Music is Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, whats, going on guys, dan, its sally and yeah. This is a camera that is probably going to be the best camera that you can get under three thousand dollars right now, but there are a few disclaimers, especially if youre a videographer, but i know youre a photographer, so probably mostly good things to say, yeah im. Actually, really excited to talk about this camera. Obviously autofocus performance coming out of this camera, its sony, so its amazing, as well as high res image quality. That part is my favorite part to talk about, because what i have seen so far is incredible, and so many other strengths really put into this camera compared to its competition yeah. Now, if you do happen to have one of the older cameras, i will say its a pretty big price jump from that, so a little harder to justify – and there are a couple things that i was kind of hoping would be in a camera of this price Range but overall, absolutely amazing and again this is just the beginning. We got a ton of comparisons on this, so coming out soon, also a full menu help guide to go over the spoiler alert brand new menu system inside of this camera, so stay tuned for that. Well help you get it set up and everything like that so check us out on ig2. We got bts of all the stuff weve been talking about and going over with all these shoots.

But this is the sony. A74 Applause. Music is Music Applause, Applause, Music. So basically, everything on this camera is new. We have brand new hardware on it, a brand new sensor, a processor from the sony a1 and virtually every aspect of this camera, including like the autofocus system, and everything like that has been changed. The interface and customization are also getting some pretty big upgrades, so literally every aspect of this camera, but lets get into some hardware things first, because quite a bit has changed, even though it looks very similar to a lot of other cameras yeah, absolutely so. The buttons have changed quite a bit, they feel better to me. It feels a lot better than the a7 iii. It feels more expensive, and that is what i like its an upgrade to me. Um as well as grit feels better. I mean, obviously here we. This is the closest we have found to the sony, a7s 3 grip and its a massive upgrade from the sony. A7 iii screen is higher resolution as well as the viewfinder is an upgrade in resolution, which is a huge deal and then were getting 120 frames per. Second, one of the biggest things to me that i actually ended up loving during our photo shoot because they only sent us one a74, but thats. Okay. Now, because there is a mode dial on the bottom added where you can switch between photo video and snq mode, and i get three customizations on video.

He gets three customizations and i love that before you kind of only had three to share and i dont like sharing, so i think thats a huge upgrade yeah and it was just so easy to switch between them and even having the s and q with custom Modes, there was really nice because i had one set up for uh time lapses and one for slow motion so really easy to get through that and then also the exposure compensation. Dial is now just blank, its basically the same dial but its blank. So you can customize that in the settings so yeah everything on the hardware very similar looking, but the functionality is quite a bit different. So one thing i do all the time is a low to the ground vertical shot and im always on the floor. To get that shot, but now i have a flip screen, so thankfully, since the a7 3, i can now pull this shot off perfectly. So you do have dual card slots just like before they have been upgraded to uh s2, so faster card slots. On that one. Now the big thing is that one of these card slots is also a cf express type, a card which weve seen on cameras like the a1 and the s3, which is really good at first. I was kind of a little bit bummed that they didnt have both slots as the cfxpress, but pretty much every function of the camera for photo and video and everything else can run just off of uh sd cards uh just two sd cards, so that was pretty Good, however, there was a little bit of an issue with the buffer on it.

Yeah we were taken aback a little bit. We were photographing the model on the beach and, as she was walking towards us, i mean the buffer was filling pretty quickly, yeah very fast as she was walking. So if you are using uhs two slots and we were actually using sonys tough cards which are very fast and those still were filling the buffer up in raw plus jpeg in about 20 frames, it was ridiculously quickly. You were filling it up, however, cf express type. A i was shooting hundreds of images in raw plus jpeg with absolutely no issues. So if you are somebody who needs fast frame rates, you will actually really want that cf express card so but another hardware feature that has been pulled from the a1, which is an incredible camera and of itself. You can now have the shutter close. So wait. Look at the inside im really excited for this because i do happen to shoot on the beach a lot we live in florida yeah, so i dont want any dust on my sensor. I want sand on my sensor, especially and even when im shooting a wedding. You know were quick changing lenses, i it can. I can get windy or whatever doing an elopement on a mountain, so i love this feature its a massive upgrade for me. I think its a huge advantage. I know a couple of people have said: oh well, your shutter is actually exposed.

