So, if you're looking for something as like your first quad, this would be pretty easy to run as your first quad we're going to talk about the components on here. We'Re going to talk about the tune which I am gon na, provide you guys with my own tune for this one, because he came to me as a prototype and it honestly wasn't ready to go out of the box. It had some pretty high numbers in the pits and we'll talk about that a little bit later, but right out of the box, this one was ready to go with an XM plus already installed on here, so that's nice. For my Taranis radio. They have some nice instructions along here, and this also gives you schematic and the layout of your motor combo. Here your receiver setup, you can run everything one here from spectrum to crossfire, which is nice. You have a 400 mil watt ATX on this 1103 motors and those are kind of my microbuses. We spot like I've talked about before 13 AM ESC s, and this is the f4 FD flight controller from HG RC, which I've flown before you get some extra stickers. In the box, which is nice, XM plus manual, these thin little straps, which I really like a lot. These are nice. You get two of those in the box and you get an extra set of jim fan. 2033 props. These are nice little smooth, ultra smooth 2 inch, props, really nice, but what's.

Also cool about this quad is that it does have built in LEDs on the bottom. It has plug and play motors. So if you bust a motor up, you don't have to resolder, you can just plug it back into this bottom plate PDB. So that's – maybe one con about this quad – that there is a bottom plate PDB on here all the way around, and it goes out to front and the sides in the back here where your XT 30 comes off and there's a buzzer in the very front. Right here, I'm, not sure why they would put that in the very front, because it seems like that might be kind of an odd spot for case that bust off the PDB. We have a dipole coming off the back and I'm happy that this one is able to boost up to 400 mil a lot which is really nice. But I have to say this so for now that we have a good tune on here and I'm going to share that with you guys down below I'm gon na put the CLI link down over to Google Documents, and you guys can grab that. But let's go ahead now and let's go outside let's do a little bit flying with this quad and then we'll come back in and we'll give you my final opinion on the motor work, pretty cool release here we go alright guys let's go ahead and get the Motor whoop out to the field it's a nice sunny day, so the camera looks really good.

This is the run cam Nano to on here and right now. This is my first flight and I'm only running 25 milliwatts, so you're gon na see a little bit of static back to my goggles there. This is the DVR recording in my skies. Oh no three o's and it's looking pretty good right off the bat, but I definitely felt like it needed some tuning. It is a good proximity, flyer or freestyle. If you want the 1103 motors on 3 s, 450 it's kind of like the perfect storm for micro process and I'm, I talk about this all the time. I love the 1103 motors plenty of power, but also it doesn't sag the battery too much now right here. Try to do a little bit of stall freestyle, it got some tombow there, so I knew this was definitely gon na need a little bit of tuning the f4 flight controller. The FD series from H, TRC, is actually pretty good and I have flown it before it's, stable and solid plenty of close in proximity capability with this little quad instability mode. If you're a beginner start out there and you can fly it indoors or outdoors, does a nice orbit nice precise, consistent lines with this quad, which is really cool? I feel like I can fly anywhere with this one and it's fairly quiet. If you're worried about noise level, this one's really quiet – and that was a nice move – no watch out there actually doing pretty good and right here, just a little bit of vibes right there on a harder sort of roll there, a flip, but back into these straight Lines looking really good and I just try to power loop here, but I got way more height out of the motors.

Then I was prepared for actually tons of boost there with these 1103 s and you can get around three minutes flight time with a 450 and right here, durability test guys straight into that bowl. Now this is after the Pitts tune and I'm gon na put that Pitts tune down low in the google docs link for the CLI dump. If you guys want to grab that for your moto loop, I changed the numbers completely down from like 80s down to, like maybe even run low, 20s and 30s here for for a lot of PID adjustments. But looking really smooth now, with the new tune on there and ranked 200 milliwatt now you can crank it all the way up to 400 doing pretty good there. It did still have a little bit of tumble there on a hard maneuver and now back out to the field. This was interesting because they set up a fire out here in this debris, pile and it was pretty fun to fly through I'll know if you guys forevers flown through smoke before, but it was kind of a neat experience. Just definitely don't want to drop the quad down in that fire, but I feel like this one is a definitely a good beginner to intermediate quad. The price is somewhere around what you could kind of expect for the components that are on here – and I know the stuff that comes from hgl RC is usually good, it's, reliable and it's going to be a solid purchase.

So I think, put my pidz on there play around with those if you don't, like mine, save your original pit. Alright, guys welcome back from the flight test. Now mine was a prototype, so I had some issues with some tombow right out of the gate flying this one, and if a tiny loop is not tuned properly, it will have all kinds of issues with tumble if the numbers are too high. That means that everything is going to be too sensitive on the flight controller and that's. What happened with this when the numbers were up in the eighties in the pit settings so around 60 to 80 on the pit setting, so everything was extremely high, so it was really sensitive and having a lot of tumble. It was also a little bit windy. The first day that I flew this so pick your pick and choose your days that you're gon na fly this quad. If you want to fly it indoors, it'll fly absolutely perfect indoors. You also have a pretty good amount of tilt. If you want to use my tune and work on some freestyle, this camera will tilt up to about 45 degrees, which is kind of nice. If you're a beginner, I always tell people to bring it down to about, say 10 degrees to start out with and fly fairly straight. You can start out in stability mode and then use this as an acro trainer later on when you don't want to use stabilization.

So there's a lot of good things about this. I feel like it's, fairly tough with the TPU top mount on here. You can take this one apart and get to the stack fairly easily. It does have screws through the very top. These are going to be Phillips head on the great top to release this top plate looks like six screws. All together, we'll bring this top canopy off, and then you can have access to the stack, but I have to say that this is probably uh. The mid range as far as price goes it's around 150. You might be able to get it discounted. I'Ll, try to put a link down below to a CRC's website and to banggood either place. You want to pick this one up. I think it's gon na be a lot of fun when you finally get the retail version it's going to have a nice tune on there so again take it with a grain of salt. This was a prototype to me and had to had to work with it. A little bit but cool quad and yeah, not bad thanks for sending me one hdlr see guys take care and please do click Subscribe and mash that little button for the bail notification. So you get an email when there's a new video coming out be safe, guys.