m. Central Time, I see a bunch of superstars in the chat and just saw a bill for metro drones dude. Thank you. 10 super chat just to start us off. That'S awesome, happy Saturday. Indeed, indeed, it's definitely a nice pretty day here in Austin and I'm very excited to get to chat with our guest. Today, who, I think a lot of you guys know, Sean oz has been somebody I've definitely enjoyed getting to know. Over the last year and a half two years, he's been a speaker. It'S been up he's a tented spin up he's been you know, he's hosted me in Colorado to hang out and be able to do a little bit of snowboarding with him and Ed Ricker and so I'm gon na give him a call in a second. But before I do, I just want to give a big shout out to Rick Alber Rick. I hope you're feeling well great to see you here in the chat grumpy vlogger. This feels like it's, been forever since we've talked so good to talk to you again twice in one weekend: hey Shane what's, going on Thomas O'Sullivan. I have not seen you out there in a while good to see you Matthew good, to see you course Bill and Khai Khai. Thank you for sending me the the little grips for the Mavic air. Two propellers I've never actually seen those for those. I have seen them for the Mavic mini, but I didn't know they made them for the magic air 2, but very handy because those things do get a little messed up.

Agent K in the house – Floyd Vincent hello, John good, to see you thanks guys thanks to everyone, who's joined today. So with that I'm gon na go ahead, a 10 toes you're in there too good to see you and and 10 toes. It was fun. Seeing you fly last night with Oz by drone that was really cool, so let me go ahead and see if I can get Sean in the house there's always a little bit of a a little bit of a trick to this thing. So, as you guys know for someone who's joining for the first time, this is an audio only beta software that we're using right now it's kind of a good combination between a what I would call a podcast and a live stream. So it's supposed to be the best of both worlds, it's kind of thing that hopefully, while you're doing this, you can do some other stuff listening to it, etc, but I'm I'm enjoying it it's, really fun it's been really fun to do this. For the last few Saturdays, there are a few episodes back there with Brennan I've had a call in episode. I'Ve had two of those. Actually, I had one with Newark FPV, which was really cool. So a lot of different folks who have joined us today and ken heron of course today I've got Sean Oliver's, Sean oz, so akh, I don't know if he's he's secret about his name but it's, not that hard to find it out and now you know, let's See if he joins us, hello, hey John, Oh what's, up how you doing buddy hear me all right.

I can. I can, I think, okay, we are live. We are the hello everybody, yeah yeah, so hello. I just saw random family man jump in here. T dog zero is in the house: it's men. We got a great crew today, so how's it going up in Colorado. Oh it's, going pretty well it's, been an interesting day for me, to say the least: oh yeah, what what's? What was interesting about it? Well, you know I told you I have that second channel that I started was the nature only channel where I'm going out and I'm filming by streams and getting some nice nature sounds well. I went out today, we brought the hammocks and we did a little hiking on this. Beautiful stream, super cold, snow melt off stream and I set up the GoPro and then I walked away to set up the other camera. We chilled in the hammocks waited about an hour, came back to pick up the GoPro and it wasn't there. Oh goodness, nobody had walked by the spot, so turned out that I put in a spot where every 30 seconds, or so there was like a influx of water that had came and it just swooped it away. Oh man like hide or something kinda, yeah and we're. Talking this waters, low, 30s it's barely above freezing, so you know those things cost 400. So I stripped down to my skivvies and jumped in the water wait, sir! So could you see it could Jackson see it in the water? I could not.

I I didn't. So I I I was looking at the way the water was moving and I figured that because of the way the current was flowing, it probably got stuck somewhere down in this bin. Well, I thought it was maybe maybe knee high, so I jump in and it's it's up to my chest. Oh goodness, instantly to my chest and water freezing cold water and towards my toes it was so cold that literally within 30 seconds, I couldn't feel my feet. Isn'T worth so so, did you find it no five three times I got out and warm my feet up. Sat there warming up trying to get. I could feel my legs again and then jumped in again and the third time it was so bad and the current was so strong, but literally I didn't have the muscle strength at that point. They were so frozen to even fight the current and it just started. Taking me down the river, so I yeah yeah that's that's. When bad things could happen, but hey man, you gave it a gave it a shot. At least you know you gave it a try to find it so here's here's. What I'm thinking is when we are all down there for spin down, we we make a, we make a trek out to that spot and whoever finds it gets a free tattoo or something be cool. I don't think it'd be there so by then, but that would be awesome.

Well, you never know man. You know you hear about GoPros getting found all the time where, where somebody loses one, and then you know a year later or two years later, they find it it's, it's, awesome, footage and I'm so mad at myself, because I meant to put like a little video With my face on it saying hi, this is Shaun haces GoPro. If you find this, please return it to somebody had to, and I didn't ever do anybody digital text file on there. So it's gon na find that they're gon na have no idea. We'Re good yeah it's, just it's, just this it's, just this GoPro, probably all the fingerprints have been washed off right because it's been in the water, yeah it's, just footage of a stream, so it's like yeah buddy, who loves nature um. Well, you know, actually you just made me think of something that would be a pretty cool thing for GoPro or Osmo, or even insta 360, to do if they were to actually allow you to have an internal memory. That literally, was just that. It was like a just a little kind of identification in turn. You know it's like two two gigs or a gig of memory, that you can actually put your own little signature and information on wouldn't. It be cool and it never gets a raise because once you once you put it in when it's there, that would be cool yeah. What I wish I had done is I meant to do this at least: put a text file just a little readme file.

