Now bill was supposed to be on a couple of weeks ago, uh. He and i had planned it and it's. While i was still up in new york and it turned out that we were doing the simulcast with um, with uh greg from um uh greg from oz by drone, and so we weren't able to do it then. But here we are. This is my second saturday or second weekend in a row to see bill cause. I saw him last weekend out at uh ken's what the fpp event, how you doing bill pretty good kelly. How are you i am fantastic um, so yeah you made it out to the what the fpv event. What was your, what was your thoughts on that it was hot yeah. It was a good time saw a lot of movie stars. You can, i don't know about it: yeah yeah yeah, it was it was. It was a great time i have to say too um. I was super impressed um. I don't know how much fpv you fly, but i gave you my little uh my little rocket. My gep rc rocket to fly around that's what i was flying that day and man you you like did some awesome stuff? Did you get to watch my recap video? I did it was good. Did you see how you i saw you filming me yeah? Did you see the part where i had it and, and you had the drone and we kind of did this little dance for a couple of seconds yeah that was pretty cool man? That was like my favorite part of the cause because it actually, then it goes right over my head and and uh that was that was bill flying at that point, so that was really cool, but i actually had no idea too a few of those folks like Um original dobo, i didn't know he was such a good fbv pilot he's he's, pretty killer good yeah.

He was showing off, he was showing off a little bit um. So who do we got out there? We got uh doc, murphy, um or doc. Murdock. Sorry, chris uh, we got addy audi out there. We got d and d aerials, we got geeks vonna, oh speaking of geeksvana, i have a pretty big announcement to make. I don't know if sean has already told people this, but uh geeksvana has offered and i'm totally down for this he's gon na do uh an official pre show for spin up. So on september 12th, the day of spin up it starts at 10 a.m. Central in the u.s, from the hour before from 9 to 10, central, which you know, depending on what time zone you're in that's different times, um hey ray kelly good to see you um geeksvana is going to do. The official spin up. Pre show he's got a whole bunch of stuff um planned he's going to be talking about who the speakers are, i mean think about it, like, like a sports pre show, i feel like he's, going to go out there and probably spend a lot of time talking About who who's, who what's what um for for spin up and i'm super excited and appreciate him doing it. So, on the day september 12th you just got to block out uh 9 a.m: central until probably 2 or 3. In the afternoon central to watch. The pre show and then watch um watch spin up so super excited about that.

I think sean is in the audience. Yes, he is out there. Um we've also got uh ben out there. As i said, ray kelly good to see you. I just watched one of ray kelly's videos. Yesterday um yeah, we got a good crew watching so bill. Um tell me: you came to spin up last year uh. What are your expectations for this year since it's virtual? I i i expect it's going to be pretty fun, it's, going to be a little bit different yeah, but it'll be nice to get everybody together and i imagine it's going to be mostly chatting but it'll be fun. I i think so i think so, and you know i'll tell you i've got a very good. Um i've got a very good list that i'm working on and a video a little promo video. I haven't promoted it like through videos as much as i as i should probably, but i have a video that i'm working on. I finally have a pretty good list of all the primary prizes from dji from emacs from remote pilot 101 and from the drone racing league and so i'm putting out a video that has a list of those to let people know and then are you aware bill? I think you are, but maybe not, that we're doing a little contest on the ready set drone song. Did you know about that? Uh yeah. I heard that you wanted some people to some get put in some video and whatnot yeah yeah, so i have had um a couple of really really good submissions.

Basically, i i published a video that included the um. Well, it was on first friday, last time, while i was still in new york um, i published the the lyrics and the chords and i've had a couple of people do cover songs of it. So if you're out there – and you are a um – you are a musician or someone musically talented. I want to get a cover song from you of the ready set drone song um, the ones i have are pretty close to the original, but you can take liberties. Um, the main thing is, i just want to have the same lyrics and kind of the same spirit of it but um. You know if you want to do rap, punk rock country classical acapella, i don't care um, the winner, the best one. So what i'm going to do is play all of the entries during spin up and the best one is going to win a uh mavic uh air, two, so it's a pretty big prize. So you know it's a lot of effort. I know uh, do you? Do you play any instruments bill? Oh, no, no uh! Any any music link. Do you have a good singing voice uh? Well to myself. I do not to everybody else, though, all right so so, if, if i was in your head, you know, while you're singing to yourself what what are you singing what's, give me an example of a bill's.

