the first in a series that i'm calling the summer of drones where i'm giving away brand new drones on the channel. Now, if you're a fan of the channel, you know i've been teasing about this for the last couple of weeks, and you also know that i love flying. I love talking about the technology, i love putting it up and testing new gear and nothing delights me more than when i get an email from some viewer. That said, hey rick, we saw one of your clips, we got so excited, we went out and bought a drone and we love it we're out there in the field flying my family's out in the fresh air we're just having a great time with it. We'Re looking to buy our second drone for my son or my daughter, so we can go out and fly together. I just i love that because i remember when i got my first drone, how much i loved it. I couldn't believe how exciting it was to put a drone up in the air over a forest or a lake or the ocean, and look down at that beautiful scenery. Knowing i was in control of the drone, it just changes everything for you so anytime. I can welcome new people into the hobby i'm, a huge fan of doing that so i'm lucky as well, that i work with a lot of large manufacturers, so i test a lot of their gear.

I talk to them about their technologies, and dji is one of those that i i talk to on a regular basis, and i said to him: i got a lot of folks on the channel that are watching that are thinking about getting to the hobby. Is there anything we can do to get some of the drones in their hands and dj, i said sure, rick we love what you're doing on your channel we'll. Send you a mavic mini. You can give it away to one of your viewers, so that's exactly what i'm gon na do today and for all you guys out there that call me dji fanboys i'm, giving a free drone away. So what more can i ask of that company and i do love their technology anyway? Let me talk a little bit about the drone. Then i'll explain how you can enter the contest, so the mavic mini is a miracle of flight it's, one of those wizardry drones that goes up in the air and does amazing things in a tiny little package. Now i've raved about it on the channel i've done a bunch of review clips it's a phenomenon. This drone, as it sits in front of me today, should not exist. It'S really like miracle technology in so many ways, so for starters, it's, incredibly small and light it's 249 grams. You can fold it up and fit it in your pocket. It really is just that tiny, but to look at it you'd think well, gee.

How cool could that be? How really good can it fly? Is it something that's going to be up in the air and the wind's going to take it and i'm going to lose it in a heartbeat it's, not it's, a sophisticated drone, so in a lot of ways, it's, a small drone that flies like a big drone Of course, you've got to worry about the wind if it's whipping, if you've got a 60 mile an hour wind don't put it up, but in general you can do almost everything you can do with bigger drones. With this tiny little drone so 249 grams, it has a phenomenal camera. It'S got a one over 2.3 inch sensor in it, which is the same sensor size as the original mavic pro and it's a tiny little drone. So you can get great video footage and get raped pictures with it. It'Ll actually record video up to 2.7 k, so it's it's professional grade stuff it'll fly for 30 minutes on a fully charged battery. So you put it up once you can fly for a half an hour and then land the thing you can fly this two and a half miles: 4. 000 meters. Now you can't fly that far because we have visual line of sight requirements in the states. So if you're a new flyer, you have to keep your eye on it. You can only fly it as far as you can see it, but knowing you've got that strong signal means you're going to have rock solid telemetry and you're getting a video feedback from the front camera.

So it's everything you want in a small package and people say: oh it's, a great starter drone. It is but it's also a fantastic drone for people that have been in the hobby for quite some time. I use it almost every day when i'm out there flying it's in my pack – and i take it with me and i find myself putting it up more often than some of the bigger drones that i fly in addition to that, it's got a lot of safety Features built in so it's got automated return to home. So if the batteries get weak, it's going to say rick, you forgot about the batteries and it's going to take off and come back and land where it actually started to make sure that i'm not going to lose it to fire someplace. In addition to that, through the application, the dji fly app. They built in all kinds of automated features that are called quick shots, so you can actually hit a button and have it do like a a droney or a helix or a circle or a rocket where all kinds of sophisticated moves that make. You look like a professional cinematographer, so literally the first day you get it, you can charge up. The batteries register the drone, but you can you can charge up the batteries, put it up in the air and capture these amazing shots of you and your family. Without really becoming a phenomenal pilot and the best part, i think in general, this whole thing is that if you learn how to fly this and it's, not that hard, you can get really good, really quick, all those skills transfer to bigger drones.

So if you find out you're in love with this hobby, like i am, you may want to upgrade later it's not like you have to relearn everything. You start here and you can move to any other drone in the market and be an expert pilot. So it's a phenomenal package and i've said it before it's it's it's, something that shouldn't exist, it's, really a drone that has way more sophisticated features in this tiny little package than i can imagine from a technology perspective. So dji's done a phenomenal job at this drone. Okay: i'm, giving it away now here's the contest all you have to do to enter the contest is there's a link below you fill out the link with your email. What i'm going to do after seven days is i'm going to pull a random one out and i'm going to award the drone there's no strings attached. There'S! No shipping charges there's! No, like hey! We need this from you. Let'S get this sorted out. We basically just pick a winner put it in a box and ship it to you, and you can start flying it now, it's going to be a seven day contest, so you can't wait too long to get in if you're, not a subscriber of the channel we're Trying to get to 100 000 subscribers, please join the drone valley, family there's, a little icon down there hit it turn the bell on, and that way you can make sure that when i give other drones away wink wink very soon that you can get in on Those contests and make sure you get an entry in in case you don't win the mavic mini and there will be other drones so again.

Subscribing to the channel is good things we're, giving you a lot of really good information and i've got a ton of clips. Coming on brand new drones and a wide variety of other high tech gear that we're reviewing right now, so you might want to join the drone valley family to get in and all that stuff, but anyway entered a contest. I wish all of you really good luck and it's been an interesting summer worldwide for all of us, with the situation that's going on with the virus and a few other things. So anything we can do to relax for an afternoon and get outside smile with the family breathe in the fresh air feel that sunshine is a really good thing and i feel pretty good about contributing to that environment so again, thank you. So much for all your subscriptions and for all the support, you've shown the channel i'm having a ball and anything i can do to give back to the community like this i'm going to pursue with inventions.