Thank you, Music, everything all right, sir. I dont know man its like everywhere. I look people hate me for something i didnt do. I was trying to do my best to help all those years ago and despite years of trying to prove myself its like im, still being punished, uh im sorry to hear that wait. Who are you? Oh giggawatts, sir special time force, division time, force yeah im the first set of experimental time, traveling team put together by preceptor. You can travel through time yep just for observation, though, unless something really needs adjustment. Could you take others with you? Oh easily, its just a matter of oh no, no, no! No! No! Wait! I see those gears turning. There are a ton of variables regarding this sort of operation, chaos, theory, fixed points and times paradoxical events, thats just scratching the surface of what could go wrong. This isnt something you can just do on a whim and this isnt something i thought of just now its something ive wanted to do for quite some time, sir. I really have to object as your commanding officer. I order you to take me back through time, but i all right were too Applause: Music Applause, so Music, Music, Music wow were really here. You didnt tell me you were taking me back to this. We really cant be here. Dont worry im not going to get involved with anything important ill, be right back, but the slightest mistake could screw everything up, thats a question: you should ask yourself: megatron ill crush you with my bare hands: Music ive got to help prime stay away, lad.

Thats primes fight Music. What the who are you trust me kid? You need to stay out of this one. No more optimus prime grant me mercy. I beg of you, you who are without mercy now plead for it. I thought you were made of sterner stuff Music. I might have been able to prevent that wow. It happened anyway. These were the fixed points i was talking about. Can we please go now? Can you please explain whats going on listen, things are about to happen. Its gon na be crazy and youre gon na have big shoes to fill. I just hope. My actions today have saved you from years of unnecessary hardship. Youll understand soon. I hope lets go gigabot Music. Listen! I dont care. If youre my commanding officer, that was reckless. We really could have messed up the timeline youre lucky. All you try to do is change a fixed point. Dont ever ask me to take you anywhere again without consulting a proper scientist. Man, things can go anywhere. They want with no ramifications. Go back in time. Make themselves feel good, oh its completely wrong. At least i wont be blamed for it anymore. Music youve got to be kidding me, hello, youtube greetings from the lazy eyebrow to a highly requested video. That is like four months late at this point. Sorry about that. This is the review for kingdom voyager class hot rod again, hang on what ah theres the problem.

This is the review for commander class radimus prime, like commander class. It just has a nice ring to it eh and what better figure to give the class upgrade of commander two than one of the characters from the show that was the leader of the autobots. As for the vehicle mode itself, it definitely has a commanding present like dang. Look at all that detail the flames up the side, the big burly exhaust pipe. All of it just looks so good if a bit long compared to his on screen appearance. But the big question that seems to get thrown around a lot regarding this release is, does it deserve to be priced at commander class, lets stop and compare to the other two commander classes weve gotten. Through the past few years there was skylinks a nearly n scale. Shuttle orbiter a mobile launch platform and heres jetfire, who has this massive fictional jet, and then you have radimus here in the middle, where the reality is that this is the figure and it comes with the trailer and looking at it from just this perspective alone. Ill admit it doesnt really feel like it deserves the commander class price point. So lets look at it from a different angle, one i feel better suits what were really looking at here: heres radimus next to leader class siege, ultra magnus and leader class earthrise optimus and like if this doesnt scream at you, where the budget on this figure went.

I dont know what will as a complete package. Rodemus just looks totally cohesive as a unit, unlike ultra magnus, whose gripes i dove deep into last month and while optimus looks fantastic in his truck mode. In fact, probably one of my favorite mainline optimus figures to date the trailer looks borderline unfinished like it was the budget left over from whatever they threw at the robot, and it really shows but keep in mind. This is a custom painted trailer and it still looks like an unfinished box on stilted wheels, and this is just the trailer like compare the head units of roddy and magnus and rodimer still looks exactly like. He should magnus, on the other hand, is real rough. Looking like, technically, both figures are unfinished at the back, due to the whole trailer covering it up, business and yet rodimus still looks halfway decent. If you still want a nitpick well, its toy accuracy and people love astonishing adherence to the 80s, whether it looks good or not so shut up, but yeah like through and through. This is a proper radamus prime one that still feels like hot rod, but a bulkier progression of the alt mode, whether youre looking at the modern, take the semi modern, take the retro take or the reproduced miniature vintage one. The headlights definitely give off the old g1. Look that personally reminds me way too much to the 1991 saturn sl. The hood flames are given a slight update and design and now feature pinstriping around the yellow, which ill admit is something i thought i was fine not having on the studio series version.