Oh i don't know no way. Oh, come on, there's got to be something or is it is it is it metallica? Is it? Is it uh wilco? Is it jay z, definitely not metallica, okay, all right, all right, so we've eliminated that um. You can't give us an example of a of a bill jam. No, i don't know i like 70s 80s, so, okay, okay, yeah, i can dig it, and and did you grow up in michigan? Is that your hometown uh? Actually, i grew up in california and and moved to michigan 25 years ago. Okay, okay and you said because you are coming to spin down you and sandy are both coming to spin down uh. You said you might go ahead and truck it out to california afterward right right. If, if we have time we're going to go out there and see my family haven't been out there in a while nice nice, so so what's the drive time to colorado, probably not too bad huh like 8 hours, 10 hours, no, no it's it's! More than that, i think it's uh it's almost double what it was to tennessee, so really yeah. You know what's funny about that is i i knew you were coming to to ken's event, and i was i was excited because you know a lot of great people were coming. I really thought you had like a 15 hour drive or a 20 hour drive to get down there, but how long was it from from uh from where you are in michigan to brownsville tennessee? It was just over 10 hours.

Oh that's man, that's that's, pretty much. My mine was actually about 11 hours so about the same as me: huh yeah, 18 hours, 30 minutes to dylan. For me, okay, okay, and are you gon na – do that uh you're? Definitely gon na drive down, i believe so that's. The plan right now is to drive down. Okay well tell us um what were your favorite parts i mean. I know you said you got to meet movie stars and hang out and stuff like that. But did you have any any highlights from the what the fpv event anything that you saw yeah, so a couple of those fpv guys were just tearing up the sky with the with their fpvs. I couldn't believe it i mean they were getting on it. Yeah yeah they're crazy that guy uh jd he he was pretty amazing and uh ian was pretty amazing at the fpv um. How much fpv experience do you have uh about a year? I i think about a year ago i got my first fpv and it's. Just a little five inch quad, i watched somebody on the internet build one and i put it together and i flew without goggles for the longest time. I was scared to put the goggles on and then finally i did it and it was pretty fun wrecked. A lot, but then i built another one and uh wrecked that a lot, and so i bought a little one uh and that seems to be a little bit better it's good practice, a little tiny hawk.

So what was the? What was the original five inch that you got? It was just uh, it was it wasn't, a name brand. It was just a i bought a frame off, you know a cheap frame. You know there was an ad on youtube that says: build a fpv for under 100 bucks and nice. I spent just a little over a hundred why to buy a controller but the the drone's around 100 bucks so which, which controller? Which controller? Were you using or are using yeah x7? Okay, nice yeah? I i like that one, a lot um. I have three fr skies free skies. I have the taranis the x7 and then the little that's that's, a free sky, right, um and then the uh x light, which is the little video game style, one yeah that one's pretty nice. I like that one i like it for its uh portability like it. It packs down really well when i'm doing something with my tiny hawk um like it's, easy to just throw into a backpack and travel with and the batteries that come out of it they're they're um. You know they look like they look like basically c size, batteries or maybe in between a c and uh, a double a and they um they're rechargeable they last forever. So i can charge that thing. Take a whole trip and it'll still have a charge. You know at the end of the trip i could probably do 20 or 30 packs or 40 packs through the drones, but the rc would still be good, so that's one thing i like about the x lite, but you know now that now that we're doing digital And – and i think was that your first time flying digital with the with the gep rc uh, no, i have a digital a couple of them.