Yeah yeah yeah, well which what which GoPro was it the new GoPro? Eight? Oh goodness, goodness, goodness, goodness yeah. I do have a plan which I'm going out tomorrow have the day off and I am right down. You know remember where my studio is just to come out: doors down, there's an angler fishing store and they said they would give me for the day. So let me follow a pair of waders. They go up to my chest. Nice and I'm gon na go to Lowe's and see if I can find like a pool skimmer like a long pole, phone skimmer, you're gon na be out in the water right you're gon na make a video about this. I am dry dangerous, I'll, be out just in the middle and stuff fly fishing or not there's. A pool skimmer scrape at the bottom of the stream I'm telling you just wait till September when everybody shows up we'll traipse everybody down there, and you know these guys are gon na be into into that cold water. I know Jim Jackson is into cold water. I know Chris hope is in huddled water he's, not scared. I have no idea how the polar bear I've been in some cold water before but this stuff, when I got into my chest – and it was waste stuff from waist down – was so insanely cold like the first six inches to a foot of. It was not bad, but once you got in deeper who's who so there's a guy there's a guy online and this little of a tangent, his name is them HOF, wim HOF or HOF F he's.

I think he is Danish or maybe Swedish, but he he does. These things where he takes people into cold water therapy – and he claims it's supposed to be really good for your health yeah see so Tim Jackson is saying, is good for you. If you guys have never known an turds name, no go ahead, go go ahead! Well, you never hear em bur, you show me oh yeah, yeah yeah, when you up here it was crazy, yeah that's, exactly right. It was the yes theory when he took them all in and they were in. I mean there was ice in that water. It was, it was so so cold, but yeah it's, it's a you know it could be dangerous. I think part of what he does is he actually allows people to get into a good mental state and do some breathing and you know some kind of mental preparation. So that they can get used to the water, but anyway different different topic did you have snow a few days ago we did six inches Wow, so so was it enough to go snowboarding? No, it melted off like almost instantly. Okay, okay and what's. The temp today mid sixties, okay, so pretty pleasant. Oh it's, beautiful, it's, beautiful out earlier yeah. We we are, we are just getting into here in Texas, getting into the the sort of heat of the summer and I have to say there's been years where we've hit you know, 9500 early and in June, or even in May so I'm, pretty grateful that we Haven'T actually hit 100.

I think we've hit it once this year, but but you know we're about 95 94. 95 today, but it's just you know, it's getting to the point where, if you go outside, you got to do it pretty early yeah I'm, not looking forward to that part of my visit down there in the next couple weeks. There yeah, I heard the heat index in Houston is 110. The humidity is like 200, oh goodness. Well, I mean that varies from day to day, but yeah well, so so Shawn as far as um as far as stuff you've been working on, tell us a little bit about this nature Channel. I know you've been doing some really cool beautiful kind of relaxing videos, but for folks in the audience that don't know what's it all about. Well, you know during the whole pandemic and you nobody could get outside right and I was allowed to get out and hike in my area. So I started so many as little videos just getting the camera up and letting some nature sound birds, dreams, snowfall, come down and share those with people, so they could have an experience to get outside the places that they can't normally go, and you know I'm making Different links, you could use them as a timer. You could use them to go to sleep to you could use them as white noise, I'm coming up with all different types and I'm, even mixing them some that are just drone footage with Pleasant, soft music behind them.

Nice, nice new channel, that's, all gon na be and and it's it's, so it's it's kind of one of these things where you could throw it on. In the background like on your TV or something almost like, when people put on you'll put the Yule Log up at Christmastime or whatever right yeah, exactly a lot of people are using it for meditation. Some people may be why they're studying for a school project, maybe you're, doing some work and you use more just a little bit of background noise, but nothing that's distracting thanks for that kind of stuff. Well, that that sounds really cool. What is the name of the channel a world of nature that there's actually turns out there's? Quite a few people of that name for a youtube channel? Okay, hopefully, if you type that in it a pop up, is your first one I'm, not sure kind of waterfall is the icon, nice, nice? Well, that's awesome! I mean you live in a place that's great for that, and – and I wanted to talk a little bit about let's let's talk a little bit about the sky, do before we get too far off and get into spin down. But have you been flying the sky? Do much at all recently yeah well before this in end of the season there. I did some snowboarding with it and we took it out and I was experimenting with it versus the air too, and it's tracking in a tight, condensed area and using it to track.