You can actually turn this completely off in the menu system. So if you dont like it – and you want your sensor exposed when you take off the lens, you can do that. But if youre someone like me and is scared a lot about dust on the sensor which can ruin a video clip completely, you do have the option to actually have the shutter cover it and not worry at all about it. So lets talk about menu system and obviously there is a brand new menu system that we talked about on this camera and this menu system, if youre, already a sony user youre not even going to be used to this customization. Yet it is incredible and i think sony did a really good job yeah. There are features on this that are not in like the s3 and a1. I have not seen a lot of these features. Theyre brand new for this, even the function dial when you go ahead and hit that you can bring up things like frame rates and codecs and other things you couldnt on a lot of those cameras. So if youre someone who likes to customize it, it is extremely customizable. However, its a bit more daunting the new menu system, while a little bit easier to use, has so many settings that uh it will take a little bit of time to learn but thats. What help guides are for so you can check that out as well, but yeah customization on this camera definitely a positive.

So this is the my favorite part to talk about. This is an incredible camera when it comes to image quality and obviously we have a brand new sensor and zooming in at 100 is the most beautifully crisp images. I even showed him. I was like i stopped in my tracks, editing these photos and i was like dan. You got to come look at this. This is a lot coming from her its a lot, because i require a lot and obviously sony lenses are great too paired along with this camera, but this cameras quality for the price it is and what it is is absolutely amazing. Now we have backside illuminated new color science. This was big to me because ive, never loved sony, color science and i know ill – probably get hate in the comments for that, but it is what it is. I never really liked it and it has so improved. I even compared it to my canon r6 and i found that i enjoyed these colors a little bit better and we have 33 megapixels, which is huge as a wedding photographer. My clients love to print their images large and if you do, pixel peeping or you want to edit skin for retouching, the file size is not horrible, which is also a huge deal youre, not feeling that its a hard drive between all of them. Yeah. Absolutely so. Lets talk, quality yeah, so the bonus with having all those megapixels is that you can actually use an apsc crop mode and you have decent resolution on that, so thats a little bit of bonus.

Now, what really surprised me is low light. So this is a larger resolution sensor, which is typically worse in low light. However, im just not seeing it here, i mean images, look great up to about 6400 iso after that im, seeing a little bit of a color shift at 12, 000 iso. But, honestly, these images are still perfectly usable. We also have a few new raw types on here, so you can shoot on compressed raw compress draw or the new lossless compressed and thats. All well and good, however, do keep in mind that if youre shooting faster frame rates, things are going to differ up a little bit. So if you want to shoot 10 frames per second, which the camera can shoot, that is only going to be in compressed raw. If you want to be able to shoot, uncompressed or lossless compressed, it will slow things down a little bit. This is pretty much par for the course what we saw with the other camera. I did kind of hope that, with this price increase, we might have seen a little bit faster shooting on it. However, we are getting the resolution jump. So, yes, i guess thats a thats, a pretty good compromise, absolutely thats the biggest deal. To me. I mean again zooming in at 100. You you cant, get better, i i am definitely getting this camera just so. Dan knows another thing, though, that i did find as a downgrade from something maybe like the canon r6, its loud like its pretty loud.