I put it in my new five inch and i i have a little cinebee and i i've been messing around with it. So that's really good picture man. It makes such a big difference. I mean it's it's really night and day and and uh. You know that sculpture the thing that billy tripp built out of steel. You would have a really hard time if you didn't have a super clear connection. Flying through that thing. Do you agree, yeah there's, a lot of cables going in and out of that thing yeah. It was just and and everything's kind of the same color it's, all kind of that steel color. You know so it's it all blends in together, um yeah. I i definitely i definitely enjoyed flying through it, but i have to say that there were a couple times. I didn't hit anything really flying through it, but there were a couple times that a cable just kind of popped out of nowhere – and i was very glad to have the hd system to be able to see it yeah. I can't believe more people didn't crash, because that that place is crazy and plus all the metal around yeah yeah. I think i have it in the background of our of our two uh images here: it's a there's a little bit down on the bottom um, so so i've seen some really good. Um recap: videos of it. Of course, ken herron did one and original dobo did one and ssh drones.

I don't know if you got to meet jeff while you were there, but he did one and so did uh jd jd above or jd ariel's. I forget what his uh his youtube name is. I just watched his today, but you get a sense from all of those. You know how much stuff was in there and and the guy was super cool. I mean, i think he even climbed up and retrieved. Some drones didn't, he yeah somebody climbed up there to get a drone down i'm, not sure who it was, but yeah and and ken herron that guy he climbed up into that tower. No stairs on the tower that that that he's, crazy wow man – i i mean i i realize if you do it slow it's, probably not that bad, but i think i would have uh. I would have been a little more nervous than he was. But you know i'd be nervous if there were steps and he did it right now – he's, not he. He was in his elements, though i mean he he was definitely enjoying having the crowd there and i think i think he really appreciated. I got the sense he got a little choked up a couple times about how many people showed up to be there for his birthday. You know you can't beat that yeah. I see mitch out there old guy in a drone good to see you mitch. I i know um, i want to join mitch's uh live stream again.

Sometime it's just been crazy busy some sunrise water media. He is one uh one of the people that entered the contest that i was talking about earlier steve carpenter, good to see you agent, k, of course chris hope and uh man. We got ta, we got all the uh, the scattered thought is there. Um let's see doc. Murdock says i would have had a blast. Oh yes, you definitely would have i mean so there were a couple times. I don't know if you remember this bill a couple times, while i think kevin was giving a speech where it sounded like a gong or a or a a wind, chime or something it was just like dong yeah. I i think that was that big water tower getting hit yep for sure i mean it it it was. It was quite quite insane on that. So tell me uh what's, going on with metro drones. Have you been doing any doing any uh projects recently or you acquired any new drones, uh yeah, i always seem to buy a new drone mavic air 2 is the newest one. It'S, pretty nice drone i've been staying busy at my job job, but i've been doing a bunch of side work with uh, with with my drones, mostly the mavic 2 pro nice do a bunch of real estate and it's good it's fun is. Is it one of those things how big is the town you live in uh? Well, there are a bunch of townships all crammed together and then all the way down to detroit so it's, a pretty big area, it's, pretty dense populated a lot of lakes.

Do you do you feel like once you've gotten um? You know a couple of drone gigs out and your names out there does it feel like it gets easier to get more drone, gigs uh yeah. You could work at and get more i'm kind of limited on time, so i take what i can do when i can do them, and i i bet, if i put myself out there, i could get a lot more yeah. How do you market yourself currently? Is it word of mouth so so a lot of a lot of it's from my website, people look it up on google, and then i got my name in with uh. You know the drone based companies, you know there's a few of them drone base and joiners. I o i get jobs from them and then then it just spreads from there. So so, basically people people can google you or go to those websites and then type in like a zip code or a state and say i need a michigan pilot. You know certified, etc, yep, so michigan, drones and then we'll come up and people will call or email nice, just yeah it's, pretty cool, yeah, yeah and certainly certainly one of those things that um it's good to have people who are truly qualified doing that kind of Work because i think there are a lot of people that want to get into it, who haven't taken the right steps to to you know, take the classes or get the certification um.

