I don’t know i just haven’t posted. Why i don’t know what? If what, if you know, people missed you? Why why you haven’t posted, i don’t know where you been at. I don’t know you’ve been lost, no i’ve been i’ve, been you’ve, been busy doing homework. Yeah i’ve been busy training and doing this thing. Okay. So what you got for us today and i’ve been also doing school? Oh okay, so, okay! So so this is a spider man drone, as you can see, from the propellers. So these so basically a spider man drone you can find this at t.j.maxx. I believe was that cj maxx yeah it was not tj maxx. So, basically, you can find these it’s in a box it’s in a spiderman box, clear box, and the drone itself looks like this, so i played with it a little bit. I just i just got it yesterday, that’s. Why it’s not in the box, i can go. Bring the box, but not right now so here’s, what it looks like on the back. You will see a little flat surface with the charger hole and the on and off button, and as soon as you turn it on, you just have to wait like a few seconds and they’ll start, the propellers will start going really fast and when the propeller is Like that means it’s dead, so you have so you have to like um charge it or else you will never be able to play with it, and it takes a little bit when you charge it.

The light comes on, and also when you turn on the light comes on, so you won’t really be getting confused that much so basically you’re just gon na plug it in don’t turn on when you plug it in just plug it in this little hole right there And then so is that recommendable for kids of all ages? So it says ages of 6, but it’s not really it’s, not so it’s, basically not recommended for for, like kids, that don’t have like so it’s, basically not like recommended for, like um six year olds or like five year olds that don’t have like training so like I i bought a drone before i didn’t work because i flew it over into my neighbor’s house. So basically it did work. You just didn’t know how to fly it yeah, it did work. I just didn’t want it. So i returned it. So i had a little training that day, so that was only like a minute: okay, so i’m, not actually going to show you how to fly this thing. So first you have to notice that here’s the remote by the way there’s no buttons. The only button is the on and off button. You press it once that is a button yeah, so you only press it one time that means there’s one button yeah, so you only press it one time to turn on and you press it two times to turn off so basically it’s a bit.

So basically, it doesn’t have any buttons, so you guys are probably thinking, then, how do you control it? Where is like the real remote? Well, this is the real remote. Well, you can only control it. This might sound weird, but all drones are controlled with the remote, but this one you can control with your hand. So basically, it has a little laser right there, a little laser and then it detects your hand and then, when it detects your hand, it’s going to start going up and up and up and their propellers also help more because the propellers are shooting down and it’s. Basically, making um wind and it’s basically pushing it up and up and up but first you have to detect something and then once it detects that thing then it’ll start going up and up and up so it does not detect the roof. But let me tell you guys something: if it goes sideways, then that means it’s going to go blue. It doesn’t really go that fast. But if, but if it turns sideways or like this, it will go really far. What if it’s going towards your face. So basically, you won’t go towards your face as long as it hits something it will start what about what? If it does go to your face? Well, you’re, just gon na dodge it or you could. When it comes to your face, you got ta hurry up, grab the button, but what, if what? If you don’t have a button? So how do you protect like what are you gon na do it? Might it could cut your eyes out of the way, but basically what, if you’re slow like me, that’s? Why kids can only do this so basically so here it is, and i just realized when i played with it last time and whenever the eyes are pointed to.

I think that’s, where it goes so i’m going to test it out. So i just charged this cause. People want to see you play with the talk about the toys. Well, you got ta talk about how the thing works here you got, daddy got the thing. Okay, so when i turn off i’m, not gon na even use the button, you still even have battery, but it still has charged batteries. So yeah you’re, basically going to flip that button. You can barely see it, but it says on and off so when it’s to the right. That means it’s off once to the left. That means it’s on so i’m going to turn on Music yeah. It is easy to catch and you can just turn it off. Really easily so all right so wrap it up, wrap it up. Is it a buy? Is it hot buy? Is it? Is it a pass? Do you recommend people go, get it or something? I recommend you go get this, but if you don’t have a tj maxx nearby, then just you can just order. You can probably go to the flea market or amazon. You can probably order this. So, where do you order it at so you can order amazon or, i think, google, if you google, the stuff what about spiderman.com. So you just google spiderman air on propeller. I think it will come up and it looks like this by the way you guys make sure to hit that subscribe button and turn on post notifications.

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