I don't know anyone famous on this side of the line. What how you doing buddy i'm doing excellent brother? How are you i'm doing very well? We are on our very first uh speed, dial yeah. This is interesting. You sound you sound interesting i'll say that i hope i sound good. You sound you sound great. Do i not sound clear you mean, like i cause i'm dialing through, i think a voip call? Oh no! You sound okay, it's kind of choppy, but at the same time, okay, good good! Well, this is beta software, so um, so they're testing it to see if it's any good. So there you go um, so we have we're here for it. We have 24 folks watching right now on youtube. Uh welcome everybody who's tuned in we. Basically oh yeah. I see you're in there too, awesome um. This is something this is something new it's uh, something that i'm trying out. I i've been wanting to get into podcasts for a while, and this gives you the ability to do a sort of audio only thing through a lot, a youtube stream, and why would you do that? Well, a few things number one you're, not always camera ready. I'M. I'M, never camera ready. Number. Two, though it's, i think, it's the kind of thing that you could you could do um you could do. While you were driving. You could do all people, maybe, and other people could listen while they were driving.

I mean listen. I listen to a ton of audio through my headphones, whether it's, podcasts or music or audiobooks, but i'll, be you know, doing the dishes riding my bike: cutting the yard. Whatever you know what i mean yeah. Definitely absolutely i agree. I do the same thing like whenever i'm, like i listen to like ted talks or anything like that, like there's, not much to see um. Sometimes i only can find him on youtube so i'm, just all right, cool i'll, just put it up plug it into a speaker and just listen to it or my headphones i'm, not watching it, but it's uh it's way more convenient because you know you still can Pay attention, but you don't have to be looking at it. Well that that's the that's the idea here so we'll see how it goes. You know i've got uh four likes and somebody hit that first dislike button, thanks buddy, whoever that was there's, always somebody there's, always somebody right all right, it's like i want to be first, because i love you guys yeah yeah well uh. So, where are you right now, brennan i'm, actually in la in a park, um really i'm, that guy i'm sitting cross legged in the park. So i was actually i rode my bike about 20 miles to my friend's house uh this early this afternoon, um and my friend who came with me, was on a one wheel and he had a technical issue, so we got kind of hung up on getting back.

So i was just like hey guys, i need a better reception and you guys are too loud, so i just walked to a park around the corner. Now we're hanging now we're having a call which makes is perfect because i don't have to be camera ready, uh ken ken heron says he imagines imagines you in a cute pink onesie. I do have a uh first of all, high ken like catch all the all. The shade in there is it, is it high ken? Is it icann or ken? Is high yeah that's, an excellent question ken? What is it you? You go ahead and let us know um, but i will say i have one piece of clothing on that is king and no ken is not my underwear. I knew he was gon na say that just for the record well uh, my buddy scott is telling me that i'm cutting out that you, you sound good, but that i'm cutting out so i'm gon na i'm gon na try moving as well i'm. On my front porch right now and i'm wondering if maybe it's, just where i'm sitting that's bad hey, does this sound better? No, it still sounds pretty choppy like i was saying: you're really, actually getting more choppy now more choppy, all right all right! Well then, let me try this. Let me try. Let me try um switching over to my actual phone instead of the instead of the airpods, maybe that's it so hold on one.

Second, everybody uh brandon tell them something amazing! Oh i got it well. The first thing i'll say, is uh what's amazing. Is i we're going to talk? One of the things we're going to talk about today is how i have been able to fly the mavic air too um. Obviously it has. It has been announced, but they're not necessarily out and everybody can't have their hands on them yet. But i was very completely lucky to get my hands on one and we're gon na talk about that, because it was a fun, a fun experience, yeah yeah yeah. I think it's going to be great. Does this sound any better? What do you say? Does this sound any better? Well, i think my answer, would you say: yeah yeah, no that's, not a good thing: uh, okay! Well, audio issues. Um i'm gon na just keep walking around till i find a spot but tell us about how you got to fly the mavic 2. right there right there right here right there yep, you sound good, yeah cool. How did you get yeah so well now you can keep walking um, but how i got to fly to mavic 2 is um. This is so random um. I have so pretty much the way that i'm quarantining is. I i pretty much live alone. For the most part, and so i have an extremely small group of people – aka, three people that i allow myself to see that are also doing the same thing.

They have like one or two days: we're all super careful about it. So there's, one person i'm allowed to see um and i i went with my friend uh. They had the idea. Just super blown um that's just north of l.a, and i was like that's cool. That sounds great. I was like and um. I was like i'm gon na i'm gon na bring my mavic air with me, because if you don't know what the super bloom is it's like pretty much entire mountainside, a whole area of like uh, the desert, uh just north of la near the lancaster palmdale area. That has a super bloom of flowers that is extremely vibrant, vibrant orange and purple colors, and it is where every instagramer goes um who lives in la during this time of year to be able to uh, you know, take really cool pictures or whatever and uh. So i went to go and fly. My drone just see some cool stuff. I had never seen it before and i want to get out of the house, so we went and before we left she was talking to one of her friends about what we were going to do and then i was bringing a drone and apparently she was is Like the production manager for another youtuber, who has quite a few more followers than me um, his name is jesse. He has like 10 million followers and dji had gifted this man, the mavic air 2, to make some videos which are up on his channel now, actually and uh.