I i haven't actually done i've done a fair number because i've been doing this for a long time, but you know if you look at it over over a um month to month point of view. I mean i probably do one drone gig every two or three months. You know my and again that's a time thing for me. Um and it's, mostly i don't do real estate or i don't do anything like that. It'S, mostly corporate gigs, from companies that i'm already working with, but i have found that once you do one. For example, i did one for a healthcare company taking drone images of their photos, mostly of their hospitals. Here in this area, they have seven hospitals in this area and i did those and it was um. It was great because then the other hospitals, you know once i did one of them, the other hospitals called and wanted to do it, and so i had to jump through a lot of hoops to get the first one and the biggest thing. If you're doing a hospital you got to remember is the helipad up top right. A lot of them have um helipads. So so that was something that we you know we sorted out on the first one and then um, but that's it's it's funny, because i do wish. I had more time to do those kind of gigs, so they pay pretty well and they're very satisfying. You know there's there's, nothing like seeing your pictures, your drone pictures out on their website, etc.

Yup that's for sure. So so, when you do those you said you're, mostly using the mavic air or mavic pro too so can i say: yeah go ahead yep. So i i split my time between the mavic 2 pro and phantom 4, so some some of the roof jobs. I do i like to use the phantom it's, bigger, it's, more stable and the wood connects okay, i'm back in uh. Let me see if i can get bill back – hey guys, i'm. Sorry about that. So this is actually um, quite remarkable, quite um, quite a uh texas thing i i was sitting in my backyard: it's it's. You know 102 degrees today and the um uh phone. Basically just said uh, it was overheating and it shut down. So sorry about that um i just sent bill a new invite so bill. If you're out there uh, i sent you a new invite if you can um click on that. So let's see what's going on in the chat. Sorry guys a little that was, that was really unexpected. I thought it was good um, but i guess when it's 102 outside your phone, your phone might very well overheat. Uh we've got thomas uh good to see you thomas from uh, thomas from uh, ireland. Thank you for the email by the way, thomas. I i read your email that you sent me and i really appreciated that uh, of course, steve carpenter. Chris hope good to see you guys, um and yeah, a very, very um, odd thing to have the have the uh phone just totally crap out like that um bill.

Are you in the chat still let's see if he's there uh let's? Let me see i'm going to say at metro: are you there yeah this this uh? This software can be a little challenging at times, because um you're tied to your you're tied to your phone and um it it seems to wan na? Oh all right. Let me try resending this to bill, then uh, all right, so um. I think i texted it to you bill if, if that makes any difference versus emailing it to you, but let me see if i can actually email it to you as well. So i'm gon na say mail. This is the other awkward thing. Is you have to do this, this kind of um, this kind of uh uh thing where you, where you touch the screen and let's see i'm sending it to both of your email addresses that i have bill uh empty subject line? Hopefully, you'll know what it's all about so guys. One thing i was going to say too we're going to have uh a lot of people down here for um spin up in the studio we're gon na have ken herron we're gon na have original dobo we're gon na have uh brennan from droner uh we're gon Na have uh sean oz and we're going to do something that i think will be really cool we're, actually setting up the cameras throughout my studio um. So i have a office with about 4 000 square feet and we're going to set up cameras in different areas.

So we'll all be connected via headsets talking to each other, but we're all going to be um set in separate parts of the actual room which i think is of the actual facility, which i think is going to be really cool. I'M. Excited about that, because um it's going to allow me to have those folks in the studio with me, but still do the social distancing thing and i i'm um getting my presentations in right now from some of the speakers i've got. I just got a really awesome. One today from uh captain drone, so if you guys have ever watched captain drones uh up in canada, he's he's a i like his style a lot as a matter of fact, if you're gon na watch a video of his, he has a video where he has His dad, where the dji digital system and he uh, he actually flies for his dad with the digital system and it's, pretty awesome and i'm looking down and wondering if i'm frozen again here anyway uh bill. I hope i can get you back in here. I i emailed and sent you the link. It really throws me off my game when this happens. Oh there, you are let's, see if we can get you back in hey there. He is so so bill. It would be like you sitting outside in in let's, say january, trying to use your chinese your phone outside in january. Would your phone would your phone freeze up when it's that cold have you ever had it say it's too cold i'm? Shutting down no but i've had my ipad shut off on me when i was flying a few times down in detroit that sucks pretty scary, was it too cold or too hot? It was too cold, yeah yeah, so this was this was uh.