Until i got this one and oh man, i love it so much more than i thought i would. The flames themselves are cut off graphically for the sake of having the hood, actually be, the hood and not a faux part, and i can totally accept that if it means making my animations easier, the windshield glass is entirely made of translucent blue plastic and painted burgundy To match the plastic around it in an absolutely fantastic display of color matching, like top marks for doing that here, it looks great. The exhaust pipes here are much larger than the previous hot rod release and they even went as far as painting the cutout, where the plastic paneling meets the pipe so that it looks like one solid pipe, which is absolutely something i can get behind. It just looks so good and its something hot rod neglected to have done here. Well, yes, its at least gray, the unpainted nature of it sort of does stick out here. I love these little vents up top behind the canopy glass, though a touch of panel lighting goes a long way here to give it some depth the feet hanging off the back, while unappealing does get a slight hand wave as one the intended look. Is the space winnebago, so you rarely have to look at them. Two, its toy, accurate, so thats, a plus, i guess, and three they sort of tried to do something with it anyway, by means of the exhaust vent grilling here, so its all right, basically, now, as for the big doofy rear wing, i dont know what to think Of this, like at first glance, sure it suits them animation, wise im, just not really on board with how they went about doing it from the top.

It looks great for the figure. However, closer inspection reveals a fun little shade of blue there, which means that, yes, they did run out of room on one of the molds and pick the translucent blue mold to cast the entire rear wing and then blasted it with three or four coats of yellow And orange, like painted wing in general thats a lot of paint, but fine, if you need to, i guess, painted wing whose base color is the literal opposite color of your paint, thats real, stupid like why go about it. This way, all of these toys that actually get used are going to look pretty rough after a few years, and this isnt even a part you can just not interact with because the entire piece is a connection point for the trailer like this tab here on the Bottom of the overhang that connects to the unpainted rectangular port, and then you slide that whole thing on in while moving aside the spring loaded, bottoms of the extra exhaust pipes like there is a lot of pieces interacting and rubbing on each other, and i fully expect Paint rubbing to be a thing in the future. That aside, though, man look at the full package like to me, while not perfect, as it is quite a bit longer than the g1 toy and on screen appearance, the masterpiece or really any attempt at erotimous prime. I still really like how it turned out very becoming of the idea of what gratimist in g1 was, and it personally hits me in just the right way, like the extra pipes that rest over the top have this curve molding to them to make it feel like Rodimus, existing vehicle pipes are actually routing themselves to the geometry of the trailer, which then curve and find themselves here at the top.

Like some big old pipe organ of co2, i will admit not a fan of the big gap in them where the wing has to slot through, but thats sort of unavoidable. With the way things have to move. So i guess i can live with it. All things considered, though, this totally feels like the proper evolution of hot rods, exhaust system going from those visually loud v6 sports car exhausts to the v12 diesel pipes. This thing is rocking, like the pipes on this thing are really doing it from here are easily the most over the top, but in a good way, exhaust system. I have ever seen on any prime figure as for the rest of the trailer, its fantastically done as well. You got this in your face flame job, tampa graph on the side of the trailer. That again makes me wish that something could have been done about the spoiler to make it fit in without introducing that big old slot as it takes away from what otherwise looks pretty cool. The upper portion of the trailer is coated in a ton of paint and an autobot symbol, but annoyingly it doesnt seem to quite fit flush together, which i hear isnt uncommon. The back looks very well sculpted, significantly more going on here than the leader class trailer from 2020, with not just one but two hinged doors, and not even that the designers also included little pneumatic struts for the trailer door too, like the details, man, thats so cool Door goes down, door goes up, door goes down, door goes up loading ramp.

