Norway home sets the trio of sets that lego was released earlier this year or earlier this month, which i didnt get to, but i know i have to now, because the movie is a couple weeks upon us im excited a lot of people are excited. I cannot wait to see it lets continue the hype by looking at these sets. So last time we did the sanctum workshop. So now we are going to be looking at spider, mans drone duo. Now these trio of sets have a different spidey suit, because in no way home spider man will be wearing three different suits, one of them being the one he made his classic one that he made from far from home and the other one being this one. The black suit, which we now know which he will be using to fight electro and in the sanctum workshop, set hes wearing the ultimate suit which hell probably be wearing in the third act or the final battle, which is the integrated suit, thats, really nice. Now i cannot, i cannot believe this set when i came when it first came out because i was like the new suit looks great, but why does he have a massive drone holy crap? That was a big drone and we finally have mcu vulture as a minifigure, but god damn look at the vultures glider. That is absolutely massive. He has a set of his own. He would be a great polybag set.

He would not even need to be a minifigure hes, a set of his own. His glider is massive, so lets get right to it. Lets start by looking at spider, mans uh, big, very big drone. First um yeah im changing up the style of the reviews. As you can probably tell, but look at this, this is absolutely bonkers for rotors makes sense for drone. You know uh a drone that i guess spidey can pilot or someone else. I guess like papi or i dont know someone can pilot it themselves. So its not remote controlled because, as some drones are, they are controlled somewhere else isolated away from the actual drone. But this one is, i guess you can actually sit in it and control it, because this opens up and reveals a drivers seat which you can sit inside um, very nice golden piece here. I very much enjoy this. This is a nice very nice piece and color uh nice printing on the front using the nexo knight shield piece, stud shooters on the top here, of course, uh on the back. We got a big little big old flap here, nothing thats its got. The stickers got the stickers on the sides or on the arms here. If you will as well – and i think that looks really nice so this this this black and gold color scheme is honestly really really good. I particularly enjoy it now theres a big piece of string here, and i guess this is the idea.

This is for spider man to just hook onto it. You know just have this dragon as hes chasing vulture or something just having swing on it, and i guess thats okay, but when youre not putting sparrow also, this is a very tough material. So its really hard to get sparring standing holding this without like on a non lego stud surface. So you need to attach them to a stud on a base plate or something because this will force your figure to topple over because its just such a strong resistance material. So there is that um, but overall this drone looks way oversized, but it has great design. It has a great color scheme, great color combination as well. I do like how they include these fins and have them inverted inwards, so just to make the overall shape look unique. I guess – and i think that thats honestly pretty nice – i like that. I like that. A lot oh and, of course, the spider man symbol sticker, i kind of uh uh tin. Stick it straight up. This is why i hate lego stickers, but uh yeah. You know what thats fine so thats. The drone not bad, definitely wont see this in the movie. For sure, but okay, its a great set, its a great build for sure so now for before we look at vulture lets look at the spider man figure first. This is gon na, be the suit that well see him use to fight electro now, im, not sure.

If hell shoot golden webs like he is here but uh based on the trailer it looks like he has some strange doctor strange has made him this special modified, unique webs that when he shoots them, i guess they shoot like little teleporting things that would send the Villains back into the prisons that strange created or something like that i dont know because in the trailer we see uh spidey in the suit and hes like and you see like doctor stranges orange rings emits from his arms like a source as a sorcerer himself. So um, i dont know how i feel about this. I guess well find him when we see him in action in the movie, but this is okay, im not saying its bad, but its okay. Its me, i do like the color scheme, like the drone, the mixture of golden and black, very nice. It gives a whole new dimension to the overall look of this, and i mean it gives. This is technically spider, mans black suit, without it being venom, because in the tobey maguire universe, his black suit came from venom, so yeah theres that so very its not my favorite spider man suit, but it looks, it still looks pretty its pretty solid thats thats good. Now, for this i dont even know, if i should call this a minifigure or not vulture, here his gli, i mean in the the mcu vulture he like he, he he is supposed to have these oversized colors, because hes crafted it to be like that with, like Propellers on ball joints because holy crap uh, so that means articulation ones.

You can definitely move this guy, like you, can move the feathers as well oops. If you want to create, i guess you want to make a more realistic, gliding. Okay, everything is just falling. A realistic gliding motion and you can do that these are all stickers by the way. Every single one of these pieces here are stickers. Very nice, very nice prints on it very nice, but these things just went out of control when i just saw these uh these uh propellers as well. I was like okay thats just now. That means, of course, standing this figure up. Youre gon na have to like fold the propellers in or actually try to like fold them in a little because he will not be stable. He will not be a strong figure. Nor can you attach him really well on uh on the surface, as you can see, is a couple. He is way off the ground here, so there is that all right in terms of the actual figure you cant take him off, thankfully, and its actually done its really easy too its just this uh transparent piece slap it on there and then just take out the Whole glider, then you just have vulture by himself. He does have a stud shooter crystal here. Is his uh helmet that a breathing tube at and then you can see a maskless one with the michael keaton face on it, theres that and yeah very good vulture figure.

I like it, i found it ridiculous that this glider is this massive but its fine. I i guess that what that is what makes vulture vulture now based off the comics. I dont think this is what vulture looks like im, pretty sure hes a lot more. I think hes waiting well, were they natural wings, were they naturally grown or were they also mechanically uh marvel fans or comic book experts? Can you please tell me what vulture is uh in the comics? Are his wings like the mcu one robotically built with stony stoney with tony stark tech? I dont know okay and then the last thing were gon na look at before we wrap up. The review, of course, is the box itself. So here is the box. I think this is a if im, not if i remember currently its a 24 set, so not bad uh, inspired by marvel studios, spider man homecoming, of course thats where vulture is from this set, is a line from no way home but anyways heres a picture of Spidey its by logo, with the minifigures set 76 195 198 pieces. Let us look at the back heres, the back: oh thats, a very nice shot of spidey, leaping at vulture as hes trying to fly back so that looks solid. That is the box these. These the set and the sanctum set they have some good box, art okay. So that being said, that is uh my overall thoughts kind of a unexpected set.

This is the way youre gon na get the the electro anti electro spidey suit, vulture great great. To finally have him very big, lighter, really appreciated. The drone looks pretty good, even though well never see the light of the day of it, but it still looks pretty good. This is, i guess, the concept of this is to actually not spoil anything. The fact that like well see electro eventually, so i i get the concept of this set its good dont, think about this set just for the accuracy of the canon, just think of it as a set and, ultimately, a toy for kids to play. So i give this a 8 out of 10., pretty pretty good um the way vulture was handled, even though, with that oversized glider, it was still easy to take him off and just have him as a minifigure. Now i do wish we do. We had um a completely helmet less face of vultures. We just have him when hes, not in his battle gear. I think that would be definitely benefit that a lot. So that being said, that is pretty much it for this set.