Congratulations on your new Sony, Airpeaksystem the worlds smallest drone that can carry a full frame. Mirrorless sony alpha seriescamera now lets take a look at everything you get in your Sony. Airpeak package, Airpeak S1 landing gear battery pack, battery charger, propellers calibration board, remote controller power, cable control, cable, usb type, c, cable and a micro usb cable, now lets put this together. Next lets: sync: the radio with the aircraft using the Airpeak flight app. For this part, youll need to install the airpeak flight app to your mobile device or tablet. By going to, you will also need to create a Sony account if you have not done so. Follow the on screen instructions to create a Sony account within the Airpeak flight. App now lets see this thing in the air. The AirpeakS1 is the worlds smallest drone that can carrya full frame. Alpha series: mirrorless camera itcan achieve max speed of nearly 56 miles per hour. With a max angular velocity of 180 degrees per second and an attitude angle up to 55 degrees, it can fly stably in winds up to 45 miles per hour and has a max flight time of 22 minutes without a payload and about 12, with the payload max Payload is about 5.5 pounds, it has retractable landing gears for unobstructed camera field of view, Sony developed, stereo cameras and a vision, sensing processor, to provide real time 3d spatial awareness it can achieve stable flight in enclosed spaces or when out of range of global navigation satellite Systems, it is equipped with obstacle, braking function and multi directional sensing.

You can even have dual operation mode for independent control of aircraft and gimbal. There are a variety of flight modes, including standard mode which ensures all sensors and obstacledetection are on for a safe and stable flightexperience Velocity mode which reduces effects ofwind on hovering. Turning and maneuvering Altitudemode, no global navigation satellite system On course function. Pilots can accomplish accurate recreations of circular flight paths. You can customize maximum speed angles, acceleration rates and other parameters, so thatsthe Airpeak S1 in flight. This gives you an idea of the beautiful footage you can capture with it. Now. Let me walk you through some of the apps and tools powering the system. Airpeak flight app works on Apple IOS, 14, iPad, OS 14 or above usethe, app to control the aircraft, remote controller, camera and gimbal fully compatible with Alphafull frame mirrorless cameras and allowing formid flight adjustments on the flight screenview real time. Images captured by the equipped camera or FPV cam, customize, flight control and camera settings of the remote controller. Automated flights execute flight routes created on the Airpeak based web app from the Airpeak flight. App. Do this all, while being able to monitor and control the gimbal and camera with Airpeak base, you can create sophisticated automated flight missions for workflow efficiency. Airpeak base a web based application to manage data in the cloud, create sophisticated missions and maintain fleet health Project, create flight plans, Devices, detailed device status and usage logs, set up error, warnings and maintenance reminders, Logbook, managed flight routes and logs Airpeak plus subscription details.

Tobe announced Extended cloud storage service and full functionality of Airpeak base app thats, Sonys, Airpeak S1 system.