Somebody else not yourself, because normally, when you're doing this tracking stuff, you you tend to track yourself, but when you're holding a controller and you're using the apps, whether it be the sky do or you know, Ematic some sort, it's pretty easy to draw a box or Select somebody else and let it follow someone else so that's what I went out. Experiment with that was a last big experiment between the sky do in the air too, and you you, you know you and I both were out there in the woods flying that thing. A little bit around the trees – and I think one thing that you were able to dial in that is – is not really intuitive, because there is a learning curve on the sky. Do I have to say it's not as easy to figure out one one thing about it that always freaked me out like the first few times I flew it was when I liftoff it would want to go to this. It wouldn't just lift off and hover. It would want to go to this position away from you and kind of like just kind of take off and you're like oh man. Where is it going? You know, oh thank you. Metro drones we're putting in the link to world nature by the way that's really cool of you. Oh my girl, yeah. I think you appreciate that, but, but you know as far as getting used to it, what what did you find was the best configuration for flying it between your phone, the controller, the beacon like all of that stuff? What was the best scenario for flying the scatty? Oh well, I really enjoy flying it with the controller that's a you know: everyone pushes it as just an action drone and still this much time later, I still love flying with the controller.

Of course, if I'm doing action stuff it's nice, that you can put the controller away and have something as small as the beacon or even just your phone to be able to track with and that's pretty dope, because then you slide that back in your pocket and Do your action stuff and it pretty much stays with you pretty well and goes from there, but you have. The controller to me is just an under under look that feature that the sky do has, I think, that's, because it's Wi, Fi, yeah it's I mean and and actually Rick out, Rick Alber has sent me. I think he had ordered two of them and – and he sent me one – a Wi Fi extender for it, which I have not tried. I'M. I apologize Rick Alber because I haven't done it yet and hey Tim Jackson with 50 Australian dollars. I really need to learn. I really, I really need to learn what the what trait is but dude that's awesome that's. Then I like that color I like that purple color I don't I haven't seen many 50s come in so very magenta yeah. What is what is on Tim's icon there? It looks like a pretty cool looking little car he's got going there like a truck or something I need to. I need to go look at that, but um. What I was gon na say very, very much very much about the sky. Do was that I think people have traditionally, you know the one thing they want to do is track with it, which it does really well.

But your point was because of the because of the cameras and the sensors, you can fly it like a maniac and not really have to worry about hitting anything. Is that fair to say that is very fair to say I actually will go out the middle of trees all the time and then just start flying backwards. Just just i watch it go around them to the side yep and it goes around so smoothly. I mean it's so smooth when it does it yeah it's, pretty amazing I've got quite a few videos. Now I you know, I should probably make a standalone video that's titled, something about it in trees. Just so it's easier to people. Fine yeah I've got quite a few shots where it's going just backwards through trees, sort of strafing to the right or left. At the same time, I remember when we went up into the end of the forest and did that that was super fun to see yeah hold a that was a very cool that was a very cold day. Definitely definitely was channeling. My wim HOF that day yeah blows my mind watching think of that video and those guys, because in that water today, there's no way, if I had meditated it just just no way, I could have had it any longer. Well. Well, you never know man, you never know, of course you're you're you're, just like me, you're a Texas kid right. So this is, you know, you're trying to get your you're trying to get your blood thickened up a little bit because it's it's pretty thin.

I would say um, so let's talk a little bit about spin up. First of all, I want to thank everyone who has bought a ticket for spin up or even just if you haven't bought a ticket, and you just intend to to watch that day. I'M. Super excited I'm gon na share this and it's kind of one of these things, where I almost might regret sharing it, because if it doesn't happen, I'll be disappointed, but I think by sharing it, we can make it happen. I would love to see a thousand simultaneous viewers on spin up that day. I think that would be I mean I just I've seen I've seen ken Herron and Joshua bard we'll hit 600 before all at once, but but I think so, I think between all of us. We could definitely we could definitely hit a thousand and actually funny story. Ken Harun texted me a picture today. He is at a at a drone race in Tennessee. He texted me a picture of Joshua Bardwell wearing a Ready Set drone shirt. Now it's, like hey that's, pretty good yeah I'd, sent him one a while back but I'd never seen him wear it before. So that was pretty awesome. Yeah, so Metro drone says: all you need. Is another 999 cuz I'll, be there that's, awesome? Okay, so so a thousand you know, a thousand viewers would be amazing and and again I want to thank the folks who have signed up to be the Ready Set drone or the spin up hero.

Ultimately, you know there's some extra perks involved in that, but it's definitely something you don't have to do, but it really supports the event. It'S allowed me to do things like go ahead and book the pavilion for spin down, because there was enough money in the coffers. High tech drone media good to see you there was enough money in the coffers from spin up to go ahead and do that so spin down is going to be on. You want to share it. 26 Saturday correct a nice. I was last down locked down, so we have booked the pavilion in Dillon on Lake Dylan and it overlooks the lake so actually it's funny Shawn before I was hoping to get this done before the before the before the speed dial. Today I didn't, but I'll get it done this weekend, I'm building a spin down Eventbrite site, which is kind of like the spin up Eventbrite site. With all the details, pictures that you sent me from the facility I booked, I got our hotel block all settled, so there is a hotel block at Best Western ptarmigan Best Western, which will be on the website. The website actually registered registered the domain name: it's spin down 2020 dot com – it's, not up, you know, don't go there yet, but but I'll have spin up 2020 calm and spin down 2020 calm and they'll link between each other, so give me till tomorrow, but by Tomorrow, I'll have spin down 2020 calm online it'll have the dates.

