This is it hold on just give it a moment. I’Ll drive it back. Fly drive fly, fly yeah um. There is me i’m. Looking pretty good today, like michael jackson, good. I can’t fly this drone it’s very hard. Oh, take your drifting okay, let’s let’s! Do this? Okay, let’s i’ll i’ll turn around right turn and now i’m going to aim towards where i want to go, and then i will hold the fly button hey there. I am handsome dude uh. This is the drone with working propellers it i think it’s pretty cool working propellers and it flies like a real drone sort of it can it’s got that originality, the um, what you call it the Music it has its own. It has a mind of its own let’s. Just say that uh, you can see a glimpse of what it looks like underneath, sometimes but it’s a pretty cool drone. It uses a motor, a boat motor to travel and sadly it cannot fly up or down. I want to make a way, so it can just hover, but pistons will show and jets you can’t stay in one place, it’s pretty sad. We need thrusters, but like controllable, thrusters like jet engine thrusters, so we can increase the speed as we go along like a little tab or something so we can go faster, slower, like a real jet, would and then like a middle bit like where it just hovers. You can like put four jets on like a metal plate or something, and then it can just hover yeah also um jet blocks.

No, not jet blocks script blocks um that would be cool, yeah grip blocks. They can give grip. Okay back to the drone, i got a little off track there, so this is the drone it. This is what it looks like out of the ground. It’S, pretty basic it’s just wheels, spinning the propellers just an engine and a servo close engines, don’t work for me. For some reason they just don’t want to work. I guess, but this is it it’s a little platform up here? All this is non collision. It is collision, this is non collision and all this, and so this would all be invisible like now, so it looks like the drone is flying, but, as you can see, none of it is collision this stuff, except for that, but this here um this just keeps It above the level, so it can stay normally and flat um, but for the propellers. What is that? Oh that’s, just uh bad graphics, um. So with the things there is a different one here, as you can see there, the red outline. This is just a normal one in there it’s just like hovering, but here is like the invisible one which keeps it like in place and attached. It’S called beams here just to attach the drone to this. The drone is not a separate object like if we just had this without the gold bar. The drone would just simply fall to the here, and the propellers would just be stuck up here, spinning so that’s how that works.

This is what it will look like when it is not anchored. Look like this. It has some originality. Then, as you can see here, the wheels are spinning there with a little jittering. I guess that’s what you can call it um just press on the chat while holding a button, and it will come to like just spinning by itself. You don’t need to hold the button anymore. If you press the button again, it will stop spinning. So, just keep in mind that you can keep an object moving if you hold the key and press on the chat, and i don’t think children can fix that just like duping, i don’t, really know but yeah. This is basically what it is and how it works. It has its own mind of its own doing its tokyo, drifting, which is pretty epic, except that the bottom shows a bit when it comes out, but what you’re gon na do you can’t really fly up or down with this because yeah jets? I know right but yeah. This is what it looks like to go drifting without the yeah without finger. This is it. It just comes out of the ground like this, and it flies really really fast in circles. I could probably recreate this with. Like a i don’t know, just fly in circles have a wheel down here with a block, invisible block that goes to the ground and another one that just spins it like crazy.

You could go pretty fast with this anyways. That is all for the video i’m going to leave now and work on the next next video it’s going to be pretty epic and basically yeah. This is all like and subscribe don’t forget to turn on notifications, so you do not miss a video anyways. That is all good bye.