He wanted some extra footage and found out that a professional drone pilot was going with a friend of a friend um because they were next to each other when she had told her and asked if uh. If i would be okay with coming to pick it up and uh, taking it out and flying some stuff, do comparison shots between that mavic, air, mavic, air, too um. Of course i was like yeah. You know yeah definitely i'm in on this and uh so yeah. We went out there and i got to do direct comparison um between the mavic air mavic air 2, which was interesting because i didn't have any nd for the mavic air 2. So i had to do everything in like pretty much auto camera settings um. But i really like the drone. It was solid um. I see you out there talking, but yeah. It was really solid. It was uh really like the winds were actually pretty heavy up there um. When i was there, they were probably like sustained 15 to 20 mile wind. Both the drones did really well, but the mavic air 2 being a bigger drone and more powerful drone, obviously did better um and cool and uh aki sync 2 right i mean the the clarity of the picture. I'M sure was pretty amazing. You know i want to say yeah, but i use the exact same phone. Just look at the difference. Um i couldn't tell if it was the clarity of the picture or just a better camera on the drone, because i wasn't able to take the footage home with me to play with like they took the footage with them from that drone um.

So, for me it definitely looks better, but you know i i would assume it's that, but i don't know you know until you get the footage on the computer it's hard to tell what you're looking at and what's the difference. Well – and you know the coolest thing about that – is that you weren't even expecting it right it just sort of happened. It was one of these serendipitous things it was out of literally nowhere like i had no expectations of it. I woke up that day thinking. I was just gon na go, have a good time with my homie um like seeing some beautiful nature, wonder stuff, and i got to fly the newest drone that's, not even out yet yeah that's awesome. What what do you? What do you normally fly these days? What'S, your main what's, your main drone uh. It depends on the job um so i'm, like for my small jobs. I still use the phantom 4 pro or mavic 2 pro um, but for the bigger jobs inspired too um. But i keep my mavic air pretty much in my backpack at all times, because you know one of the one of the cinematographer that i worked with for years now, he's like he's working a lot of different tv shows and all that – and you know one of The things that really resonated with me that he said to me years ago i was like you know, you know what the best camera in the world is.

I was like no, what is it that names? A couple cameras he's like it's, the one you have with you. Yes, yes, i love that. I love that saying: yeah it's, like oh wow, okay, that's, true because you know whatever you have with you, what you can create with you, can capture moments and mortalize things and everything, and so the mavic air, the original mavic air still to me is my favorite Drone out of the convenience of it, how small it is, how long the flight time is that it shoots 4k um how stable it is all the settings it has it just. Does everything um i've actually used the mavic air for network television footage before wow? Oh yeah, yeah didn't, you have the mavic air down in uh, south america uh. I had yeah. I had it down. When i was in south america, i had a shooting for cmt in south carolina um, like i've honestly used this mavic air to shoot, probably at least a couple hours of like on air content between the uh, the curse of active core show and other shows. I was randomly on where it's just like hey, i just so happen to have it in my backpack and i pulled it out to get some shots and they were. You know everybody wanted to use them and it wasn't the plan. You know it's the perfect, like i said, it's the best camera you have because it's one you have with you and – and i know it sounds like b, just uh coughed there for a second, but he didn't cough.

He said curse of akakor, now curse of acacor, it's it's. It has nothing to do with covid right isn't, that true or or is it if you eat, eat too many chilis you get the curse of aquacore the next day. What happens? Well, i mean you know like honestly: if you listen to ken's channel for too long, then you know things just start to happen in your life and i believe, that's what it was called: the curse, um, but but also exercise like you know, the curse of acquire Was like looking for some lost people? I'M, looking for lost people looking for a lost city um in the jungles of peru and brazil and uh, it was pretty much like scooby doo meets indiana jones and i was velma where i was the one with technology smarts and whatever, and so i got to Go out there and the glasses and the glasses, oh of course, and the sexy speck of course yeah yeah wait was was, was velma was velvet the sexy one, or was she the uh? More more, shall we say homely one i'm gon na say it is. Subject, beauty is in the highest beholder and velma is the best all right, she's, the one she's she's, the one rocking orange, oh yeah, yeah. Okay, all right, no, no i'm, a big velma fan. She usually solved the mystery right. She was the one that actually said. Yeah, it was old man, johnson down by the carnival yeah she's, the one that always figures it out and notices like the tiny things you got ta and puts all the stuff together, she's like oh wait.

