This set is really really weird, so the box says its based off spider man homecoming, but i dont remember this in that movie: do you guys and the spider man suit in the set? Definitely was not from that movie. So im not sure what this is. I assume its something from no way home and they said it was based off homecoming for spoiler reasons or something im, not really sure, but regardless of its place in canon. This is a very interesting vehicle, so clearly its a drone. It has four different spinning blades in each different section. They each come out in their own arms and they have these golden wings. At the end, these look okay, i do like the shaping of it, but it does feel a little bit bare bones. I get that it was a 20 set, so there was only so much they could do there, but i dont know the transition from the body of this build into the wings feels a little bit thin, but then the main body of this vehicle. I do like the overall look. I especially like this part right here. This is gold lacquered, like they used in some monkey. Kid sets and the lacquered parts are really beautiful. I dont think ive seen the specific one before and it looks really good. So this cockpit opens up – and this is where you would put spiderman inside theres – how he looks actually sitting in the vehicle and obviously gon na close that up and then close this up on top of him and that way, hes able to pilot it at the Top you can see theres a sticker part with spider man, symbol on it and then around the back theres this golden black webbing design.

This entire section also moves up. If you look that up theres a crate inside here and pointing that out, theres, this build inside im, not sure exactly what this is supposed to be. It looks like its some kind of mechanical spider, maybe like it, has eight legs and thats the back, but yeah its a very curious piece. Ive, never seen it before, but thats whats stored in that crate theres. Also, this three prong bar piece right here that sort of locks, the crate in place when its up and its got this large gold piece attached to it. You can imagine this is a web for spider man to hang from, like, while the drones gliding, but when you dont have spider man down there. This sort of just gets in the way, so its probably best to just remove that part. Theres two stud shoes with trans, yellow studs on the top and some cover pieces on the side and then around the front theres, the sticker piece that looks like it has some spider eyes as a whole. This build is very strange. I think its a fine build. The colors are definitely very interesting and i can imagine myself having some fun with it, but i dont know it. Doesnt really do it for me, but the other parts of the set are far far more interesting. So lets take a look at them, so the other main build of this set is these wings for vulture im going to take a look at them here, instead of with the minifigures, because i feel like it just makes more sense, because theyre so big – and these Are fantastic: they like perfectly capture the look of vultures wings from the spider man, homecoming movie and theyre, just big and elaborate, and detailed and theyre just fantastic.

So you can bend them forward or bend them back and then the individual feather like bits at the end. Can also be moved, so you can make the wings flap if you want theres, also these large rotors on the sides. These are on ball joints, so they can also be moved a little bit as well as turned around to like change his direction, and this is the waves look from the back, which is honestly still pretty decent. I especially like the stickered piece in the middle. It just adds a nice little bit of detail, because the backs of builds usually dont have that much detail so thats a nice touch, but yeah as a whole. I think this figure is awesome. They did him so well and even though these wings are big and exaggerated, i really love how they look. I think they did a really great job here. Moving now to the minifigures, we have spider man and obviously we have vulture this spider man minifigure might be the best spider man minifigure of all time, like weve gotten, some really good ones recently, like the what, if one was great but man, this figure is fantastic. The level of detail on the torso is crazy, like theres, so many intricate little gray lines underneath gold and it all comes together to look super nice hes got arm printing as well, and the gold on top of the black just looks super good. I think the legs are where this figures liking most.

You really could use side, leg, printing or dual molding or both, because if they had that there, this would be the perfect minifigure, but dang does he come pretty close because golden black is just such a cool color scheme, and the design of this, too, is just Fantastic, like i love this figure, the settles comes gold webs, which are interesting. These sets of web pieces have come in plenty of spider. Man sets in the past few years, but i believe this is the first one. Theyve come in gold, so obviously this is the build they tell you to make in this set with the web shooting out like this, but you also get all the other web pieces in gold. If you want to have the web shoot out in your own way, but yeah this spider man minifigure, is fantastic and probably one of my favorite minifigures of the year just as a whole, just so so good. So intricate, so detailed in the color scheme is just great. I love this figure and i really hope to see this suit in the no way home movie, because it looks fantastic. Vulture 2 is a really really great minifigure. I love how they designed him, so i believe this face mask is from lego city originally, but it works really well here and i love the helmet and everything the torso design is great too, with like the aviator jacket, and you can see it comes with a Stud shoe in one hand, and then a purple jam in the other.

This helm was really interesting, so you could flip up just the visor or you can take the helmet off completely and the mask is a neck attachment which you have to remove separately. But with that removed, you can see a bit of his face. Underneath hes got his iconic bright green eyes, and the head itself is gunmetal gray around the back. He has two studs and thats what you attach the wings to, but with that removed, you can see his alternate face as well as the back torso print, and you can see with that alternate face. It shows this entire face. Not just its mouth really love the back torso print too. The olive green is such a cool color, and it all just like really captures this character super well and if youre curious heres how he looks with his head gear on with his alternate face. So, overall, would i recommend this set. I think i definitely would yeah well the main model of the set isnt fantastic, its still fine and at least has cool parts and cool colors. But the minifigures here are really what brings its home just talking about vulture, both as a minifigure and as the wing build like hes, just fantastic. The wings are super well done, and just so much fun and the minifigure, like perfectly captures the character from the movie and the spider man. Minifigure is fantastic. Super unique right like not spider, mans, typical colors, but the color scheme they chose, looks excellent and the level of detail with arm printing and everything its amazing that this guy only comes in a 20 set.

So if youre a fan of spider man, i highly recommend you pick this one up, because it is really great, but those are just my thoughts. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below. If you enjoyed this video, please press like subscribe.