It'Ll have kind of a little bit of the agenda. It'Ll have link to the to the room block at the hotel, so it's discounted rate you and it'll have the group code that you have to use to get the discounted rate. I mean this is happening and we've already got folks that have bought tickets to fly into Denver. I also know that there's a lot of people who want to carpool and such because it's about a 90 minute drive from Denver. So my hope is that we can get folks kind of discussing that so that they can, you know so. People get a great idea, share, share rooms or carpool or whatever. If we can figure out a way to have them see who's going, maybe we can put a name list with emails, hidden emails, you know they can click it and email the person or something well. I think what I did – and I think I'll just do this again and I'll. Just probably just do it for spin up but it'll be kind of if you're going to spin up. You could see this as well, but I put a Facebook group together and so that way that way, yeah and – and you have to you – have to you not anybody can join like you have to be admitted now, of course, if you're in the drone community – and I know your name or Sean knows your name, you're going to be admitted and or and or if you buy a ticket.

You'Ll automatically be admitted to this Facebook group, but that'll give everybody an opportunity to chat about transportation and logistics and all that stuff and the you know the downside is. It is about an hour and 15 hour and 32 put on traffic from the airport. However, someone was asking me the other day: do you have to be in a car? You don't have to run a car as long as everything's not is sort of back open from you know the shutdown everybody's had there are multiple service, a shuttle services from the airport to this town, and you can have them drop you off, probably right at the Hotel and I think those range anywhere forty to sixty but forty to sixty dollars a person to be dropped on airport to hotel and back something that then you'd pay to go back again. Okay, I mean it just saves the hassle of having to worry about a car, look guys having been to Dillon with with Sean and and Edie. We this this place. This hotel is literally across the street from the pavilion it's. Probably a quarter mile, would you say: yeah I mean it's it's, not even like a city block it's about a city block away, maybe so so so it's down a bit of a hill. So I will say you have to go down that that hill to get down to it, don't you, no, no, no! You can actually stay on the street.

You don't, you could go down to the water and then back up, but to get to the vivillon. You can just walk through directly across oh okay, okay, so where we went down where we went down that day, we flew the Mavic mini and such because I felt like we drove down a hill. That day was that the marina we went to yeah. We went down to the marina that was down the hill. Now they want to go down to the water. They'Re gon na have to walk down the hill, but depending on where they go, they're steeper or less steep areas and lots of cool little beach areas that they can set up there to fly there as well, yeah and it's. It really is a very, very beautiful spot. Shaun'S already checked with the the airspace is good. We can fly there, no problem, we booked the pavilion. We have it all day. So, basically, you know the the goal with this is to make it really chill and we're gon na have a barbecue, so we're gon na basically show up. You know, say: 1000 1100. In the morning, we'll have this pavilion is covered, will have seating benches tables chairs. We will provide all the food for the barbecue will cook cookout fly, drones, hang out, play music play games, just chat, get to know each other and then probably the night before I anticipate we'd, probably have a dinner tonight. Oh, no, no Friday night Sean tell them what we were talking about.

I think it's awesome idea all right so Friday night for those who are here early enough. We'Re gon na be set up probably mid afternoon late afternoon here at my tattoo studio and Silverthorne, which is just literally about three years so streets down from the Meetup and we're gon na try to set up and do a live broadcast on Kelly's channel and my Channel where we're gon na talk a little bit about what's coming up over the weekend, and hopefully those of you who have made it we want to have you sit down with us and give you a little interview if you have a youtube channel or not doesn't Matter, if you do or do not, we want to share with the world what you do with drones or action cameras. Our three safety cameras are why you decided you wanted to come, join in and why you hang out with us on online. We want to give back a little, you know: yeah, yeah and and it's. You know totally optional, but if anybody wants to be on the air that I mean, I think the point is that if you are there Friday night and that would be the goal, is everybody comes in on Friday, Friday night we get together at Shawn's shop. We do this live stream. If you want to be on the air you're welcome to. If you don't, you don't, have to, we go grab some dinner and then the next day we have our flying and barbecue and then next day maybe do a sunrise thing or something like that.

