Ive purposely left this review a week, so people had time to watch it before i went ahead and talked about it further, but that just goes without saying. If you havent seen the film yet or care about spoilers, i will be talking about spoilers in this video as ill be going through the whole film and what i did and didnt like about it. And what this means for lego, as i feel like theyve, got a fair few things to make decisions on now. First thing i want to say about this movie, though, is that, unsurprisingly, i loved it almost more than i thought i would have now thats not to say that it doesnt have its problems, because it does and well get into that. But in my opinion, all the decisions made in tom hollands rendition of the spider man character have been great, and the decision making of this film really does solidify the decisions theyve made in the previous films showing that, even though this version of spider man is definitely Different from other renditions, he is still his own spider man and deserves that mantle just as much as his other predecessors, andrew garfield and toby maguire, so lets jump into this. The first thing im going to mention during this review are the things i didnt like about. The film because most of them do happen around the beginning, half of the film. The film does pick up exactly where we left off from far from home, with mysterio, releasing the footage about who spider man is, and we go through a sequence of great shots.

Explaining a little bit more about how tony starks drones have been deactivated, so edith from the previous film is now offline. How peter is dealing with the accusations that hes killed, mysterio and even public opinion is changing on the whole spider man name and all throughout this montage. A wonderful voiceover from jk simmons, j, jonah jameson brought back to reprisas role and although i would have loved to see him do more in this film, i did love all of the scenes that he was in and heres honestly, the best and worst part about this Film, for me, after this excellent opener to the film, we immediately see matt murdock and he slows the pacing right down by basically saying that he has cleared peter of all charges and when i first saw this in the cinema, i reacted the same as everybody else. By saying, finally, they acknowledge the mcu netflix series, meaning hopefully we can get some more cameos in the future. But then i thought about it a little bit more and i actually hate this scene and im really glad that matt murdock has been put into the mcu. Officially and is still once again played by charlie cox, but i would have loved to see peter on trial or against government officials that want to put him away for killing mysterio im, not 100, how your justice system works over in america, but i would have loved To see peter actually have to make conversation about killing, mysterio and charlie cox, defending him like in an episode of the first season of daredevil, where he was defending someone for killing in self defense.

These questions of good and evil as important as they are, have no place in a court of law. Only the facts matter. My client claims he acted in self defense, the only other witness a frightened young woman has stated that my client was pleasant and friendly and that she only saw the struggle after it started. Those are the facts based on these and these alone the prosecution has failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that my client was not acting solely in self defense and those, ladies and gentlemen of the jury are the facts. This way we could have led from the joke of you, need a lawyer jump cut straight into this type of a scene, and then we could have had a slow reveal that matt murdock was finally getting introduced in this series, as peters defense attorney. This could have led to matt murdock winning the case, showing the audience that havent watched. The netflix series that matt murdock is a very good lawyer would have dropped the mysterio killing charges, but also would have kept the public opinion in the wrong for people who liked mysterio and then going into the same scene that we got from the film where they Were gathered on the table and a brick comes flying through the window and its upsetting to me that five minutes of extra run time could have potentially been a much better scene for the introduction of matt murdock into the mcu, and it also fixes the problem.

I have with the opening of this film, which is the mysterio stuff and the alleged killing of him, which they kind of seem to brush under the rug. I mean theres, no hints or anything to mysterio coming back in norway, home but im under the firm belief that i think mysterio is still alive and the whole fake death thing seems a bit pointless when you realize that 10 minutes into no way home it didnt Really matter all that was there to establish in doing that was the fact that mysterio reveals peters identity well and public outrage, which the extended scene, i feel, would have done much better than the one we got in the film. But moving on to a bunch of filler content that basically establishes that peters having a hard time and he cant get into mit, which seems to be a bigger problem than killing mysterio. But hey enough about that rant. And thankfully, this is where the film starts to do a? U turn and actually get really good. Peter goes to visit doctor strange and, as you know, from the trailers, we all know that he does the spell, and this scene plays out fantastically tom. Holland and benedict cumberbatch know how to play off each other very well during these scenes. But from here we go to the famous bridge battle which we really wanted to see in lego, but unfortunately, that new polybag just turns out to be the tower bridge fight and not the bridge fight.

