So when i tell you guys that i am living my best life, i mean that i am living my best life. I am currently standing in the most beautiful hotel room or villa. Actually i should say that i have ever been in. I will be having a two night stay at the beautiful five star hotel here in phuket called the shore. Now you guys know that i keep it real on my channel that if anything is given to me for free or if it’s sponsored, i will always state that. So in this particular case i was so very kindly gifted uh this two night free stay. Of course, i will always give you guys my honest opinion about whatever i do or wherever i stay but i’m pretty sure i’m already, pretty sure that this place is getting a 10 out of 10.. So welcome my friends to the award winning luxury pool villa resort called the shore at katathani. They were ever so kind to put me in one of their most stunning rooms called the seaview pool villa romance. This is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a special romantic getaway to celebrate an anniversary or honeymoon, or, if you’re like me, and just want to live your best life what’s, actually really great about this room. Is that there’s, two of everything there’s two sinks? Two double range shower heads, an extra large private bathtub, so you’re definitely not going to be fighting over who needs to use the bathroom first.

It is worth noting that the shore is an adult only hotel and it was actually rated as the most romantic hotel in thailand in 2020 on tripadvisor. The shore does have different levels of villas, but every single one does have a private infinity pool a sophisticated interior design and state of the art amenities. The shore did get its name from its jaw: dropping location of being perched, atop, a secluded cove, overlooking the gorgeous catenoid beach and because you’re up so high, they actually have buggies that you order from your room whenever you want to go to a different location and They’Ll just drive you around the resort, there’s, actually a lot of really beautiful, uh common areas where you can lounge all around the resort. You have some gorgeous pools and also a lot of great restaurants, including the harbor, where i ended up going for high tea. All right friends, we are at high tea and i can’t even put into words how amazing this looks. We have three different tiers where this is kind of the savory section where we have a cheese ball. An open faced tuna sandwich a little pear with prosciutto sort of roll. Some deep, fried cheese, we’ve got some gorgeous looking scones and then on. The top layer is four delicious looking desserts – and this is just such a treat. They have this on a daily basis. From three to five thirty, you can get some great tea or coffee.

In my case, Music, i stand by you when you’re falling when the river is calling Music there’s lots of friendly faces all Music. We Music stand by you, Music, Music, together Music news, flash guys. I’M, officially, officially an instagrammer, because i am doing a floating breakfast in paradise. In other news, i had a superb sleep. Last night the bed was super comfy and what i greatly appreciated is they have two different kinds of pillows like they have one that’s. Actually, you know pretty firm and then another one that’s super soft and you know squishy, so it’s, nice, it’s, nice to be able to you know choose whichever one you want. If you guys couldn’t tell, i am basically in a honeymoon sort of villa because uh there’s, two of everything you know two showers, two sinks to everything. One of me and what’s also really nice about this hotel is they will go above and beyond to cater to any kinds of uh romantic ideas you may have like uh. You know this floating breakfast. It is an extra charge if you want to do this. Sort of thing, but there’s also a lot of people that will ask for a you know: candlelit dinner on the beach or in some of the other beautiful viewpoints that they have here. There is even a wedding chapel, a wedding chapel um at the top of the hill, so this really is the resort for romance. So having said that, uh they do say that self love is the best kind of love.

So i am going to romance myself with a big breakfast. You see this is where an instagram boyfriend would really come in handy. You see, i have to use a clicker let’s see. If i can see this holy. It is heavy. It is heavy, oh god. I hope i don’t spill it. I guess sometimes you do need a man. Okay, i did it success. Oh yeah, look at this Music Music, but it don’t make me happy Music Applause. Oh no it’s raining something that happens almost every day, um, at least in this season. It’S, currently uh the end of april uh. Here in phuket i find that every single day there will be like at least one period of maybe five ten minutes of rain, but then again other days we have had torrential downpour four hours, so it’s always hard to say how long it will last. So you see guys two hours later, the rain is gone, doesn’t even look like it did rain, and i am going to take you on a little tour of some of the other attractions here at the shore Music Music. I know there’s a way as, if i’m being true, i must say that i know what you’re going Music Music will look through on it all with a smile Music. Now it goes down. Music come out Music. The sun is so bright now, Music. Let me show you another place Music up, so that is it friends.

I think i’m going to end off the video here on the shores of kata noi beach. It has been one of the best hotel experiences that i have ever had. So thank you. So much to the shore for having me for these two days. It has been amazing. Now they didn’t ask me to do this, but i will put a link in the description. So if you guys are interested in staying at this amazing hotel, you can just go directly. There check out their rooms. I promise you will not regret it and, as always, thank you guys so much for tuning in i know this was a little bit different style of video than what i usually do.