Thats been much requested as i test out the sony. Fe 24 millimeter, f, 1.4 gm, an expensive little lens, with a great reputation, its for sonys, mirrorless e, mount cameras, full frame or aps c, and its 1 300 pounds in the uk or 1400 in the us on a full frame camera that 24 millimeter focal length Occupies a sweet spot of being wide enough to add a touch of drama to your images, while not being so wide that its difficult to compose your picture or get any kind of out of focus background and with a bright maximum aperture of f 1.4. That is just about possible with this lens, especially if you shoot close to your subject that bright aperture is more useful in this case, though, for shooting in dark situations such as night time or shooting indoors, and so this is a particularly classic kind of lens for Wedding photography, this lens itself has a reasonably small size and its not very heavy, weighing 450 grams or just over a pound theres a lot of plastic in its construction, but it actually feels very solid theres, a thin weather ceiling gasket around the metallic rear lens mount And sony claim that the lens is weather sealed to their highest standard as usual, though, im too much of a wimp to get it wet and test that claim out, it has a plastic aperture ring towards the rear. This can be set to click at every third of an f stop or to turn smoothly for smooth aperture changes, while video making, which is always a great feature, whatever you set it to theres a very strong click to set it into auto mode to prevent accidental Changes next comes a rubber focus ring which turns extremely smoothly and works responsively with the focus motor theres, an auto manual focus switch and a focus hold switch on the side of the lens two, which are always useful.

The lens shows noticeable focus, breathing zooming in a little as you focus more closely to your subject, lets look at the autofocus system. It works quietly, but a little bit on the slow side, even on a sony, a7r iii camera still. You hardly need lightning fast. Auto focus when shooting at such wide angles. The lens comes with a nice quality case and a plastic hood with a locking switch, which is also flocked on its inside to prevent reflections. It does not have its own image stabilization system overall top marks here for build quality. Its relatively small and light with great functionality now lets take a look at image quality. A lens. This wide angle with such a bright aperture is very difficult for manufacturers to design. Although theyve made great progress in the past 20 years, ill start by mounting it on a full frame camera my 42 megapixel sony, a7r iii, camera straight from f, 1.4 sharpness and contrast are excellent in the middle of the image over in the corners. Things are a touch softer but were still seeing great resolution here for such a bright aperture wide angle, optic stop down to f2 for a touch more sharpness and brightness in the corners, and now the middle has become razor sharp, the middle stays. This sharp at f 2.8 and over in the corners we see just a touch more sharpness again and stop down to f4 for a further tiny improvement. The lens stays this sharp down to f11, so thats a great performance on full frame.

In fact, this is easily the sharpest 24 millimeter f 1.4 lens ive ever tested. They are not normally. This good now lets test it on an aps c camera my little 24 megapixel sony a5100. The image quality remained fantastic at f 1.4 in the middle of the image, although theres just a tiny bit of ghosting and color fringing. Here things are a touch softer over in the corners stop down to f2 for a nice improvement. Those corners look great now and back in the middle. We see bitingly, sharp image, quality, heres, f, 2.8 in the middle and now in the corners, which look a little better again and at f4 the corners look excellent again. The lens tastes this sharp down to about f11, so on an aps c camera the shine has taken off the image quality at f, 1.4, a little, but generally everything is perfectly good and very sharp once topped down just a little bit. Okay. Well, now lets see about distortion and vignetting on a full frame camera. These are images with. In camera, corrections turned off here. We can observe a little pin cushion distortion in the image corners. Nothing serious, though those corners are very dark. However, from vignetting as you stop down the corners, only brighten, very gradually, heres, f, 2.8 and even at 5.6, the corners look pretty dark and so youll definitely want to leave your in camera. Corrections turned on here. This lens can focus as closely as 24 centimeters to your subject, which is really useful, so lets see about close up image quality at f 1.

4, its a little softer than at normal distances, but still reasonably good. You only need to stop down to f2, though, to see razor sharpness in the middle of the image. Again now lets see how the lens works against bright light, its not a great performance. Here we see a loss of contrast, accompanied by a line of small but strong flecks of flaring and while were working in a dark lets. Take a look at coma levels at f, 1.4 bright points of light in the corners of your images will show a little coma smearing, although ive seen much more dramatic problems than this before at f 2, its reduced and at f 2.8. That smearing is completely gone. Now lets take a look at the lenses boka. Even a 24 millimeter lens can give you somewhat out of focus backgrounds at f 1.4. Im pleased to say that they look really nice and soft. With this particular lens. Very appealing and related to poker is longitudinal chromatic. Aberration at f 1.4, we see some pretty strong color fringing on bokeh highlights and f2 is greatly reduced and at f 2.8 pretty much gone. What can we say overall? Well, the lens is expensive, but excellent from its well designed body to its sharp image quality. Its a real pleasure to work with there arent any nasty surprises with its image quality. This is certainly the best 24 millimeter f 1.4 lens i have ever handled. You could save a fair bit of money by getting the new samyang af 24 millimeter.

F. 1.8 fe. For example, which is virtually as sharp and far less expensive, but quite a few people will find it useful to have the extra aperture brightness, so this sony lens still comes highly recommended. Now i want to tell you a bit of exciting news that i have about my patreon page each month for my patreon supporters of just three dollars a month or more ill, be uploading, a fun little video of exclusive content as a way to say. Thank you and those videos will cover all kinds of things. Theyll be behind the scenes. Videos of how i test camera lenses, the lenses. I recommend for various different kinds of photography and also video location tours of some of my favorite shooting locations, as well as landscape photography, tips that are picked up from them. Therell be other videos about unusual shooting experiences. Ive had like gorilla film making in turkey and my tips for wedding photography and finally, just for fun. Therell also be some totally random. Non photography related videos about some of the craziest experiences ive had in life from teaching english in south korea to trying to manage a 24 hour pizza, restaurant and the craziest experiences ive had taking weddings as a figure, including the time i had to lead all the Music on my guitar in a music group, while simultaneously being the official wedding photographer, my wife even suggested a question and answer video for her about what its like to be married to me and having a camera in your face.

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