Both trailers, though, also include the locking systems for the base thing that the trilogy was doing way earlier. So if youve got a piece of iron works, you can do some sort of tractor tug of war thing. Until often, this two piece door eventually comes apart at the seams and they both snap away at high speed. As for other articulation of the trailer, though, it also opens up much like the original did and much like optimus does and features 36 different, five millimeter ports for you to plug as many or as little things as you want, and the trailer deck itself is much Wider than previous releases, which is nice because that means we can actually accommodate pretty much any deluxe car now all the way up to the wider vehicle mode to the older generations line, which is great for a reason ill get into later. The transformers will return after these messages. This episode of lazy, eyebrow is also sponsored by hobbies, with jose hoffmans with jose is a youtube channel that features all sorts of content from gameplay to transformers reviews model kit builds, but, most importantly, hes got a weekly series of how to completely repaint your transformers start To finish like, for example, heres his gigawatt mod, i want this done to mine. This is such a beautiful rendition of gigawatt. The content itself is incredibly well filmed. It features everything from disassembly of the figure with screws pins, you name it.

He takes it down to the nuts and bolts and then goes through the paint stripping any mods. He does filling holes, he doesnt like drilling holes, he needs to drill and then feeling those sanding priming detailing everything you name it start to finish. You get yourself a full customized transformer like i personally get asked all the time to do. Tutorials on how to do my paint job heck, no go watch hogs with jose because he knows what hes doing and half the time i dont even know. If i know what im doing like heres his optimus heres, megatron, heres gigawatt and its currently in the middle of redoing studio series 86 grimlock, which you can check out in a card up there so again, thanks to hobbies with jose for sponsoring this segment. If youre looking for a qualified look into modding, your transformers look no further. Otherwise lets get back to the review Music. We now return to the transformers. Welcome back lets, talk accessories, heres, what you get with a leader class figure, a gun, a matrix and a goofy repair drone now heres what you get with the commander class figure of this size. A big blast effect tree with an additional two tips: a matrix, a matrix lens flare, a long rifle a sword, two exhaust effects and a big tank thing. As for how these interact with the vehicle, the tank thing folds down the strut and connection point pop out and this plugs into the trailer, unfortunately, this makes the trailer roof gap even worse.

But what are you gon na do not store every accessory on board. Well, you cant, but thats besides the point that being said, it does indeed store there and can be accessed by opening up the trailer for all kinds of mobile turret action. The sword of primus is a little pop out peg that lets you attach it to the trailer walls. If you wish to cram it next to the tank, so thats nifty. But if you want to ditch the tank, you can load them up with all the other goodies. He comes with and close that all on up, but even then thats, not the only storage. This thing comes with as swinging around the underside of the back reveals an included pullout tray that features even more storage options in which you can fit your lens flare and your exhaust tips. Technically you can cram the sword and rifle in here too, if youre feeling extra saucy, but it does require a bit of finagling throughout all of this, though, you never really get a dedicated spot to fit. The last item, that being the blast effects, of which i dont fully understand why these specific ones were included like two years ago. These were included for omega supreme and coca cola, flavor, in which i thought these made total sense for the way these were configured for him. He was a mono engine rocket, so absolutely give him one big fire blast coming at the back of it.

That makes sense these made less sense when they gave them to us again in tangy orange flavor for skylinks, but at the same time it wasnt the worst thing ever like. Okay, the three orange tips can be used as shuttle thrusters and the big orange flare can be like fire breath or something because you know skylanks is so well known for that and then here its like, oh boy, blue raspberry, why all the ports on this figure Come in pairs, so what are you going to use just a single stacked blast for, but not only that, even as rocket thrust for the trailer, if youre so inclined, you can only really use two of the three tips plugged into the tray and thats it. Nothing left of the crystal pine tree is compatible with any other part of the vehicle that looks in any way shape or form meaningful. I personally feel the effects jet fire came with would have been much better here for a more dynamic looking option. Even for the turret. You could use most of the crystal pine tree here or any of its other reconfigurations and like technically it works if the weight doesnt make it fall off the end, but like hear me out lags that being said, why didnt we ever get any more of these Things like different designs, that is, they were really cool and tons of fun for stop motion and we got like two different designs, plus a pittance of others at the beginning of siege.