Something i believe, lego were fully aware about purposely bamboozling us, because i do feel like theyve got something up their slave, but more on that in a bit we get to the wonderful doc ock versus iron spider scene, which is a great fight sequence, and they both Seem to be fighting each other out of pure confusion rather than ill intent, which leads to a very comedic scene underneath the bridge where using the iron spider suit, peter gains controls over doc, ocks arms. Honestly, i think lego would be silly not to make sets on this film, and i also think that this is a prime candidate for giving us doc, ock iron, spider and green goblin again in a set this one wouldnt even have to be that big. It would just have to be a tiny bit of bridge with the three minifigures. This could be as cheap as 35 pounds if they wanted it to be. However, i know we have a 100 set coming up and i could see this being the bridge battle, but i would not like to have only three minifigures that were significant to the scene. I definitely want more, and i hope that lego would give us as many minifigures from this film as possible, but theres definitely an easier way to do that which well talk about again later and one thing ive not seen anybody else mention which i really do love In the attention to detail in this scene, we all know that alfred molinas doc ock when the arms are in control.

The centerpiece of the eye is red. When auto octavius is in control, they change back to a white, but nobody has noticed that, when peters in control the eyes change to a blue color, i dont know why spider man blue, i guess a fun detail that i dont think anybody else has noticed and Might i say considering that i believe 99 of this to all be cgi, including the aging effect on alfred molina. I believe all the de aging effects in this film look really good and from basically somebody who does similar things in terms of cgi im, usually quite good at spotting it when its bad, and i must say that this is a vast improvement over other things, that Ive seen from other franchises, but moving on peter, has now been tasked by doctor strange to capture the other related spider man, villains that have popped over to our universe, starting with electro. Now the electro fight, in my opinion, is relatively good, even though, like most of these fight scenes, its very short lived, no real explanation was given why electro went from a blue color back into jamie foxx, but i think this was actually purposely done as they make A joke about it later on in the film, but just a couple of things i want to say about this scene sandman. I dont understand why hes all sand for this film as far as im aware thats, not how his powers worked in spider, man, 3 and one simple line of just saying, hey, im stuck in san form, could have fixed that whole situation.

For me, maybe there was a line like that and i just missed it, but ill look out for that line. When i next go for a re watch, i really like the cgi in this scene and as much as the lightning effects have been terrible all over the posters. Clearly, the people doing it on the film have done a much better job at making. It look realistic and i love the fact that the black and gold suit is just the red and black suit inside out which, by the way, i was totally correct on in my predictions. Video and one thing i just want to bring up about the integrated suit – that is also the red and black suit, meaning the three sets we got from lego no way home, even though its technically inspired from the other films all of the three spider man figures. We got are all the same suit, which i just thought was an interesting tidbit of information and again, i think this scene would be good to give us as a nice cheaper set, but unfortunately i dont see that happening as id. Much prefer electro in his nicer suit with the arc reactor from the end of the film, but you never know lego might be able to work with something here, just reusing that black and gold suit they gave us in the vulture wing set back in october. Then we get a scene with the green goblin and i love this scene where he breaks the mask and it reminisces the same shot type used from the spider man scene, where he leaves the mask at the dumpster really trying to make the audience believe that when Hes at feast he is norman osborne and not the goblin in disguise.

This scene would look great as a polybag as it would be a nice small set of a dumpster and an original green goblin minifigure with maybe arm printing and side leg printing. To give us an updated version of that figure, with a new helmet mold and all before he gets his new look in the next scene, a polybag which i dont think is very likely. If theyre going to do some form of bridge battle scene, though, then we get the sequence with doctor strange and spider man having a fight and him explaining that he doesnt really understand about the multiverse just yet, and then we get the money shot, the shots for All the trailers – and i like that this scene had a purpose doctor strange trying to trap spider man in the mirror dimension, but it backfiring on him rather than just having a nice money shot for all of the trailers and not really doing anything with it. Also being able to include doctor strange but not having him ex machina, the ending of the film with wizard powers and also giving spider mans decisions more meaning in this film, and this leads right into a slowdown of pacing, where peter tries to quote unquote fix. All of the bad guys i like that. The bad guys in this film are so hesitant to follow peters word and i let her even questioning it before green goblin, but right before we get to one of the best scenes.