This was a too hot thing: um it it's pretty pretty toasty outside and my phone just said: uh uh, not not going anymore. I i don't know i didn't um. By the way i want to give a big shout out. I don't know if you have been paying attention bill to the hurricanes um. That hurricane laura, i think, is the one that went through kind of the louisiana and east texas side um last night, and i know that i'm pretty sure that um tater rogers is without power. Right now, chris hope told me he had been in touch with him and that he's without power he's his family's doing fine. I don't think it was. They were impacted too much because it was just a lot of rain but um. You know that let's let's really say a prayer for the folks down on the gulf coast, because i think they got battered pretty hard. Last night um, you don't get that kind of thing up there in michigan. What do you get? Do you get tornadoes uh? No there's every once in a while there's one off in a distance, but not nothing close. It just gets cold here, yeah yeah and we get ice storms, so those are always fun. They take the power out. Usually what what do you do when it's, when it's? You know what what's it like: minus 10 outside minus 15 and uh that's kind of extreme to be that cold, but it it gets pretty cold.

You know over the winter, probably average of 12 degrees or something like that. Wow it gets below, but not not not. A bunch of days, but i mean i mean when your power goes out during an ice storm. Do you just build a fire? I mean how do you, how do you keep uh? Just hopefully you got a generator handy. Oh, do most people have that yeah most people have portable generators or some people i'm hooked up to their house. They'Re automatic i don't have one of those, but so basically, if the power goes off, the the generator will come on yeah. If you have an automatic one, yeah nice nice, and do you ice fish uh? No, not at all! I don't i don't warm fish either. Do you play uh? Do you play hockey? No, what what? What? What michig? I know you're from california originally, but what michigan thing do you do? Uh? When it's winter you stay inside a lot, drink, beer and watch football is that is that what it is yeah stay inside stay warm, okay, okay, yeah! No! I mean it's it's. You know. I don't know if you've been in like phoenix or or texas, when it's 102, but it's just brutal today today is one of the hottest days um. I i was in my office this morning. I got there about nine o'clock and walked out. I didn't leave most of the day and i walked out about four o'clock and man.

It hit me like a ton of bricks. Walking outside it was terrible. Yeah it's, pretty rough audi said as a wood. Stove is his main source of uh main source of heat. I wonder if he means that that's main source, all the time or or uh or if it's main source um agent k, says warm fish. You know cold fish, you don't, we don't worm fish either. I i know a lot of folks up where i was in upstate new york. Do a lot of ice fishing and i've heard that they actually build structures out on the ice. I'Ve never actually seen one, but have you seen that sort of thing? Oh yeah? They do it, i mean there's lakes, all around here and they'll, build shannies out there and go out there and they must think it's a good time. I i don't see the fun in it it's too, cold, hey! Thank you. We got timothy thompson, sending a uh, sending a super chat and with the message spin up's only two weeks away. Yeah i mean guys i, as i was saying earlier – i've been getting presentations coming in and i'm super excited about um about spin up. I want to give a big shout out to all the heroes i also um have the t shirts. They should be ready. My my um special edition t, shirts and ryan gordon also. Thank you. Thanks for the thanks for the uh sympathetic, uh temperature super chat.