We'Ll see how that goes, and then, of course, everybody will take off. Probably Sunday Sunday afternoon, but I think it's gon na be a lot of fun and just real chill and Shawn was even talking about maybe doing some little mini workshops and classes and stuff like that, which I think would be fun. You know it's. So if people have ideas for that, I just the one thing I don't want to do is turn this into something. That is a lot of work or complicated. I really want it to be something that's, just kind of chill yeah that's. Why, if we do any classes at all, they're gon na be very informal, so if you want to do, I think we should have hey who wants to get together and do a collaboration like a 360, a 360 action camera class from you would be awesome and By the way, the drone Ranger says that you're sending a limo to pick him up Sean how come he gets a limo and I don't that's. What I want to know. Oh, my gosh, but yeah no that's not happening he's, actually asking about free tattoos and we might actually, I might have said that last time, I'm, sorry, we might have it handle we Kelly and I were talking about in the last night. I found a website that prints custom, temporary tattoos and we're gon na look into it. It cost a little bit but we're thinking how cool would it be to have a few of those ready of a Ready Set drone logo tattoo and a one of my logo? Tattoos, but we put them on if you're there the night at the studio, with slap them on so that way it can be like that.

The speeches from dr. Seuss and it's Saturday and you've got one of those fake tattoos. You were the man cuz, you were there early and if you don't, you just missed out so so let me ask you this John. I mean you can see the ReadySet drone logo right. You see it on the screen there, oh yeah, so so how long would it take you to do that? Like let's, say you know two inches or three inches yeah it's a real tattoo like 15 minutes? What do you want hourly like computer chips around it now, yeah mine, just just like it, 3 inches wide yeah one hour give me about an hour. Ok, you know, I, I kind of think if anybody wants to get a Ready Set drone tattoo and what would that cost what's an hour, what's what's an hour of their time just walked in just walk in these are your these. This is a John family here. This is your. This is your drum. These are your Pete. Alright, so let's see Paul no hold on up bill saying. Do it Kelly I'm saying I'll pay for anybody else who wants to get one wants to get whatever size? For me, alright here's what we'll do we'll do it, like 50, probably cost about 200 bucks, but I'll knock it down 50, if it's hundred 200 bucks, 100 bucks so close, but alright, alright, well let's let's see how many how many ready set go.

So we can get that dude on people now that now that you guys cover my equipment, not not on your butt, alright, that you can do it anywhere, but on your rear end, but we don't well anywhere I'm thinking. You know I got 1000 holding fee if we go there. Okay! Well, I was gon na say these guys. Oh these guys all have really buff biceps from holding their controllers, so I'm thinking on the biceps. Oh so, basically, you get the Ready Set drone on the biceps on one side and then the Shawn rods on the other side, and then you can flex them and make up dance, it'll be awesome or you could just get the temporary ones. We'Re gon na get set up. I love the fact that the tattoo artist is pushing temporary in the and the the dad you know boring guys, pushing the real ones I'm, the one who has to do those right that's time I got ta, take away from hanging out with everybody. Shane says it's a new tramp stamp all right. Well, I have talked to restaurants by the way a one is walking distance from the studio said, we're doing that I'm thinking, maybe the first night we could do that restaurant, which is called the Dylan damn brewery alright X. I think we brought you there yeah yeah yeah yeah we're, the first night yeah that's walking distance for whoever wants to walk or sit a block away of a drive.

Either way is fine, but they said to call back come early September or late August because they have no idea right now, exactly how many people they can have in Jackson is killing it with the super Chad's man. I appreciate that that's another one for the new tattoo. Thank you Tim. You know you, you might have to stay Sunday Kelly and get the tattoo yourself, yeah, yeah or or or maybe even come in Thursday, and do it ahead of time so I'm. I'M. All wrapped! You know um, I actually I'll share this with with everyone. I probably shouldn't, but I do have a tattoo of underdog. I didn't show you that I think I said you mind. I don't you do yeah, so you know it's, not a totally new concept. My wife's, like yeah, yeah, okay, you were, I was I was uh. I was in college when I got that so, but anyway, I'm a grown ass man now right underdog, not a lot of people know who that is anymore. I know they all think I'm. My dog for Halloween one year were you really eons ago I was, I was underdog for Halloween was probably like six or seven or something I say I'm saying here, man, my favorite. It was my favorite cartoon at the time it was always. You know he was always he's, just like a good guy he's just you know, and I always root for the underdog anyway, so it's all good, like a shoeshine dog, yeah that's right, you shine.

That was his humble level. Beauty shine boy, yeah man, so so as far as as far as other stuff around the area, like let's say someone wanted to come and maybe spend a couple of extra days before after what else is there to do in September, in that area, what's what's, the Weather like what are the leaves like what's what's, all that like well, the leaves when the date that we have it. We should. There should be a 90 90 to 95 percent chance that we're gon na be able to have a lot of just yellow leaves everywhere. Mixed in between all the greens so which makes for some really good photography, whether you want to do drone photography or if you want to come out with just your regular cameras and get some amazing pictures, bring a lot of film or batteries. I guess now right right: besides that it's you know, it's a smaller town, the ski resorts are not open. I think at that time the gondola ride to the top of the mountain will probably be closed. They'Ll be prepping and getting ready to start blowing snow for winter. I would bring a hoodie, or at least a light jacket. Cuz at night, it's gon na be a little chillier during the day. It probably still won't be that bad to those of you that are used to really hot areas. You might want that hoodie during the day, but it shouldn't be that bad good, yeah yeah, I mean it's it's kind of fall weather right.

