So first minifigures are spider. Man and vulture got them right here. First off we have spider man. This is a set from no way home and i think it looks just really cool thats that set now. We also have the vulture, which looks really cool hes, also from the nelly homeset and then okay wait keep the video on okay. We also have the springer man with web on. It is a golden web. It just looks awesome like that and thats the bathroom, and here is vulture. I think he looks awesome, hes wearing the giant vulture suit and hes holding a gem in a purple blaster like that and thats with minifigures. Now next off we have the uh spider man. Drone set which at the bottom you can see that big string, spider man holds on to it, and then he can fly away and also along with the copter. They spin like that to make it fly, and you could also open up the hatch like that and then you can put spider man in there so close that up then, on the back. You can pull this panel up and you can see all this stuff and theres also the secret bank, in here with the power source, which is the golden spider, pretty sure, gassy golden spider, guys and close that up this. It also has blasters at the top too. So thats also cool, and then it can also – and this is what it looks like in the mid air guys – it looks awesome so guys if you like this video, make sure to like and subscribe.

I i would rate this set four out of five.