Um 102. Yes, it is crazy, but i was going to say that um i had the special edition t shirts for the heroes um. I will share the design of those next week on first friday, i will also share um a new sticker that i'm getting made and get this. I was gon na get baseball caps done, but i actually decided to go with um whoa whm3 with another super chat. Man, thank you guys. I i really appreciate it um and and i'm i'm. Also sorry for the technical issue earlier that was, like i said, the phone just shut down, because i was outside and i'm using my phone to do this so um i'm getting uh. What are they called bucket hats? You know what i'm talking about bill, um it's a round hat and it has kind of a brim that goes all the way around keeps the sun off your shoulders and your and your neck and your eyes like a sombrero. Yes, i'm getting sombreros made uh i'm getting ready, set drone uh. I think they're called bucket hats, um i'm, getting some bucket hats made for uh for the ready set drone for everyone who signs up to be a hero. Uh we'll get the t, shirt the sticker and the i'll probably give the sticker to a lot of people because i'm getting a lot of those made ben thornton with another super chat, my goodness wow billy you're killing it kelly.

Well, i guess it's you or something man, because i don't normally get this many super chats all in a row. I i i don't, i don't have um, i don't have the charisma of ken herron or the or the foul mouth of original dobo. So i guess everybody's on tonight, um so tell me something that uh that you're excited about that you've got going on uh anything anything drone wise, any rumors you've heard about drones being released. Maybe i mean the no. I haven't read the rumor that the dji is going to do an fpv drone that that'll be interesting. I'Ve heard that as well and – and i have to say um, you know – sometimes i get the pre releases. I actually didn't get a pre release. Mavic air 2, which was fine um, but i would say it would be pretty cool to get their fpv drone because that's, something that i think it's going to be. I think they're going to build it for the masses, meaning that there's going to have a lot of safety features built in and the ability to do things like fly in ankle mode. You know in stabilized angle mode, but i got to think it's going to be a high quality drone don't, you think so. Do you have it right now? No! No! I do not. I can say that, with all honesty um i i mean i don't think it's that soon i would guess that would probably be.

I would guess they would release that around the holidays. Don'T. You think yeah that's possible i'm curious to to know if they're going to push out a mavic 3 that'd be pretty cool too yeah yeah. No, i i you know they just released it by the way. Thank you, david martin graf for the five dollar super chat. Droning in the year 2020 um, you know they just pushed out their new um gimbal for the phone right um. Did you see that one it's magnetized yep um, i just i just got ta – add about a osmo or something today i can't remember what it was. Uh, the new ronin was it the new right that's it yeah. So so they they. I guess, um, you know they. They released. The new osmo for the for the mobile phone and aldrin uh from flightpath did a review of it. I'M. He probably got an early one because he's more of a photographer photography, kind of guy so um anyway, it's it's, the cool thing is you just literally click your phone on so for doing this, if it weren't so hot outside, i could. I could walk around and do this and have stabilized footage, but then um the ronin um. Have you have you used a ronin before bill? I have not um. I have a ronin sc, hey geek, spana, five pounds. I need the pound sound effect. Uh. Thank you. Sean and again, as i said earlier, sean is hosting the official um uh spin up pre show on september 12th, the day of the event one hour before spin up starts so you're going to go from geeksvana, get all warmed up.

You know drink your drink, your bloody marys and your my ties it's saturday morning go a little nuts and be like watching the kentucky derby or something mint juleps, and then you come over to the actual event. So thank you for doing that, sean. But what i was going to say is: i have a ronin sc. I had the original ronin s and i actually sold it because it was kind of a pain to assemble. Have you ever played with one before the the big ones it's there there's a lot to them. You have to do some counter balancing to get the camera just right. You have to get everything plugged in just right. Um i mean there's there's, just a lot to it, so the ronin sc was a simpler version of the ronin s, um and i'm kind of curious. What this new one's going to be, if it's going to be a simpler, even simpler or more complicated or i don't know they must have known if they targeted you with an ad. They must have known that it was uh, something that you were interested in. Tj parsons, hey autel is the best all right. Tj, parsons, i'll i'll say that i'll i'll i'll go with that. I got ta say i like the evo too i've only got to play with one a little bit uh bill. Have you flown an evo or an evo, two yep? I i have an evo too and i've flown it a few times um.