I mean it's it's like it's, like I'm, not experienced in the northern US and the fall, but it's it's. Definitely something that I think you know seeing those leaves change. It'S gon na be awesome, I'm excited about getting some footage of that honestly and for those of you who just want to get out and see nature. If you want a very moderate walk, there's a place called sapphire point: you can google it just type in sapphire. Point Colorado and I'm sure to probably pull it up beautiful sites. You can see all of Breckenridge off in the distance. You can see the town of Frisco. You can see the lake and it's literally, like a 50 yard, simple hike, a little more moderate right across the street. There is a another hike called Tenderfoot Tenderfoot Mountain for those of you that have thinner feet and it's a little bit more of a hike. You know you it's gon na slow, you down it's still doable, not hard, but it's a little bit longer and there are some gorgeous Aspen's. They should have yellow all around that trail. If you want to go out and do some photography or something that way, if you're more of a morning to go out to a bar or something there's, some bars, you could find to go out. Do that kind of stuff too, and hopefully this is what I'm really hoping Kelly is that the new owner of the bowling alley is able to be open by the time that we do this, because how cool it be.

We do the live event. The night before Friday, and then we all hang out for dinner and then we do the whole event on Saturday and then Saturday evening, a bunch of us go at the bowling alley, which is like two walks from the hotel. Yeah yeah have a few lemons and do a little Bowl women love it love it. That would be great. That would be fantastic, no I'm super excited, and you know I'm I'm – really happy that this year is gon na work out in such a way that we have the opportunity to have people from you know different countries right who might not be able to come in Real life but participate online and then that we will have this opportunity to meet in in real life, so it's gon na be it's gon na be super cool I'm very excited about it and all those hikes I I did hear actually Sean from the lady at The hotel, so she told me because I told her the weekend and she said oh that's the weekend of something in Frisco. Is it like a barbecue thing in Frisco or you have a barbecue cook off? I don't know if that's the same lie, but every year they have, I think it is. It is just because she told me she told me that evening. She I asked her. I said you know. Is it a busy weekend? She said well it's, not a busy weekend in Dillon but it's a busy weekend in Frisco, because I think it was a barbecue thing.

So anyway, you know if you want to jump out and they try really cook off too. So I don't know oh, and that is but I'm not you know, I'll look into it. We'Ll find out before that time comes we'll, see what's going on on the Sunday for those who want to stay after or or even if those who are there and they don't want to sit there with us all day. They can go wander around and go. Do something else we've got that pavilion from like 900 in the morning till 900 at night, something like that yeah yeah, I mean we'll, be we'll, be there we'll, be there all day and and by the way I'm gon na mention you, you won't want to miss The hot dogs, hamburgers and other food that we're gon na have it at the pavilion because we're gon na we're gon na do it up right, yeah and something just just for those of you who don't realize where this is you're. Listening you. This is the first you've heard of this, or first you heard of me: Dylan is at 9000 feet above sea level. Okay, so if you have never done anything higher in this kind of higher elevation, I recommend everyone. The week before you come start drinking double the amount of water, not the double amount of water that you already drink, and I know if any of you were like me, you don't drink the amount of water.

You should be drinking drink, double the amount water that is normally recommended. We dream I'll just drink a whole lot of water and hydrate yourself, because it's so dry here in the elevation. It really helps. It really really does yeah no absolutely it's it's, something that will be helpful for people who haven't been an out stood, but you know if you've ever been to Colorado, you kind of know what the deal is. It takes a little bit of time to get used to. I do think that you know the fact that we're only gon na be there for two days to I know sometimes like altitude. Sickness can kick in after longer periods of time, so you know it, but I think the possibility of that happening is low enough. That it's well worth being where we're gon na be because it's going to be such a beautiful spot. Now, what kind of drones will we be able to fly? I mean? Is it pretty much anything we want? Chris? You know I mean I've talked to my friend that works with the police force and he doesn't know of any regulations there. When I spoke with a piece of people at City Hall, where you booked the thing, I told them what we were doing with it. They said that was not a problem there. There is a dam over there to the right and since it's a lot of us I'm gon na recommending we keep the drones flying in a different area.

We don't want to go over there by all that, just just because we don't want to freak out the guards that are over there. Thinking that somebody's couple of the Damned of the drone we might, we might have good, we might even go talk to them. Good idea, hey we're, gon na be we're gon na be doing this, so yeah yeah, no actually that's a great idea, but you know still, though we don't want to go over roads or anything like that. It, but there's a lot of water. So those of you who don't mind flying above water, you're gon na have a ton of area to fly. For those of you who don't like to fly over water um, you could cross over one road, there's a whole nother hill over there. That has no water on it, as well as there's, a lot of beach area and we're going to be doing other stuff and have a lot of fun. So I think there's gon na be something there for everybody. Do you think you need to be cool to fly some FPV over the over the lake? If you want to water cool, I guess we get it. We'Ll get out there. Yeah FPV low flying fpv over the water would be so awesome yeah. Well, I mean, I think I think someone like like ed would be great at it. You know someone who's got a lot of confidence and, and ultimately ultimately you know just you really got to watch your batteries and make sure you know you know if you're going low over the water great.