In my opinion, something i was confused about in the film and again, i will look at it on my second viewing of this film. When norman was operating, the fabricator did he make a vial of green goblin juice and thats. What allowed the goblin to come out in the next scene, or was that the anti serum that he was meant to get at the beginning and goblin just showed up before defoe could get given the anti serum. Let me know in the comment section below, as i genuinely didnt understand what i was looking at, whether i was looking at a vial of green goblin juice or whether that was the antidote to the green goblin juice. I wasnt sure if it was a pacing issue or me just being dumb. I like that doc gets this redeeming moment where the inhibitor chip is fixed and its done very reminiscent of how the original tobey maguire spider mans looked. The stylizing in this film is great, and that comes full circle into something well talk about at the end now, one of the best scenes in this whole film for me, is the spider sense scene, and everybody knows what im talking about when i say that, right Before the showdown of green goblin getting discovered in the apartment, there is the scene of spider, mans spider, sense activating, and, i must say, i think, its the best depiction of spider sense, weve, seen on screen and really puts you in the shoes of spider.

Man really feeling that something is wrong with all the audio going into distilled wine, and his first reaction is telling mae to get out of the room. Then we get to the best fight scene between spider, man and green goblin. I think ive seen it beats tobys. One hands down and with every punch that tom holland throws at him. This smile just gets bigger and bigger on normans face another reason: i actually think that taking away the mask from william defoe was a good decision rather than a bad one, and we get to the biggest moment throughout this film, which i believe is ant mays death And the introduction of the other spider man, i was genuinely surprised when aunt may died. I had no idea, it was coming and im thankful. I stayed off youtube because it was the first thing spoiled for me when i refreshed my page, because im sure a lot of other people were surprised. The fact that aunt may died. I honestly believed it toby and andrew were in this film that it was going to be toby that gave the with great power comes great responsibility, line or hell. I was expecting robert downey jr to show up in terms of like a hologram effect like he did in endgame, to give a very similar speech that aunt may does, showing that even dead im, the hero could be a more meaningful way of confirming those glasses were. Definitely for peter and far from her at the same time is giving him the iconic line, but the fact that aunt may does it just means so much more tom hollands acting is fantastic in the scene and im really glad they didnt mess this line up and Make it something really cringy and therefore so meaningless, and the fact that she then dies is incredible.

Im so surprised that marvel had the balls to do that on screen, considering that the trope is usually uncle ben dies, and he gives that same line now, we dont know what happens to uncle ben for all. We know that could get brought up in the freshman year and he could have just died normally, and i think that would honestly make maes death a bit more impactful, because aunt may is taking the spot of uncle ben in this scene. And if im honest, im really happy, she nailed this scene and they pulled the direct quote out of the comic books, but moving on this is the scene where the toby and andrew garfield cameo come in, confirming those films are technically mcu. Now i guess and andrew garfield once again nails this scene. He comes in first. I really like that. Theres still the andrew garfield sarcasm he gives with every line, but theyve toned it down a fair bit so hes not as sake as he was in the amazing spider man. One or two toby maguire gets introduced in the same way, and i would have liked to toby maguire to be introduced in a different way. As as soon as ned opened the portal, it was predictable to see toby maguire there as well, and i would have loved to see him introduced in a different way to andrew garfield. Instead of the same portal trick. The rest of the film is basically pure fan, service and thats, not necessarily a bad term.

Theres good fan service and theres bad fan service. This definitely leans more towards the good fan service side of things. We have the lab scene where they all point at each other. We have the back jokes and them all teaming up at the end to fight the bad guys. Another problem i had, though, was id love to see a bit more time with these villains, similar to how we saw william defoe chat with the goblin mask before he went into feast, i would have loved to see how electro used that arc reactor to basically build Himself, his new suit and just give a bit more character development to him. As i really believe this electro is miles better than the one that we saw in amazing spider. Man 2. id love him to come up if they were ever going to do an amazing spider man 3. With this new attitude granted, i wouldnt want him to be the main bad guy, but definitely a cameo would be very good. One thing again: i kind of didnt like about this film, but it was executed very well, which was all these enemies were relatively easy to fight for all three spider men. But then again it would be theyre all three spider men, two of them being very experienced with these types of villains. Before i dont know, maybe i just wanted the fight scene to last a bit longer. I dont know i just felt like some of these incarnations had bigger stakes in their own films, and i dont even really remember sandmans motivation to even working with these bad guys.