I got the 6k version i lit. I live near an airport so that that thing's always popping up a message on the screen. All the time non, stop it's crazy! So if you get away from the airport, it's okay, but when you're near one and i'm four miles from one is it is it more? Is it more uh worse than uh dji, oh yeah? Well, dji will have a message one time and you can clear it out. This will come up and just go off. Come up, go off just constantly non. Stop it's, not that big, but it's right. The side of the screen, it's really annoying yeah yeah. I was talking to dobo about it. He said they were going to fix it in the firmware update because he knew about it, but it hasn't gone. Yet what do you think of the image quality on the 6k it's it's, pretty good, that you know the camera? The camera is awesome, you know, and the footage is great it's super stable. It doesn't fly like a dji that's for sure you know it's a little wonky, but the the camera footage is great. The gimbal is good. The drone the drone doesn't fly well at all. Yeah it's just kind of it's like it's, like flying a box like a you know, a 32 foot box truck versus a sports car right right it just it just it. I agree with you it's it's, by the way scattered thought.

Thank you looking forward to explaining the spin up t shirt reference to random people. Yes, actually i wore mine today and i had to explain it a couple times, so i always get like what is that um, but this new one's, actually it's got some different stuff going on it's it's, uh, it's gon na be exciting, um yeah, so bill back To the evo and and it's really kind of true of almost any other drone, i just got a jjrc um 4k drone, which is more of a toy level drone to review, and, i have to say the the quality of the flight just the way it holds Its position, even though it has gps it's, just not there's, something that dji does that just keeps the drones really in place now the evo was was very, very visible, i like to be because of the color right, it's, very easy to see in the sky. The return to home i tested that it worked great, it came, you know back within a couple of feet of where it started um and the footage looked great, but when i was zipping it around at low altitude at kind of high speeds, it doesn't stop like The like the mavic does no it's, not smooth at all it's, really jerky uh, you know the the dji stuff is just super super smooth. That thing is, like you know, it's crazy. I kind of i kind of suspect, um and i saw ray kelly – was saying earlier about gopros having good stabilization um.

You know the the gopro has good stabilization. I have to say too, the insta 360 stabilization that they use, which i think is called flow state, have you ever played with an instant 360 bill. I know that their stabilization is fantastic and i just got a chance to check out um. I don't, i don't know how much you know about sony cameras, but the sony, uh fs7 has been sort of the workhorse of the sony. Um higher end cinema cameras for a while, and now they have the sony fx, not fs fx9, and it has basically it the way it works is it has in camera stabilization and it writes a file with a little um gyroscope or a little accelerometer inside of It that's telling the the um camera where it's moving now this isn't a drone. This is a handheld camera or a cinema camera, but but it it creates a file that you can then import into your editing software, and it will take that information and stabilize the footage based on where the where the camera was actually moving, and it is better Than a gimbal i mean it's, so it's a 6k camera, and if you, if you um, if you're editing in 4k, you can take that 6k footage. Put it into a 4k timeline, do the stabilization and because it has the extra 2000, you know 2000 pixels um. It uses that to to move it around and keep it stable rock solid.

Just i think that's, where everything's going to go. I think i think, honestly at some point, we're not going to see mechanical gimbals on drones, anymore, we're, going to see a fixed camera and it's just going to be all done, digitally yeah, that'll, that'll save them. Some money also save some braking right. I mean that seems to be the thing that always suffers um, so uh david martin graf says uh yeah, panasonic's ffz2500. I actually uh david. I actually had a panasonic fc 2500, which i sold. I started david with the fz 300 and then got the 2500 and then went to the um, the gh5, which is what i'm using now, but it has in camera stabilization and it does a pretty good job, not anything like the sony, though the fs, the fs9 Or fx9 it was pretty awesome, so bill uh, any any other thoughts on um things. You think will happen in the drone world. This year i mean has, has coven, slows you down from flying, or are you still getting um some gigs to go out and fly professionally or just having fun doing it yeah at first it was. It was slow and i was kind of nervous going out because our governor locked things down, but you know there's a lot of people out and i and i figured you – know i'm doing this by myself: i'm, not around people i'm doing this remotely and i'd. So i just kept doing jobs and didn't have any issues with it and not a lot of crazy people out there.