But just you know, just I don't know be willing to lose your drone. That might be part of the deal and you know what it just like. Sean'S, just like Sean's, a GoPro, you could always dive down and get it. You could try this that water in that lake is cold too. How deep is that wait? Uh a few hundred feet? Oh wow, okay, so it's not not insignificant. You know one of the coolest things about that Lake is. It is the first place I ever walked on a frozen lake I've never been on a frozen lake before, and so it was cool to see it as ice and it'll be cool to see this water and believe it or not before they'd, and that up right There, the town of Dillon, actually used to be down at the bottom of that Lake really I've always wanted to go down with like one of those little RC submarines, and so yes from what I understand, they've moved all the buildings, so there's just foundations and old. Reminiscence, like that, you know who knows what else maybe there's like old toys leftover from years ago. I don't know that would be awesome yeah if anybody has well I'm I'm, actually working on getting one of those I'm getting one of those submarines this summer, so I'm gon na be going up to upstate New York, where my wife and kids are right. Now on the st. Lawrence River, which is a very, very wide deep river that flows from Lake Ontario out to the Atlantic, now it is a shipping channel lots of stuff in it, and parts of it are hundreds of feet deep, you know kind of, like you Were saying but I'm trying to get one of those submarines, it's it's, a very clear River, like the water, is actually pretty clear, so I'm trying to get one of those submarines RC submarines when I go up there in August to play with.

So if I have it, I'll send it to Dylan and we could play with that, because the water won't be frozen at that point right. Good, nope, no, but shouldn't be no, usually don't, freeze until december sometime, okay cool. Yes, that was really neat but here's. Another cool idea that I had also two different ideas for this Sunday for the day after, for those who do linger a little bit and want to stay and hang out a couple options, one I could probably bring small groups and show people different areas to fly Or to do things or we get a couple of party boats rented at the marina and we all go out on party boats on Sunday, oh goodness, Wow you're out your ambition will be pretty dope. I am, I am but think if you have that submarine, we could take the boat out launch it where we think the old city would be at this coming right. There right right, yeah, that's that's. Actually, they only make the chord do what 200 feet or so on. One of the courses are tethered there. Well, they are tethered but they're there. I think I think the ones that I've seen are like 100 meters, so they're so there's like 300 feet, so they should be yeah. They should yeah, they have a light on them. Yeah I'm gon na really work on trying to get one of those, because I do think that it would be cool to have their can you is it? Is it? Are you able to walk down to the water from the pavilion like like like get on the end of it like a dock or something the beach right? There yeah there's a dock to the right and there's, also a beach down right below it.

So it's just a rocky beach yeah. I definitely. I definitely think one of the submarines would be a super cool thing to bring and play with. You know, in addition to the drone so yeah I mean guys it's gon na be a blast and, of course, spin. Ups gon na be a blast too, very, very happy to have all the great sponsors I've got. The drone racing league I've got remote pilot 101, I've got Emacs, I've got, of course, DJI is sponsoring, and so all of those companies are going to be giving stuff away or spin up and that's that's the difference between attending for free and buying a ticket which Is pretty inexpensive at this point? If you buy a ticket, you can win stuff so and Sean's gon na come down to Austin he's gon na be in the studio with me, as is I don't know if I told you Sean, but Chris Rollins is going to be in the studio too. I know you're gon na make it he's coming he's coming yep. He lives in Texas it's a couple hours away, but he's gon na join us, and also, of course, Kent herons gon na be there and so it's gon na be it's gon na be cool and then we're gon na have a lot of people that are gon Na dial in and or come in via Skype and or send videos, so you know the the speaker list is something I need to get up on the website pretty soon, but it's, a pretty impressive group of folks that are speaking.

This could be a good way for tech. Join me Henry says he can never make it. This is all the way in Denmark. Maybe you can make this one yeah yeah. I would certainly hope so Hendrik very entertaining fella by the way, if you haven't ever seen, Tector on media go check out. His channel I've enjoyed my collaborations with him and such and, and you know normally, I don't know if I've seen Sean in from geeks Bona he's, usually here as well and I've enjoyed I've watched a few of his live streams recently agent Kay by the way, who Is in the chat right now, agent Kay actually did a really really funny. What is it called like, mashup or remix of Jake Sloane singing I like sticker song. So if you guys haven't seen that you got ta go, you got ta, go over yeah, so crazy. Busy that since since they've allowed us to open and work again, I've been it's it's, just insane it's like everybody came out of the Woodworks it's it's, I haven't had that's. Why no one's seen new content on my channel and like over a week it I just haven't, had time oh you've been working on working on that stuff, that's, good that's, that's, awesome, yeah and and a lot of people who wanted tattoos, probably just couldn't, get them Or get them finished or get them updated or whatever so that's? Man I'm glad you have a lot of business, yeah, no it's good I'm, not complaining! I do miss be able to make my content but and then the days that I've had to go out and do that it's snowed or something happened.