If you bought the sage target masters or whatever they were called back, then like what a waste speaking of new effects, though ronamus does actually have a new effect, mold included and theyre cast in black. These are exhaust effects and they just plug right into the ends of the pipes, whether thats on the trailer or the vehicle. Mind you. If you have hot rod, then yes, the blue flames, also work here as well. However, regarding the black smoke clouds, i find them to be excessively glossy. Like look at the glare on those edges, i very much feel that they would have benefited from some matte material to make it look more like a cloud of exhaust. Instead of some weird glossy mess, unfortunately, the material theyre cast in doesnt seem to want to let paint stick to it so doing this modification doesnt really seem like a recommendable thing to do as nice, as it would look anyway having them at all kind of brings Up an interesting point that i never thought of until this figure hot rod is presumably, of course, a gasoline powered high performance engine rodimus is rolling coal here and must therefore be diesel powered unless theres something wrong with them. So, like heres, my question when hot rod was anointed as prime and his heart grew three times that day did the matrix know to adjust the fuel he was carrying to its a pity. You autobots die so easily or i might get some sort of enjoyment from this all rise, no Music.

This is the end of the road galvatron Music, oh man, i better transform and get out of here, yo optimus. Why cant? I move my engines making funny sounds. Hmm sounds like he made the mistake of running gasoline through your engine yeah. Why wouldnt? I obviously, if youre going to be holding a trailer like a pride, you need the torque of diesel. Why didnt you think of that beforehand? Well, nobody told me that what am i supposed to do now, unicrons exploding and now we have an engine, knock a big stupid, trailer boy. I really hope someone got fired for that blunder. As for other storage areas, this bay exists, but nothing really fits in. It. Probably tossed some headmasters in or something this entire thing opens up, though so thats a thing im, not sure why it does that either and finally, we come to the rifle it can go in that tray crammed in as mentioned or the spacing will allow you to Place it there, if you remove the tank and have the trailer close up as for storage on the head unit itself, though, that spacing also allows you to put the rifle here as dumb as that looks, or you can use one of those pegs and borrow from Hot rod to get a triple barrel attack vehicle or whatever you fancy really clips on the underside of the car, where the calves are allow you to attach the sword here for an under placement as well.

That still has some clearance for rollability, so you know options as for size. Comparison lets start with the molds that are consistently re tooled. So you can get an idea of what it would look like next to your stuff, so heres generation selects bug, bite, earth rise, smoke, screen, kingdom side, swipe earthrise trail, breaker and kingdom inferno, heres, radimus, next to hot rod, hot rod, hot rod and hot rod. War for cybertron g prime war for cybertron s, prime b, prime and warfare, cybertron e prime heres rodimus, with your season three movie crew version, one or heres ryden, with your season; three movie crew version, two and heres rodimus with the movie decepticons and finally whats. The actual scale again sort of difficult in that its a fictional vehicle, but i went with width priority since trailers are pretty much consistent that way which puts them at 82.4 millimeters. The average trailers width is 2.59 meters, which means scale wise hes, one to 31.43. More rounded down were going to take it to 132. other vehicles in that scale, feature the likes of reveal to shield jazz and reveal the shield tracks, which is another reason why i was pretty psyched that the tracks could fit inside the trailer. Other close comparisons of all punch counterpunch in his 133 scaled 2016 nsx inspired vehicle and off road b, with a very proportional 133 ford, gpw and yeah that, coupled with the 132 six foot guy id say it looks pretty good together, if not a bit short for What a trailer could be, but theres no recommendation on what your trailer needs to be height wise, so that was rather miss vehicle mode.

It is such a mighty vehicle mode with tons of goodies all over the vehicle like even just on these merits alone. There is no question about where the budget went like this is easily the best take of a mainline release of rodents. Ive ever seen and clearly, someone at takara loves this character, because this is now twice the characters caught in the next class up to make sure the designers have room to do and include everything they see fit, and it shows so on to transformation start by removing The trailer fold in these little flaps and bring the spoiler section up and out of the way unpeg the windshield, but be careful as ive already had one of the pegs snap here and clip and move the arms out to the side rotate around the waist and Leg assembly unfold the feet separate the legs, unfasten the rear, fenders from the legs and then open up. The back panels then extend the legs in their double hinge, slide the wheels into the fenders and then rotate them inwards until the wheels slot into the sides of the calves with a slight bit of flexing, then close up the doors at the front move the arms. All the way out to the side, folding the flaps that cover the front fenders then pull the chest out of the way from there rotate around the shoulders of the base. Then collapse the armatures until they snap into themselves, locking it all together then bring up the chest on its armature at the base of the neck.