I shoot in very quiet environments a lot of time. I photograph newborns, i photograph weddings and ceremonies. You know obviously theyre quiet catholic ceremonies. They dont like you to be loud, so that was a downgrade for me from the canon r6, but again its a great image. Quality camera absolutely, but now its my turn to take the a74 and put it to the test: Music, Music, Music, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, Music, so autofocus 2, a massive upgrade to autofocus and thats. Pretty incredible because the a7 3 was already one of the best cameras on the market and thats, despite it being like three years old, but yeah, yeah 759 autofocus points basically covering the entire frame here and you have all the newest algorithms. On this thing, you have iaf or humans that are picking up the eye. Much earlier, you have bird iaf, which is something thats brand new for this animals, and so yeah tracking is full time. Auto focus, tracking real time and overall performance is just absolutely amazing. It is, it was absolutely stunning because i shoot a lot of backlit portraits um with the sun right behind my model. I enjoy that, even though its at the bane of dans existence, i still do it and i love it. I love sunset, so it was not the easiest environment to shoot in and the autofocus was spot on with her moving back and forth everything. It was always catching her eye.

I know you even said that it caught her eyelash at one point: yeah, and even the video performance was great on it when it comes to autofocus and so no matter what we were throwing at it, it was hitting it non stop. Also, the touchscreen response is much better now than before the a7 iii. That was always a big weakness of it. So much better on that and if you happen to use teleconverters, it will maintain all of these autofocus functions using sonys teleconverters and it will even focus up to f22. So basically any lens that you throw on it. Even with a 2x teleconverter, you can get autofocus in photos and videos with this camera, which is pretty insane so ive actually been crazy excited for this camera. When it comes to video, i mean i have been looking forward to this for years and the end result is absolute perfection except for one feature and unfortunately it is a very big deal for me and the problem is 4k 60 and i shoot 4k 60. A lot basically anything thats not talking to the camera im using 4k 64 and i shoot it for b roll. I shoot it for weddings, i shoot it for other paid projects, and so it is very important that i have it and this camera does have it. However, it means that you have to go into a crop mode: theres, no full frame. 4K. 60 in this camera theres a reason why well get to that in a little bit, but what it meant is that, over the last couple of weeks that ive had this camera in my bag.

I resorted to using other cameras that did have 4k 60 because i needed it for projects and i never even used this camera, and that was so unfortunate for me because i really was looking forward to having this in my bag and then when i finally do. I just ended up not using it that much now, thankfully, virtually everything else in this camera is absolutely stunning, so this is 33 megapixels, which amounts to about 7k for video and the camera can actually over sample in 4k. Full frame 30 frames per second or 24 frames per second from that entire 7k sensor, so youre getting amazing quality video. Also the apsc crop mode comes out to about 5k and the camera can actually over sample in that mode. At every frame rate. Up to 60 frames per second, so i understand that sony going for this higher resolution. 33 megapixel sensor means that they cannot over sample in 4k, 60, like the canon r6 can do in full frame. However, i would have personally preferred a 24 megapixel sensor if they could have over sampled that to get 4k 60. However, sony is also not giving us any none over sampled version of this, so any pixel bin version or just a slightly lower quality version of 4k. They are doing this in the sony a1. They are doing this in the sony a7r series – i dont know why they chose not to include any full frame 4k option in this, and it meant that anytime, that i was shooting photos and then switching to video.

I had to change lenses because my focal lengths were different. It meant that low light was not going to be as good because youre not using the entire frame and also the depth of field youre, just not going to get the entire shallow depth of field. You would be used to on a full frame sensor, alright, so now that the rant is over pretty much everything else in the camera is absolutely amazing. Iaf and video is something that we didnt have with the a7 iii and it works so amazingly well on this camera, it was insane also. You now have more customization than youve had in every camera, actually theres some things in this camera that i havent even seen on my a7 s3, which is pretty crazy plus you have unlimited recording so no more 30 minute record limit, which was annoying overheating. Also – and i havent done a whole lot of tests with it, but i have recorded in some very hot environments in direct sunlight. I did start to get overheating warnings, but as soon as i threw the camera in the heat temperature mode set to high it lets it record a little bit longer by letting the sensor warm up a bit more. I didnt have any issues. I could record another 25 minutes, so in total i recorded about 50 minutes of 4k over sampled from 7k sensor in insanely, hot outdoor environments and the camera held up extremely well.