As soon as he saw toby maguires spider man, he should have just been like yo we cool right, which is what he did at the beginning of the film i dont know. Maybe he just didnt see that there were three spider men. I would have much rather tam man would have helped them similar to how doc ock does with electro at the end, but im glad green goblin almost was the main enemy towards the end. With the shield crashing down blowing up the box, which means the spell got out, which means doctor strange, is gon na, be distracted with the spell meaning its up to peter parker. To really do the main fighting in this scene and the fact that tom holland doesnt really hold back until toby mcguire gets in the way truly does show that with great power does come great responsibility and not to repeat tobys, same mistakes that he made during his Run as spider man – and you can really see this lesson being told through just their eye contact, it doesnt need to be explained and overall, its a fantastic scene, one that clearly meant a lot for peter, because his ending spell that makes everybody forget who he is Really does mean a lot for the spider man character and actually is the same thing that happens at the end of one more day. The comic that this film is based on well at least a similar situation and the scene of him buying coffee with mj and him making that decision that his friends are actually better off without him really does mean a lot and tom holland portrays that decision again Beautifully through just his eyes alone and the end scene, with peter parker getting himself an apartment which may or may not be the next mock series.

Hint hint really just goes to show that this character has matured over the last three films and him going out in his brand new spider man, outfit inspired from other peoples, outfit which again, i do believe to be a modified version of the red and black suit, Showing that even his suit has evolved throughout this film and the film ends with him swinging through new york city as your friendly neighborhood spider man in a very similar location to the end of hawkeye, i would love to see these two crossover in the final episode Of hawkeye, but i dont think itll happen. I just want more on screen time of this new suit. I think the metallic blue looks really really nice and cant wait for lego to mess this figure up entirely, and that leads me on to my final point. I dont understand what legos going to do in this situation. I think its likely that well see most, if not all, of the figures represented in no way home sets coming up in the future. I think were going to get updated versions of the andrew garfield suit and the toby maguire suit, which is going to be odd, because the only time theyve released, those for toby maguire was 2004 to 2006. Time and andrew garfield has only ever had one figure, and that was a comic con exclusive, which theyre now going to have to remake as thats that same suit, so theyre going to have to make that figure very different, if not better than the comic con one.

So owners of that comic, con figure, dont feel like itll, go down in value too much, but then lego have stated that they dont really care about aftermarket value, so they might just go ahead and re release a very similar looking figure. I dont think it will be exactly the same. I think that were going to get dual moulded legs and printed arms, but it wouldnt surprise me if the head and the torso are the same, if not very similar. Also, we know the symbiote suit is coming because the symbiote was left behind by tom hardy at the end credit scene of this film. Another figure that lego has only ever made in a comic con exclusive, which im very happy to be getting these figures again. But they definitely need to make some decisions, as i feel, like those owners of those figures, are going to complain if its similar looking to the ones they got back in comic con, but needed updates. In my opinion, we know of at least two sets that are kind of big price brackets that are going to be superhero sets one being a hundred dollars, one being 500. I would love to see a 100 bridge battle and a 500 statue of liberty fight, but i think theres going to be a lot more sets in between there. I think it would be silly for lego not to do this and when i think well see them is probably around the march time, as i dont believe lego would have seen other concept art for this film same as other toy companies.

So i reckon theyre probably seeing this at the same time as everyone else and then fast tracking sets into production, which means well start probably seeing norway home sets again in march and beyond sets that dont worry. I will be posting on this channel as a lot of the content for the first half of next year will be spider man based, but more on that in a future video id love to hear about what you guys thought of this film. In the comment section below im, not sure where it ranks in my top 10 ill have to see the film two or three more times before i make that judgment all. I know from first reaction that its definitely up there and i cant wait to see more from tom holland or even potentially andrew garfield or toby maguire in future spider man projects. If you want to see a small mock, i made about spider man as were going through the mcu spider man. Films, building, mocks right now, click the screen, its a six part multi part series in one video as its a nice small mock im. Sure you guys will love it. So click the screen.