Make sure this gray piece is clicked in all the way, but be aware it is kind of a stiff click into the place. Its important, though, that you do it because if you dont your chest wont sit flush at the waist when youre all finished from there. That gray piece is going to rotate back and clip itself into the port attached to the windshield again another stiff connection and one that scares me more than anything coming apart than it does going in because of how much force is required to separate those two pieces. Next fold the chest into the waist and push the top of the chest in until it firmly slots itself bring the spoiler up, rotate it around and then slot that into the rectangular port on the windshield on the arms open. This flap move this bit down and rotate it and then rotate around the entirety of the pipes on the underside youll want to fold in those flaps until they become part of the forearm and finally, for whatever reason, you need to open up the shoulder wheels. Push that into the fender and then clip it into the shoulders themselves and rodamus ill start with saying that, yes, he looks good and yes that transformation is the result, but i got ta admit i did not have fun getting to this point. Everything is on an armature. Everything needs split backwards to how it needs to be in robot connection points are real stiff, so it feels unnecessary, its just, not an enjoyable conversion.

At the same time, though, no argument here, the results speak for themselves like this is one of the best official looking rodimus prime figures i have ever seen. He just carries more of that mature, more age, looking commander from the young sports car really really well. I will admit, though, im not super crazy about the face gulped like heres, hot rod and then heres rodimus rodimus looks like hes seen things horrible things things no bots should ever see and if i remember right, rodimus face is not supposed to look super far off From hot rod, slightly older, yes, but not like a good contender for a cup sculpt things otherwise turned out great. The chest made of real parts is form fitting and looks fairly good as a heroic stature with all the internal guts making for a really solid chest. The wheels are really really weird. I dont understand why it was necessary to have them collapse and peg like this, its not like im not benefiting from it, though i always appreciate having things lock in place for animations sake, but in general, this level of intricacy on wheels just feels i dont know Needlessly meticulous the arm exhaust pipes look great, though they are far more bulky and present over hot rod, which feels appropriate, considering all the pipes that the trailer has that, depending on the episode, are supposed to be the part of the robot, so its a nice addition. As scary as it is to get it all together, the windshield and rear wing look really nice and tidy and really well put together as the back of the robot, and i quite like the finished product, the rear wing itself looks fantastic from the back.

The painted nature of the darker yellow, really bringing out the highlights, as opposed to the canary of the hot rod, was cast in. I just wish it looked as good from the front as it does from the back. The back itself looks really good, like a lot of figures. Dont look the greatest back here, but i got ta admit its nice and tidy and thats awesome. The vents especially look great here as extra back detail, and that goes with the official transformation or with these panels up if thats, how you want to display him. I absolutely love the way the whole crotch piece has been designed like in the neutral pose. It looks like a solid component and i sort of feel like if earthrise optimus had looked this good at the crotch area, then maybe people wouldnt have complained as much that all they saw was four miles of legs, which in retrospect feels like a weird general complaint. Considering the proportions are nearly identical to megatron and seemed like the general consensus back then was the design was perfect. I dont know man, people be whack anyway, rodimus thighs, look solid, and rightly so, as theyve used two pieces screwed together to achieve this look. So not a single hollow part could be seen well anywhere. These legs are painted mind you, disassembly and scratch in the inside surface reveals to us that these thighs are cashed in the same red as the rest of the figure, in fact, for as much orange as we see on rodamus.

None of it is actually cast in that color. The only piece is cast in orange and this entire set are the ones that make up the trailer base anyway. As for the thighs themselves, though, i appreciate the fact that screws are what hold the pieces together, and that goes for a lot of other sections as well makes it really nice and easy when it comes to disassembly. If youre into converting your figures. First time ive fallen and i cant get cop trade ya. Well, so much for leg day i told you getting older. Was a trap, see thats what you get for, leaving a piece out? How was i supposed to know the squid had a big brother? Well, this is just prime. You want to try the universal greeting again. Please tell me you paid for insurance this month. Finally, we come to weirdly enough. My favorite part the legs on the fronts. They have a lot of really cool detail going on. It is kind of hard to see, though, and as such i wish this was cast in like a charcoal or something, but regardless the detail is there and it looks really good the cavs house, all these fendery bits and are closed up by the extra paneling doesnt Close it up perfectly, but the fact that all the red is encapsulated nicely in there for a solid leg makes for really clean legs too. That are mostly black and uniform in color, which is also nice, especially when compared to hot rod, with all that vehicle coloring, showing up on the back.

