If you live here, if youre just passing through make sure to check them out, theyre on the far far east side right off the loop on saragoza, you cant miss them all right guys before we jump into this, make sure you hit that like button, if youre Enjoying these videos subscribe to the channel hit the notification bell, so you dont miss one were doing a big giveaway once we hit our next subscriber milestone of 150k and were giving away a deja thors, premium format statue by sideshow stay tuned to the end of the Video ill give you more details on the giveaway and man. This box is enormous. This is a huge box, a beautiful art box though, and then we have the styrofoam underneath, as you can see, there are two layers, its held together with straps and with tape. So you know its serious. It feels like its ready to bust out any moment as soon as they lift those straps up so lets get this thing on the floor. Well, uh remove the top layer and see whats inside so you know were in trouble when it comes with an instruction assembly. Booklet, helpful uh. Actually you know what it wasnt that helpful. Those little gun pieces were super hard to figure out but uh better than nothing. I guess so there we go take off the straps and the tape lets go ahead and lift that top layer off and man theres a ton of pieces here.

So theres guns guys a lot of guns for those little mysterio drones. So i believe there are six for each of the drones and theyre okay, i mean they feel kind of like plastic, um, theyre well sculpted. They have some intricate details in there. They all have magnets and um. They all have like this dull kind of shine to it. The yellow is the light above the room there. Then we have these four missiles with large plumes of smoke behind it. These are actually pretty cool and theyre coming from one of those drones as well. So not only do they have guns, but theyre shooting out these big huge missiles as well. So this is the second out of four and theyll continue to get larger as they go along. I like how it goes from the white and yellow to the darker gray. Heres, the third one here and then the final one, which is the biggest one. So those add a lot to this piece. They really give you that 3d coming at you effect, oh and hey more guns. So these seem to have like a long magazine and more guns, these kind of reminded me of more of like a cannon type of turret gun and more so, i think, thats, all of them a lot of guns for these drones. These are also pieces of those drones. They give me star wars vibes. They have that kind of dirty battle, damaged, white armor.

You can see it ripped apart in places and then here is one of the drones. So these not only have weapons but also help cast mysterios illusions: the battle damage there is pretty gnarly big key there. You can see the fans underneath which allow it to fly. I like the white but a hint of blue on those. This is the bigger one which spider man actually keys into via that hole there. So you can see itll key in, but also his peg will go through this drone into the base so same great detail on the little drone. I like it a lot all right. We have a power supply with a usb cable, so were going to have some serious light up function on this statue. Bottom layer, you got spider man in the bass. The bass is enormous. Well, look at that in a second spider. Man is just one solid piece. No seams great dirty kind of weathering on the costume textures look amazing its kind of hard to even get in focus. You can see the wrapped kind of leather texture on his wrist super long, peg, huge quarter, scale spidey in one piece. You got the mcu spider man logo. On the back. I love how you can see the dirt. I was really impressed by that tread on the bottom of the shoe and the base. I cant believe this base. Is this one huge piece you have that smoke monster on the bottom looping around and you can see the illusion being crafted in the interior portion.

This is all via holograms and such from those those two drones or more. The billowing smoke looks great. I love the presence of the base, its really crazy, that that they made this one piece, but i guess they had to for that light up function. Speaking of the light up function, lets turn off the lights here, hit the button wow man like the thumbnail says. I think this statue has the best light up feature in the hobby easily. I love how its kind of running through going from teal to pink, and it really shows like the geometric shapes of the sculpted portion, but the running light to me just takes this to a whole another level wow man, thats impressive. I wasnt expecting that before we get into the unboxing and review a quick word from our sponsor street level. Hero slhla.com has exclusive variants with new drops every tuesday and thursday. They just released this spider man, 30 10th anniversary miles morales. Amazing spider man 300 cover homage by tyler kirkham. You can save ten percent off of this and any item on the store by using the code gem mint at checkout, just like their sister site, thats spider man, booth, dot com, who has thirty dollar mystery boxes, youre guaranteed five comics of retail value and one of Those lucky boxes is going to have their gp, their giveaway prize, which is this amazing, spider. Man, 4 cgc, 9.8. The first appearance of silk use the same code gemint to save 10.

Every time you buy a box there, and this round ends on september 15th. All right so lets try to do the assembly here so were gon na put in one of the pieces of the drones and heres me failing at getting all those guns into place. I mean the instructions didnt really help. Honestly, it was very hard to figure out what goes where i guess lets try these guns on the bottom here. These seem a little bit easier. So put those pieces i mean see, the problem is some pieces fit when they shouldnt well try to get the drone on here? Okay, i guess thats right! Ah, forget it all right guys. You know what i had to turn the camera off and figure out this assembly uh on my own. It was kind of awkward to film anyway, because a lot of these gun pieces were directly on top. It was kind of difficult to figure out which gun piece went to which slot the missiles were a little bit difficult, but we ended up getting it together and man. What an impressive piece so, first of all the price on this guy retails, 10.55 1055. shipping is kind of expensive, even from sideshow, because the box is so humongous. They use that dimensional weight rather than the regular weight. I heard upwards of like 300 dollars to ship domestically, but this is an extremely impressive piece very dynamic and got ta have one of, if not the best light up features in any statue that ive ever seen.

I love that kind of pulsating running light from the blues to the teals to the pinks. That looks awesome, uh and the piece itself is just super impressive. First of all, lets get the dimensions. It looks like the tallest point is one of these guns on the top, so just shy of 23 inches tall. As far as width i mean the footprint itself, i mean its only like an 11 inch wide base, but he sticks out so much further with this big, like plume wrapping around so about 14 inches wide and depth is about about 16 inches deep. So much going on on this piece, i love the base. I couldnt believe that it was just all one big piece with this big swoosh here its this cloud. Mysterios monster with this face and sharp teeth uh that hes generated using technology which is whats going on with the inside of the the cloud it kind of reminds me of like the animus from assassins creed. You got all these turrets and drones that are being destroyed. The great battle damage, like you, guys, have seen all the guns poking out and spider man leaping through heroically, seemingly coming right out of the statue right to you. It looks great. He has so much texture on him and uh weathering as well. You can see like dirt black marks throughout his body, so hes uh hes in battle hes, showing some damage that hes not squeaky, clean, typical spider man pose you got that leg kicked out hes kind of punching down while hes flying through this hole.

Here the drone in the back shooting off these four missiles just adds so much excitement to this statue like really three dimensional coming right at you, and i really enjoy the light up feature and the way that it plugs in. If youre gon na display this, you can easily just keep it plugged in it, just has a little button on the back uh and it wont you wont, have to worry about battery corrosion or things of that nature. Awesome statue, let me know what you guys think about it in the comments down below like i said we got a giveaway going on for our next subscriber milestone of 150k and were giving away the deja thors premium format by sideshow. All you got to do is be subscribed, leave a like and comment below once we reach the milestone. Well, go live pick a random video where i promoted the giveaway and use a random youtube comment generator to draw a worldwide winner.