What, if we would have done this i've gone here and saw this, and now because of the the farmer, dropped his rake over here we now know he had to be present and, of course, the janitor ended up being the killer or whatever you know, yeah. Of course, elementary watson elementary well so so as far as uh curse of acting core goes um just for people that don't know um. It was about finding people, you were on it and people can you still watch it on facebook, it's still on facebook, tv right, yeah, facebook watch is what it's called yeah facebook watch is a is a platform. If you didn't know you already have. If you have facebook it's free um, it comes with your uh, just your facebook membership and it's pretty much just a video platform, somewhat kind of sort of like netflix or or hulu, or something like that, it's more, like a facebook version of it. It really to me just feels like facebook, but a lot of hosting place for a lot of video content, because you still can comment like and share and all that kind of stuff, so it's pretty cool so so um. You know you were talking about facebook watch and it's it's. What seems like it's happening right now is there's a lot of niche going on like really really specific television and movies you know for for for every interest right, drones, adventure, whatever um, you told me a little bit and i'd like to hear more about uh documentary That you guys were putting together.

Can you can you talk about that? Oh you mean the uh, the table, tennis, one yeah yeah that's, pretty nice yeah. I mean it's, a concept that we've been working on for a while um. The way it happened is uh. So i'm, owner of a video production company called transit, pictures and we've worked a lot with the sierra club, with one of the biggest environmental organizations in the uh in the country to make documentaries for them. And we were working on a documentary that took us all across the country and one of the places it took us was to michigan, um and that's, where i'm from i'm from grand lake michigan, which is a suburb of point michigan. And so, while we were there, we should we're traveling with a small crew of like four or five people that are also like some of my best friends, so they had a lot of them had never been to michigan. So i was like i called my parents and said: hey: can we come stay at the house for a couple days um and we did and we went over there and we stayed there and one thing that always happens when we go home. Is that uh? We? My father and i have a rivalry and table tennis, so i mean that's a very way interesting way to call it a rivalry, but we play table tennis every time, i'm home on ping pong for those who don't know what table tennis is um, but we play That and what happened was as we got down there and you know the thing is like with all my friends: um it's one thing that pretty much anybody you know me.

You know that i'm, pretty good at table tennis and uh kelly learned that right kelly. I did i did. I got my uh well so so we were playing. I thought i was doing pretty well turns out. My serve was a cheater serve and uh brandon wasn't playing with his dominant hand, so there you go. We had a good time, though we did, we did for sure yeah it wasn't it wasn't a cheater server. It was just a server of someone who didn't know yeah. Just like you didn't know the proper rules and you know it's, like you can't, you can't, like hey, you're, doing this wrong, while you're beating somebody with your offhand it's just it's, not a good look. You know no matter how you do it just like you know, we'll figure this out at some point. Well, so so real quick on that just so everybody knows the the uh the proper serve in table. Tennis, if i understand is you have to toss it? At least six inches in the air and hit it on the way down. Is that correct, uh, almost a loud car going by me? No, i say almost you're very close. The only thing you can add to that is that you cannot hide the ball and that you have to you have to throw the ball from a flat hand, and the reason is because you don't want to be able to put spit on the ball before you Hit it, so you have to do a flat hand, expose the ball, so the other person can see the ball and pretty much just throw it straight up in the air go six inches, and then you may hit it um.

That is how you correctly start with table tennis, ball, yeah yeah, so so uh. So, back to your back, your documentary, uh, you and your father play this intense game right yeah so like we were warming up to my friend, and they had seen me play against many other people in the past, like tony, had saw after one of my the Director of the documentary tony and matt kelly, while we were there, he saw us play he's seen me do that to many people um and beat many people with my left hand, but he's never seen me actually play somebody for real um, and so in this case, With my father, you know, i have my right hand out: we're warming up and there's okay. This looks like regular table tennis and we start the game and it kind of felt like their jaws, hit the ground for how fast we started moving. How fast the ball was moving and they're like this is crazy, um and then, after the game uh, you know i lost my father whooped me um after i lost my dad uh proceeded to say like they were like. Oh, why? How can you guys do this? My dad proudly walks over to his uh his table tennis table thing in the corner, where he has a book of every single game, where he's recorded every single game that we played that we've played since i was 16 years old wow, and so so they so Of course, and i pretty much every game i lost, i would actually write a comment in of why i why i didn't think it was fair that my father was recording it right right.

Her elbow you have to give justification, you can't just let numbers sit. You know that's, not that's, not true, like data is data, has a story it's, not just data. So if i, if i saw this book, i would see all these uh maybe call them excuses. I would you know i would just say uh. I would say addition to the information additions to the more data – okay, okay, yeah, just more information for you to consider when looking at the score that's. All it really is so so in 20, in 20 years, when uh, when a crew, a film crew is sent to uh investigate, there will be some clues. There will definitely be clues, so it's like why. Why was this man winning all the times like? Well, it seems that at some points he has some unfair advantages and just a lot of things. You know this thing's happening so either way they saw that and coney saw it. He thought it was the funniest thing in the world and he had the idea of like you know, while we were there, they had a lot of questions about how table tennis is working and all that just like what we just talked about, how to do a Proper serve and things like that, yeah and he's, like man, i didn't know anything about it, but you know everybody, i know plays ping pong just for fun like in basements or whatever, and so he had.