As i said before, its incredibly apparent that someone on the design team really loves hot rod and rodimus. Like look at these two, they both look like near perfect replicas of their on screen appearance. Both of them use a lot of clever tricks to morph and skew and transform themselves from fairly accurate vehicles to fairly accurate robots with some, but almost no compromise which, for mainline releases that seems kind of magical. The transformers will return after these messages. Applause. We now return to the transformers, and this is just how it looks lets see if it moves just as well head is on a ball joint for full, spin and tilt. However, extra movement for tilting can be achieved by moving the neck joint. The shoulders are attached to a hinge that gives the figure a butterfly joint, which ill admit, would be cool if clearance issues didnt more or less negate its use. The shoulders by the way are in the chest, no well thats depressing. Now, im not going to pretend, like i know the ins and outs of toy design, but i do know that when animating this method to give outward movement is the most annoying like heres one example, he cant really go for that big bear hug that every other Toy with proper shoulders can go for which goes for leader class, voyager class, deluxe class to even the other commander classes, core class and so small. You cant even count them as core class, like i said that butterfly joint thats nearly useless anyway.

The elbows are double jointed for 170 degree, bend action in one direction and thats because, for whatever reason, the bicep rotation was moved to in between the elbow joints. So, instead of being able to rotate the double bend at the bicep like a normal figure, he moves real weirdly and only gets 90 degrees in any direction, except forward and thats. Only if the exhaust pipes play fair and dont get in the way of the bicep. Look again im not a toy engineer, its probably a reason for all these choices: im just having to animate arms. That move really really weird. That being said, youd figure for commander class pricing. We could get some decent articulation points instead of whatever this jank is, but no youre right. The tires need to peg in anyway. Griping aside, the hands are actually pretty good, like it has this inward movement, which definitely helps later for matrix bearing rotation at the wrist and the part that really blew me away. Mpo3 starscream style articulated fingers. You get the last three with a single knuckle. Pin the same on the forefinger, but nothing on the thumb and thats kind of okay, but like man, this is the most articulated ive ever seen a mainline release. Hand like my goodness, makes it perfect for pointing and telling galvatron end of the road. As for the chest, it opens up to show off the matrix chamber, waist rotation exists and beautifully at that legs go back a little bit and forward an absolutely insane amount, like thats, almost obscene, considering how flush it looks otherwise and it features additional articulated hip plating.

So theres no hollow bits and still roam for 110 degrees of outward split. Evidently he is not the van damme though, but thats okay thought rotation exists as well as double jointed knees, all of which function exactly like. I wish the arms would like these legs are. Such a joy to work with and are kind of, the key to a lot of the animations youve. Seen in this, video, like at least three of the transformations thus far have been entirely without rigging, because the legs are just that good and stable and the feet are a big proponent of that too. They go forward quite a bit. They have full tilt range and the toes fold right over meaning. Whatever position you have your leg, the feet are right: there providing a stable base and honestly thats, been nice, makes for great superhero landings, pointing out incoming decepticons, challenging blur to a foot race or pulling off the iconic prime pose. While he leaps through the air. I mean come on hes stolen everything else. Optimus had this isnt, exactly the most sacrilegious thing, hes ever done. Is it so all of that and a bag of chips later and we still havent talked about the accessories he comes with so lets whip out that trailer and talk first off the tank thing still retains its functionality from vehicle mode, except it also has a built In blast shield and handles with full swivel making for a near perfect, g1 toy replica reference in which rodimus can grab a hold and shoot his mobile turret or he can team up with the villain of the week and glass quinta songs.