We also have quite a few features from the sony: a7. S3. So youre getting things like a full size, hdmi output, a more advanced image, stabilization system that can actually record gyro data to the file for post stabilization. You can shoot 10 bit 4, 2, 2 or 4 2 0 in every resolution and every frame rate with s log 2 s log 3, and even s cinetone made it to this camera, which is pretty amazing. Now one thing is completely new to this: camera is focus breathing compensation, so the camera will actually know what lens its using and will crop in to compensate for any focus breathing, and this is a feature that works extremely well, and i use this kind of thing. A whole lot because im doing some rack focusing and things like that, a lot of times at weddings, so this made actually a pretty big difference and its a feature that so far is unique to the a74. So even in low light, the camera was doing pretty. Well, despite it having more resolution, its definitely no a7s iii at 1600 iso, i was definitely starting to see some grain creeping in right around 6400. It was pretty noticeable and by 12800. I think this is the most. I would go on this camera, but still one of the better camera around. So definitely this is a hundred percent. My dream camera, whether youre a video shooter or just a hybrid shooter, with the exception that im really gon na be missing that 4k 60 full frame.

So one feature this camera actually has that im a huge fan of i get a lot of flicker, whether its these kind of lights in the ceiling or like headlights on the car, and i can actually fine tune. My shutter speed on this that has variable shutter control and you can get it to like a tenth of a second, so im gon na try its kind of hard to see on this little screen, but im gon na try and eliminate some of that flicker. Using that feature now something else, thats completely new and ill, probably use a whole lot in the future, but i havent used it too much yet the streaming options and tethering options with this camera, especially wireless, have gotten a whole lot better. So you have better wi fi, you have better bluetooth. You also have usbc 3.2 generation 2, and this meant that a whole lot of transfer options were available to you and much faster than before. But a new big feature is the streaming option, so you can actually plug this camera usbc straight into your computer and use it for a webcam or any live streaming and it works amazingly. Well, plus, you get upgraded frame rates and resolution, so you can actually shoot up to 1080p, 60 or 4k at 15 frames per second either. One will work with this straight usbc into the computer and you also get the option of internal recording while youre doing that.

So some big upgrades overall and things that ill definitely be using soon. Now, honestly, when the a7 iii came out, there wasnt anything close to competition for that camera, ill, never forget, sitting in vegas and dan sitting. Next to me, everything they said during the spec list was like wow wow wow. It was just an incomparable camera to anything coming out of canon or nikon, and we were blown away now. Obviously, with the a74, you have that higher resolution upgrade with canon r6. We have 20 megapixels nikon, z62 24 megapixels. We have an almost 50 increase in resolution thats astronomical to me, even if the price is a little bit steeper yeah and its doing all of that with some of the best autofocus technology and a whole lot of extra stuff thrown in in terms of features. So thats pretty comparable. I think for video its actually a little bit harder for me just because i use 4k 60 so much and it lacks full frame 4k 60 and having to go into the crop mode is just kind of disappointing. However, they are definitely doing features and a lot of other things, including autofocus, that other cameras are just not doing the customization having different codecs and 422 and 420, and all that kind of stuff is absolutely miles ahead of everybody else. So as of right now, sony is still going to be the best on the market so hands down. This camera is a huge win for sony.

They have done an incredible job, making it live up to what it should have been, and you know, with the upgrade from the a7 3 from the megapixel count to 33 megapixels. I am blown away. It was a joy to edit these photos and honestly, the autofocus on this camera is incredible because its sony and i mean im just blown away yeah. Absolutely. I think that combination, even with the price increase, has started to justify it. I mean even a week or two in i was still finding features in the menu system. I was like wow thats brand new for the camera, so really cool on that one. I think for video. Still i kept coming back to there really isnt anything better than this. So, even though i was still bummed about not having 4k 60 full frame, i just kept coming back to that that fact and then having all the customization the autofocus and everything else built into it. It was still becoming a win for me, but definitely let us know what you guys are thinking. Would you pick up this camera right here or should sony have done something a little bit differently? Uh weve got a ton of stuff, really cool stuff coming up. So stay tuned, for that hope, you guys are doing amazing.