The idea, like an idea, came about all of us saying well why don't we make a documentary about table tennis that frank that's like to teach and like inform about the culture of table tennis and how big it is in other countries and use the framing device For that documentary to be my rivalry between my father um, the idea being is the documentary would start with me. You know getting whooped by my dad and then um like i'm saying i'm gon na vowing to defeat him and then go to the country. That has a huge tables in this culture, learning about that culture, but also training rigorously for like a month or something like that. So i can come back and beat them and so of course, i'm going to come back and beat them right right by the way. Yeah he does, he doesn't believe, no matter how much training i do, i'll never be able to beat him. Does he have? Does he have to let you does he have to let you win in that case, like if you're doing a documentary, i mean that? Oh no, no, no! No! No! That kind of cheapens it a little bit for me. Oh no! No! No! No we're going to play okay, all right, all right but i'm not going to lose i'm, not going to lose kelly, that's that's the point i refuse to lose um but either way i'll give 110 and uh one other small detail that i'm gon na give away.

One little thing that's gon na, probably i hope not. I hope i hope we get to this point. It happens again. Is that one detail? I didn't say that kelly. When i played you, you know, where do you think i learned how to play with my left hand uh off hand after my father, because that's your father, because that's how he still plays me wow still plays me with his off with his non dominant hand and Beats my dominant hand with it um. So at the end of the documentary i imagine, assuming i do win and beat his left hand. He'S, probably going to switch to his right and destroy me all right i'm going to ask you a question and – and i think the i think the answer could break my heart if, if it's lower than lower than my number, but how old is your dad yeah Uh my dad is, i think, 61., oh good good. I was so afraid i was going to be older than your dad. That would have been that would have been terrible. It doesn't doesn't really make sense and math doesn't add up, but well no, the math wasn't out of either way. I i would. I would totally watch that documentary. That would be something i think i would enjoy. I i just want to mention real quick. If anybody's bored and wants to see a great documentary, i saw one at south by southwest.

Probably i don't know five or six years ago called air guitar, nation and it's about these people that do competitive air guitar and it sounds really dumb. But the movie was amazing, and so you know you can make a great movie about anything. You just need a good story. Wow yeah. I might have to check that out because i'm curious to how you can. I guess you know if you really, if you really commit to it, then i guess it's kind of a form of dance huh or something yeah, yeah yeah i mean yeah or yeah. I mean yeah. Some of these guys look like they're uh having a seizure or something, but i mean they're they're they're into it, they're very into it. Well i did have. I saw a couple comments fly through uh. This is a drone channel right. So let let me ask a couple of drone questions um, so you you've been doing some stuff with uh remote pilot 101.. Tell us about that. Yeah yeah! So remote pilot 101 is awesome. Um i met them because of ken um i was uh. Ken was scheduled to be on alive with him and, unfortunately, wasn't able to do it, so i did a live with them, um and apparently uh. They liked the advice that i was giving. I think this specific moment happened when i was asked by jason um. If he pretty much was like yo like what is the best advice you can give to somebody who wants to get into the drone industry and i kind of winged it because there's so many different types of advice you can give to somebody about that um.

But i could tell he wanted me to talk about the drone cinematography machine. I just can join the industry in general. I said: okay well, i said, follow the film incentive. You know film institutions really guide where filming is happening all over the country and they also create opportunities, because a lot of film incentives have um. They have stipulations that you have to hire locals wherever you're filming, yeah you'll be able to receive the internet, and so these film centers move all over the country like that's. How i my brother, originally got involved, because there was one in michigan north carolina, atlanta and louisiana. They bounce all over the place. Different states do it because they know productions show up just to spend money and they'll, give like tax breaks and financial incentives right exactly um, and so they give them that tax breaks and financial incentives to film, because they know that these these productions don't show up To cost any money, they literally show up simply to spend money because they want to create something and so um. If you look and follow where those are going and what's happening with those different things, you're going to be able to find a lot of opportunities to be able to possibly get your foot in the door and start getting to know. Dps directors, as well as have showtime experience on big production, sets that's how you can get the experience, because you can do things.