They all try to escape their clutches. Rademus also comes with a long black rifle. That sort of looks like the two rifles hot rod came with are stuck together, lengthwise, which is actually a feature. The original masterpiece did, however, its molded black with a g1 toy. Somewhat of a shame, as it would have looked, cool and silver like it was a fusion of the two guns from studio series. Hot rod i get the masterpiece is the only time thats ever really been done, though. Otherwise the rifle looks good in its own right. With three millimeter compatibility for the big dupey blue, raspberry omega effects, which also work in the turret, the exhaust effects work here too. If youre in the mood to shoot pollution to people like you, live in alberta and own, a jacked up ford or something. As for the matrix, this is the matrix that can be seen with optimus, hot rod and galvatron, but fun fact its like a file imported from project to project and modified slightly based on a per project basis. As was pointed out to me during the hot rod. Video while they look physically identical aside from color from the front, the differences can be plainly seen in the back with the way the peg is shaped. The matrix chamber is really well detailed, too and picked out in silver. Its almost a shame. You really get to see any of that detail. A third blast effect is given for this release and its the lens flare that clips over top of the matrix, its a lot like the hot rod version, but it is different, both in color and design.

Finally, we come to the last accessory. This is the sword of primus. It has no origin within the g1 cartoon, but rather the regeneration. One comic series: its a really cool sword, design that, unfortunately, can only be used by rodamus, probably optimus, and a slight chance and of the older generations. Figures with the conversational hands could maybe hold it too. Its been designed in a way that only characters with open hands can ever attempt to wrap their hands around because of the way the five millimeter handle has been designed. This is kind of alright, though, as radomus was the only one that wielded the sword in the comic, but if you want to use it for other things, it makes for the perfect ghost eating creature, slayer and the rifle just wont do as for size comparison here. He is next to studio series 86 hot rod, titans return, hot rod, classics, hot rod, worlds, smallest hot rod and yami earthrise optimus, siege, optimus, studio series, prime warfare cybertron prime and core class prime earthrise grapple earthrise, hoist kingdom sideswipe, select, spinout, earthrise blue streak and earthrise Cliff jumper, commander class skylinks, commander class jetfire combiner wars, ultra magnus, siege, ultra magnus 86 grimlock 86 slag siege, springer, 86 rec car 86, blur 86 cup 86 hot rod, generations junk, keep paradron lifeline, takara, legends, rc, kingdom pipes, titans wheelie pack in 86, wheelie and pacquin 86, daniel kingdom, galvatron kingdom, cyclonus, 86 scourge, 86 sweeps earthrise, runabout and earthrise runamak and finally, all the other figures that are the same scale as him in the 133.

132 scale range. So that was kingdom rodimus. He is, without a doubt, a figure and a half. Is he the size of your average voyager? Yes, does he move like your average leader class? Yes, is he worth the commander pricing with that beauty of a trailer? Absolutely no hes, not perfect. Ive had to wrestle with the arms in the really weird way they move quite a few times during the filming of this review, but other than that issue. This is, without a doubt, the best radimus figure theyve ever released. If youre a fan of the character. I assume you already have one, but if youre not, i will admit it is somewhat hard to recommend as a must buy in the sense that hes definitely not cheap ive had more fun. Animating figures like blue streak and cyclonus but thats not to say i didnt – have fun in some parts animating this figure i mean links forward, smash turned out beautifully. In short, someone on the design team really loves this character and it very much feels like theyve put their heart and soul into making the best possible rodimus, and if you have so much as a passing interest in the character. I imagine you probably will like this one too. Once you have it in hand, this has been the lazy, eyebrow Applause Music. Oh im done, i dont want to talk about hot rod anymore. You know how relieving that is. 1700.

No, that was just the review. 2400 photos went into this review im just talking about rhonymus and rodimus isnt, even a character. I, like the toy good, the character, not so much thats, just my personal opinion on that, though i like hot rod, more than i like rodimus, so being able to move on is such a joy. Oh man shout out to jake prime in this video, for reasons. Did good you did good, so, where are we going from here? Well were going to talk about, hopefully not for 2000 photos, this time of kingdom beast wars megatron another highly requested review and uh well well, see if i still like it after the video i liked it when i got it, i kind of like it now well See how we go from here and thats after a diet, review or two because man, this project is just it got away from me. It totally got away from me.