You know freaking out about people out so yeah, but march was slow, but after that it it was pretty steady after that, chris hope said. Keep on keeping on, i like that chris hope, that's that's, a that is a good lesson to learn a good good mantra to live your life by um kind of the same thing here bill. We had a a pretty um. You know pretty intense lockdown for a little while, but i still, i felt the same way for me going out and flying my um flying my uh drone at say my kid's school or at a park, especially if i went out early. You know if it went out early in the morning before people got there by myself felt very. It was like a really normal thing for me to get to do and and uh i never got any grief about it. You know it's kind of one of these things where i pretty much would drive there by myself, set up by myself fly for an hour or two, maybe film some videos and then and then come home and and uh. You know i don't think. As a matter of fact, i can say the mayor. The mayor of austin was pretty good about this. He was um. The mayor of austin was actually pretty uh um encouraging for people to go outside he's like you need to go out and exercise, and you know this was in the spring before it got real hot.

Was it like that in michigan too, or were they saying stay indoors? No, they. I think they were encouraging people to go outside and and exercise, not around groups of people. Just you know you and your spouse maybe get some fresh air, but no gatherings no stores. No restaurants, you know that sort of thing – hey, tater rogers, is in the house good to see you tater uh. Yes, i i was, i was just. I was saying earlier uh that you know hoping that everyone was uh, saying a prayer for the gulf coast, because i know you guys got hit pretty hard um but tater. It is good to see you i'm glad. You and your family are doing well um. I can only imagine what it would be like not to have air conditioning right now. As a matter of fact, before you joined um, i was sitting outside. I thought it would be a good idea since it's still light out to sit outside and my phone actually overheated and i had to shut down the like. I was off for about what would you say: five minutes bill 10 minutes um, while my wife, i came inside, put my phone in the freezer for just a minute and then came and sat down here at my desk um and that seemed to do the trick. But tater good to see you man very, very glad, you and everybody are safe, so bill uh, any any closing words, i think um, i think supper is calling for me but uh any closing words before we wrap it up here tonight.

No, i appreciate you having me on hello to everybody in the chat. I see everybody all the time and you know hello in person sort of yeah. You know you know it was so nice uh. It was so nice to see you and see so many people at ken's event and i kind of hope we have that same vibe, going on at spin up uh, even though it is going to be remote again but bill you. You are truly uh when i think of folks in the drone community that that help everybody out and that support other channels, and that are always there with a kind word in the chat and a super chat and all the stuff you do and plus for people That don't know this last year bill and his wife um last year, actually were key to making spin up happen last year. They they were there. Helping me set up, tear down uh sandy, helped with all the food helped my wife do all the food. I mean we, we could not have pulled it off like we did without you guys so man. I. I really appreciate you and and again i'm happy that i got to see you again in person and you know i'm looking forward to see you in colorado which, by the way um i do have a couple of people who have canceled on colorado. And so, if you are interested in going, i have a couple of uh tickets that are um that are available from those folks and and uh audi's, one of them he was supposed to be there.

I see him in the chat tonight um i i know that um, i think actually original dobo ended up giving his ticket to 10 toes. But if you want to come um and you you can actually make it like you can commit to to getting to colorado for it then uh, please, please let me know – and i will um see if i can get it first. First um first come first serve uh, dnd aerial views, says the deposit on my next t. Shirt right on right on uh i've got more t shirts coming uh again. Thank you guys so much for joining tonight. Thank you for putting up with the uh outage and uh. You know, god bless all of you, you're you're, great folks and it's, a great community and bill. Thank you for all. You do yeah thanks kelly, chris hope, howdy man, chris hope, he's the man all right, guys. Well, uh, tater, good luck with uh your adventure in the wind gate, uh it's, not a bad hotel to be in actually enjoy the ac. God bless all of you and i will see you next friday for first friday, i'm also going to be releasing a couple of videos. This week, two or three i have one that's got a list of all the prizes we're giving away or all the big prizes.