I cannot if they have like as i'm a pro drone pilot, but sometimes the stipulation they need to make sure they hire x. Amount of locals, and normally drones are the guys only come in for one or two days of filming on a whole entire show a lot of times, that's what we do because they don't you don't, need. You know five. Ten percent of your shots at the most are going to be drone shots on most projects, and so you don't need your own guys there every single day, and so, if they're looking for a way to be able to make sure they hire locals, and they want To be able to and you're looking for an opportunity, then it could be something if you put together a good enough drone reel and just really really stay on top of it and be persistent. Then you can find your way into the industry, um that if you get your foot in the door that's all it really takes from there it's just good business, good prac, good business practices, um good cinematography, good, follow up and you're good to go and and you've Flown for i mean, can you can you tell some of the network? Your shows, i mean i think, you've flown for top gear right. No, i was a producer for top gear. Actually i did not yeah yeah um. I flew for the uh, the grand tour, though the grand tour here – yeah yeah, yeah that's it like the amazon show.

I i did the uh. I did a lot of the drone shots for the opening. For that i did i've done drone shots for concerts like the beyonce and jay z. On the run world tour too, i did drones for that. I'Ve done it for a bunch of different private companies. I'Ve done it for cmp cbs fox um. I'Ve recently did the james corden show with uh harry styles um when they're doing the sidewalk karaoke thing. Oh yeah that's funny that's awesome yeah, so i got to do yeah. I got to do that with my homies at glide aerials, so yeah, a lot of documentaries that my company produces. I do the drone work for that um, but yeah man i've been all over and phoned in a lot of interesting places and the biggest thing is again like i said: good good, cinematography, good business practices and just be a person that people want to be around On set and uh people are gon na want to bring you back and so that's pretty much. I haven't done very little i've done very little advertising of what it is that i offer um, but i get recommended a lot simply because of the experience that i bring to the set that's awesome well and and so um you, you were mentioning about remote pilot 101 um you you're kind of teaming up with jason, now and and just by the way for people who don't know remote pilot 101 is a um it's, a online course where you can get your part 107 um and you can't get it from them.

But you can learn how to get it from them. I took it. I got mine i'm, not that smart, a guy so uh it must be good classes. Jason is a very dynamic instructor. Um i'll tell you what i did. I signed up for it and i i watched it twice all the way through just watched it like did it once um, where i just watched it and the second time i took notes and stuff like that. Like made little flash cards made screenshots of things, and i got a 90 on my test and quite honestly, it's funny. When i took my test, i thought that i got a hundred. I was like. I don't think i missed anything and then i turned out. I got a 90, but but still i had the confidence you know and that that's what you need. Oh yeah, you got to have a comment, so it was interesting. I actually failed. I actually failed my test the first time i took it really because i didn't take it seriously yeah i didn't take it seriously. I didn't use remote pilot 101. um, and i just i had like a manual that was like 200 pages. I skimmed it and i was just like i'm good and i failed the test by one question, like my one question, and so i had to wait, i think a month or two to take it again, and one of my business partners was just like yo man.

This is how i passed it and he just sent me remote pilot 101. I watched the course one time the night before went and took it and got like a 85 or 90 or something like that and was just like yo. This is it. This is the way to go and um after i was on their live to go back towards the question is uh. They uh they reached out and said that they like excuse me they liked what i was bringing to the table um when it comes to my knowledge, and you know what i have and all that, and so they they're saying hey like we'd love, to be able To put some content on our channel of yours, uh talking about drone cinematography, about drones and all the things you know and about your experiences um and they kind of gave me free reign to do it, and so i was just like this is a great partnership And so we did it, and so now, i've already filmed i've already filmed the first month's worth of content, um and i'm going to be uh, sending it over to them and there will be making i'll be having you guys. You guys will see me in more than one place now, so if we, if we go and if we look at remote pilot 101, we'll see we'll see uh some of the videos you're producing for it. Can you give us a? Can you give us a clue on on uh topics like like, you know what the first one will be.

Well, i have a drone or news which is, which is the thing that a lot of people have been asking me for on. My drone channel is that people really like the joyner news thing that i did for a really long time. So i brought that back to life. Uh it's pretty fun because now, instead of it having to be weekly, which is which was very difficult to come up with a bunch of new drone news on a weekly basis, yeah um, it's, a monthly it's, a monthly drone or news thing, which i feel is A lot more relevant, um i'm going to be interviewing other pro drone pilots, whether it be cinematographers or like people that are in industry or even drone, racers i'll be interviewing them and talking getting their industry best tips, youtubers talking about uh what's up youtubers, uh, drone Youtubers yeah you're funny, yes, definitely youtubers, so 1700 youtubers and i have to just say i agree. You know there is a reason that i do first friday, first friday, instead of every friday, because it's just a lot of work and and uh, you know i do applaud ken herron for what he does every week, because he he pours his heart into it. And you know puts on a hell of a show every week, but i couldn't do it every week, not not even at the level i'm doing it yeah. He puts a lot into that man every time he every time i'm on his show, he's like he has a song prepared.