I just you know the footage I I did. It was useless afterwards, so it was just it's coming I've got quite a few videos in the works. Well, that's awesome! Well, I really appreciate you hopping on today. I try. I do try to keep this under an hour word about 47 547 right now and by the way, guys, if you have the time and you want to stay online tonight, I would definitely want you to jump over and check out our code drone solutions. He goes live in about 15 minutes, so I was gon na. Tell you last Friday. I guess maybe it was Thursday Wednesday. I don't remember the day, but there was a night where I was here and it wasn't Friday. It was like Wednesday or Tuesday, and I went from I went to like five different live streams, like kind of jump from live stream to library, and it was. It was really cool because a lot of the same people were jumping from them. I was on Jake's loans for a little while I was on original dobos for a little while I was on newbie drones had one going for a little while, and I think those were the three that I jumped between, but that was really cool during the the Corn team – it was my first time to have time to get on all these live streams, and it was really cool to see so many familiar faces at each one.

Now that I'm working again you're gon na it's, going to be rare, that you see me pop into everybody's live streams because everybody doesn't during my work hours, yeah yeah for me it's one of these things where anytime, I get a notification. I always like to just go in and say: hi and, and you know, I'll say there's folks like like metro drones, that always pop in and usually usually give a super chat, which you know again: it's not required at all, but it's it's, so nice to support Everybody like that, you know not just not just the bigger channels, but the smaller channels too. I love I love, seeing how we all support each other, and you know, as we talked about last night, on oz by drone there's. Definitely a lot of opportunity for us to set an example for the rest of the world as of how people should treat each other, and I think we do. I agree with that. 200. You know yeah. Well, I told people that meet me and they say: hey you're, a bigger Channel and I'm, not a bigger jinan. I still see myself as a very small Channel. However, I see us all as the same thing. If you're making video content for your channel, we are one in the same doesn't. You have we're doing it the same reasons we love making videos, yeah and, and just and just you know the opportunity to say hi to all these fine folks every week or a couple times a week so well, do you have any anything else you want to Share, I mean I'm I'm thinking we were getting close to wrapping up.

I know you've got some more work to do tonight and actually my parents, my parents, just arrived. There came to came up to visit me for the weekend. So I'm gon na go go. They pulled in like five minutes before we went online, so I haven't said hi to them really yet, but I'm gon na go say hi to my folks. I gather with them. I can quickly say I am no guarantee, but I am talking to sky, do and hoping that we have something cool from Sky. Do it even that's, probably not gon na, be a drone or a giveaway or anything like that, but maybe some swag of some sort that they might send to spin up. I think that would be pretty cool because we can give some sky do those who are familiar with sky do but never seen one, because it is hard to get your hands on one. Those classes that we were talking about. We can get sort of how the sky do work in class we're tracking, because that vantage point of the pavilion is up high and there's a path that goes right under it. So I can charge up the lecture skateboard and go back and forth underneath everybody actually tracks nice, nice, which, which board are used to riding the which one is that it's one where they put. They put your logo on it, yeah I'm blanking on the name. They didn't put my little bit.

They only do that if they shouldn't you for free but it's, a really good milord. It is. I just did a nice review about it, it's for under four hundred dollars, it's it's great it's, a great starter board. Um well. I'M. Excited you know to put I'm gon na bring as many drones as I possibly can up there. I might maybe I'll Drive up there, so I can bring a lot of stuff with me and by the way I want to give a shout out to Rick Alber for two reasons: number one. Well, no for more than two reasons number one. Thank you for the super chat that is very much appreciated. Number two Rick Albert again: he's he's he's been in the hospital for a little bit, and so I want everyone to send him prayers, wishes and very good thoughts because he supports us and we need to support him and then number three ive told this story before You can't you can't talk to anybody in this community who has not had a positive experience and been helped by Rick Albert everybody has so you know guys he is. He is what this is all about. So I really appreciate you Rick I'm glad you're here yeah. I I just had heard I am still not sharing the details but I'm glad whatever he was going through. He seems to be working through it, yeah it's great, to see him in the chat and I'm gon na tell a funny story actually, because I remember Rick's, been a Rick's, been a viewer on my channel for a while.

Like a few years now, we've, you know we've more recently, gotten to know each other better, but in the early days he has for his icon a castle it's the neuschwanstein castle in you know outside of Munich, which is one of my favorite places in the world. I'Ve been to Germany a few times and live there as a kid, but the neuschwanstein castle is such an awesome. Awesome place. It'S, definitely a place that if you ever get to go visit it you should but rick albert scouted for his uh, his little channel icon. So i always thought that was super cool all right. Man well Sean. So great, thank you for taking the time to join me today. I really appreciate it. You know you are. You are definitely a channel that I think is gon na grow and do great things and I'm excited about your nature Channel.