He has like three or four guests that have each their own role of what they're supposed to be doing, what they bring to the table. It'S, just impressive, no matter like you say yo, this is a production. This isn't just some little live thing like. If you guys haven't had a chance, you've got to check out ken herron live because my man is an entertainer and he puts on a show. But you also learn stuff, so it's really a good experience and and if you don't know any dad jokes you'll learn a bunch, oh god yeah the jokes for sure he definitely he is, i wouldn't say he's the king of the dad jokes but he's the gesture Of that joke how about that yeah? I like it well so so you mentioned a minute ago about having some fbv pilots on uh on droner news and such um. You you, and i were talking the other day about uh like are you paying me for this and she was like yeah? I was like well, yeah i'll show up to sit there and do nothing um, and so i show up – and i get i talked to him a little bit ahead of time. He was really really cool. His name is david um and uh. He also was very humble in the sense of hey man: i've never been on a production set before i'm, not exactly sure what to expect, and so i ended up just taking on the space of being like his liaison between production and him.

I'M gon na help him take the pr take the pressure off of him in the shots, because he felt a lot of pressure. The drone pilot, not even his fpv pilot. There is a immense amount of pressure on you when it's time. When is your time to shine? Okay, cool, we just finished all this. We have the main talent in position. Drone let's bring it up. We only have five minutes to get seven shots go yeah and you're. Like oh, wait, wait i need to charge my batteries hold on hold on. Oh wait. This cable's not exactly wait. What channel am i on? Oh yeah, yeah it's, just there's, so many things that happen at once and you've got to be ready for that um, and so i made sure he was um. I did all the communication for him. I made sure because the director, the director you know directors, are huge personalities and this guy was not was definitely one of them. Who was asking for things that there was no business to be asking for? And so i got this, i was a bad guy and i was just like yeah well, you know safety says no, you know, and i was doing those things simply because i knew that those shots were either close to impossible or actually dangerous, and david really appreciated That um and afterwards, and so afterwards, when the shoot went great, it was for like a music artist, whose name, i should definitely remember, i think jay cortez, i think, was his name um and it has like 50 million 60 million views now, wow, pretty cool video And uh he's a huge artist, obviously he's a huge artist, so jake um i'd love to see it um i'd love to see it, i'll get it from you guys and what i'll do is after this, because because this, because of the nature of what we're doing Right now i wasn't able to post any links or any description or anything in this um if you'll send it send me the link to the video be i'll put it in the description of this video.

If anybody wants to check it out, yeah, awesome, um and so, but yeah afterwards like so he and i didn't talk about what our experiences are, what we actually did, we just focused on the job and afterwards we were cool, and so what we did was we Uh we connected after, and we were just talking about like what we're doing with our live and what's going on he's like wait, you have a production company, you have a drone channel. You have a popular drone chat like what are you? Who are you kind of thing, and then i found out, he was like. The clo had recently become, like the ceo of a company called newbie drone um. That is a lot like their name, they're really trying to get people into fpv flying. So you could like they have like these starter kits for fpv flyers and also like drones, that are even like really advanced fpv parts and fully built drones that they sell, and so he was just like. I am dedicated i'm gon na make you an fpv pilot. He sent me and he sent me a whole kit with like a bunch of swag and everything he's like you're gon na you're gon na do this you're gon na love. It um – and i was like okay, cool and so he's actually been sending me stuff and like we've, stayed in contact since then, and i've been finding tv stuff right, so nice, maybe maybe maybe i'll – be able to fly the next music.

Video comes my way. We'Ll see that would that would be awesome, well, well, so um, so i i would love to check that out because i think flying these um. You know, i think a lot of people are calling them cinewoops. Now cine whoops, like cinematic, uh, tiny, whoop kind of things. Um. Do you know what kind of drone it was he was flying? Was it a shen drones uh like a squirt? Was it did it have? Did it have uh ducted propellers um, so he brought three different drones um so, depending on the shot he used different ones. So some of them had uh covers on the blades uh. He had a three inch. He had. I think one three inch and two five inch ones um. I don't know the names of the types of drones. He was flying i'm gon na assume they were newbie drones. I literally do not know because of that. On that day i had never. I didn't, i didn't know very much about. I knew about fpv, obviously, but i had never had only phone a couple times like one of the challenges with you, kelly, yeah and so it's like i, and so for me. I didn't know enough about it to really even look at the drone like what is this what's this frame? What kind of motor do you have on here? Just a custom build, or is this something you bought like i didn't know anything and in all honesty i still don't know very much um.

So i know i cannot answer your question. I have no idea. You hit the wall of my ignorance, no that's, all right. So i i just recently uh i've been flying a lot more fpv and doing the drone racing league sim, the simulator on steam, which is a gaming platform and getting better at it. But i just recently right before this whole covet thing started. I took a uh, a squirt which is a squirt two actually it's made by shen drones. I took it out to the woods and chased a buddy of mine on his mountain bike and was actually pretty happy with how well i did and how how the footage turned out. So i haven't cut anything together because i don't have that much of it. You know we did like five or six runs of him down this one part of the trail, but you know between trees and had a gopro on it and using the um using the stabilization and the gopro. The footage turned out looking pretty good but i'm hoping to get better at that sort of thing myself yeah i mean, i honestly believe that's, that is one part of the future of drone. Cinematography is definitely going to be fpv flight um, and so, if you don't have a fp, if you're, not a fpv pilot yourself and you don't have one on your team, then you're going to be at a huge disadvantage when you're, quoting different clients, because you can Say: hey look, these are the different kind of footages.

These are the different kind of looks we're going to give you if you hire some for this project or whatever and it's like now, like even companies like movies drone, i know are looking to develop drones like fpv drones that are city drones, like they're saying so. She'S, like this is going to be a new thing. This is going to be a new thing, um and it's, going to change the way that we it's going to partially change the way that we experience, um video simply because it's gon na it's gon na be a really good, huge transitional point. Um it's gon na be a crazy first person perspective for a lot of different things, and i really do see this being something that's gon na change like that we're really in in the near future. We'Re really gon na see changing the way that our media landscape looks and feels in a lot of projects. Well, especially with 360 cameras and uh, all the smoothness. They can do right because they can make the images so smooth after the fact that, even if the drone doesn't have a gimbal, you know or it's bumping around the the footage can turn out amazing uh. Do you have much experience with 360 cameras um? Actually, i do um, i actually did uh some 360 shooting for the movie creed 2. um. I really like the movie i'm actually i'm in the credits twice so so like as in apollo creed from uh rocky yeah, so it's his son.

So these are the new rocky movies, pretty much all right. The first one is called creed and then it's, creed, 2 and it's, like the continuation of the rocky movies they're, actually both really good movies, um and so the second on the second one. I worked on it as a producer uh, a uh 360 cam producer, because what we did is we went to the uh. We went to some of the biggest world boxing biggest boxing match matches in the world like the original tyson verse, uh what's his name, not tyson. It was uh, deontay, wilder versus ortiz number one, the first fight they had like. I was in the ring. I was the second to last person in the ring before beyonce, wilder and ortiz got in the ring, because what we did is before the the second to last fight when the crowd is full and ready for the big fight to happen. Um, the network granted us permission to get up on the stage, for i think five minutes with our 360 rig and then um have somebody with a megaphone, not a megaphone with a microphone talk to the crowd. Tell them like hey. This is from the new creed movie. What we want you guys to do is act like you just heard a big punch or somebody just got knocked out, and we went through a bunch of different emotions with the audience they played along. They did a great job.

Nice 360 rig a custom design 360 rig that my friend david bill, david smith, um from drivingplace.com. He is ingenious, a literal cinema, technologist genius. He designed a rig for this particular shoot and they were able to capture 360 plates of an audience that they were able to put into the movie um so that's. What we did. We captured the audience for the movie, so the audiences you're, seeing in those in those films um, especially the second one, is uh the audience that i am the one who captured uh with my team. That was a real that was a real boxing audience like in a real they're about to watch a fight. They were all worked out: yeah nice exactly this is a real boxing audience ready for a boxing match just finished, watching one getting ready to see a world championship, so that's a real that's, a real audience, and it was amazing. So absolutely next. Why did you guys pick a 360 camera um simply so we could get as many angles as possible, so we actually had a 360 camera, and so we had like a bunch of different camera teams are going and getting just little things during the actual fight and The 360 cameras – you just attack the view from inside of the ring during the fight. So after fighting, then you want to see the background of the highest event that looks authentic, so use the 360 camera to capture the full space that they can just replace any shots behind the full back of 360.

and so that every time they turn the the Footage can turn with them. Oh that's awesome, so it was it's pretty dope. I you know i i will tell you i've been kind of lazy about 360 cameras and sean oz um, who uh spoke on the last um spin up. He kind of turned me on to three: he was like man you're missing the boat, if you're not using them, because they literally you can't, miss a shot. Really. You know i mean if you have it in the right spot, that the the big thing is, though, there's an extra step. You have to take the footage and process it and put it through. You know decide what you want to do with it before you can actually edit it so as long as you're willing to do that. So so, just today um i took, and i had a instagram post earlier and it was actually uh the real thing i mean. I i this is actually what i did. I took the skydio2 and a uh insta360 1r and i rode my bike and filmed the the drone all around my head. You know following me with the instant one 361r and the skydio2 was filming me. So i mean and i'll say the the tracking on the skydio2 is just. It is just insane it's just off the charts. Well, uh brandon, i don't know if you i don't know. If you um, if you heard uh and we're gon na wrap up here, pretty soon guys, thanks to everyone for tuning in this, is the first time i've tried this um this format and i'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

I realize it's, you know it's not the same as watching video, but again, i think the intent is a little different, but here's here's something a little bit of trivia. The very first live stream i ever did on ready set drone was with with brennan, so i thought this would be a perfect uh perfect opportunity to come full 360. If you will since we're on the topic, but no i wanted to tell you guys beautiful. I don't know if you heard but um last night i told everyone that spin up is going to be a virtual event and it's going to take place. September 12th, it's gon na be awesome. I'M super excited i've been being able to spin up once and i i was i'm, not yeah i'm, not exaggerating, uh kelly. In all honesty, i was forever changed by the experiences i had and being able to see the speakers and listen to the different perspectives that you brought to that stage um. So anybody that has a chance to be able to tune in um now that the barrier of entry has been lowered so much considering you can actually just do it virtually and it's going to be a whole virtual experience. I think it's fully worth it because you do a really really good job of bringing together some really really great drone minds. Uh entertainment minds and you know all the things that you really want to hear when you're like, if you're the audience ready set drone because it's just amazing, you have a great network dude.

I i appreciate that so uh in in the spirit of um. This experiment here with this format, i'm gon na tap a button on my phone and i think it's gon na share a phone number with people. Um. Do you have a few more minutes uh? If people called in to ask some questions brennan? Yes, i have a couple minutes: let's, do it? Okay, so i just tapped the there's tapped it um! Well, actually, now it's telling me: i need to text somebody so i'm, just going gon na try texting this number if he's still on to um uh. Let me see chris hope, because i think he's still on um chris. If you see this and you are still on um – you want to dial in maybe you don't and i'm, putting you on the spot here i don't know but um. The whole idea here is that this this is supposed to allow people to to call in and have a conversation. I don't know if it's limited to two, though i don't know if it's like, like you'd, have to get up the line for us to for chris to dial in i'm, not exactly sure, but anyway brandon. I will let you go. I really appreciate you being on this. I really appreciate everybody tuning in if, if chris gets on in a minute, we'll we'll chat, uh chat with him or or maybe i just will, but um but dude really.

Thank you so much and i will be talking to you. We we've we've had a chance to catch up a lot lately and that's been nice. You know i will say one blessing of covet has been, i feel, like people are reconnecting with others that maybe they hadn't in a while. I fully agree i'm honored to always be a part of whatever it is that you would allow me to be a part of and i'm always down to be here, i'm, always down to be a guinea pig with you on new pieces of technology. I love that you're always pushing the envelope and playing with new things. Just to see what kind of content is going to work to be able to provide that better experience for the people who who, like the experience, that ready for drone and you and uh and your family, bring to this uh this platform. So i'm 100 honored. To be here and yeah man, thank you as always. Well, you're you're very welcome. I appreciate it uh i'm, looking in the chat to see if uh chris responded but it's all good, all right, bernie, we'll i'll, let you go well. I want to bring up there's one thing i want to bring up, though one thing oh go please earlier, he whoops your available so i'm. Sorry later so just so, everybody knows too, as i said, i've been playing. The drl sim tate did a 10 day challenge.

Where he played uh fpv simulator for 10 days an hour a day and he went from training wheels to like motocross. You know: it's it's, he's, he's, doing dives down the side of buildings, he's doing power loops he and he's and he's making way better times. The first um the course that he liked the best the first time he did it. It took him like seven minutes and now he's doing it in less than a minute, so in in in in acura mode. Like no stabilization on the drone, you know the physics is a little bit different, but if, if you do want to learn how to fly fpv, you know and i'm i'm not i'm, not the expert, but i can tell you common sense and it's very true. Every fpv pilot i've ever talked to has said the same thing fly the sims for a while it's, so much it's such a good way to start yep i've heard the same so that's how i'm actually about to buy it too, and do that because i'm i'm Sick of waiting on people i'm gon na just i'm gon na, do it myself, i'm gon na get really really good. So then, i can just talk junk to people when i beat them any kind of ftv racing nice, nice, all right man. Well, it was really good talking to you, i'm gon na see if i can bring somebody in just because i want to give it a try.

As a matter of fact, i need to just probably add the number to the chat it's, two five, six, five. Four! Oh eight, two four five, but let me drop brennan off and see if i can bring somebody else in talk to you soon buddy. I will thanks for having me brother, okay, bye, bye, all right uh. I think it's just me now and i'm gon na try to see if somebody's on the other line – oh wow, i just i just brought it up – um yeah, so give a call to 256 540 8245. If you want to be on the um, i wouldn't call it a radio but i'd call it a audio program. This is this is really bizarre, like not having a camera or anything it's it's really weird. I do hope that this is something that people can uh. Take advantage of too, like i said if you were driving or if you were doing something else, this would be a good opportunity to multitask um with this technology, but i'm sitting here chatting i just hit. The fan line is what it's called on this little app, but i don't know how to get anybody in if anybody's calling is anybody calling um if they are, i don't see it um and i think no, no, all right if i don't. If i don't hear anybody in the next uh two minutes, i'm gon na get off this thing, uh as brennan said um.

You know it is a low barrier to entry to attend spin up this year.