A74 33 megapixel photos over sampled, 4k. 10 bit 422. lets see what it can do. Wow, Music Applause, Music. My Music Music were out here, one wheeling enjoying the fall warm weather. I dont know what the heck is going on in canada. The sony a74 is a really interesting camera, because i didnt know what to expect in terms of specs. I wasnt sure how which way are they going to go, and so we do have 4k 10 bit 422. Okay, im just going to stop for a second 422 over sampled video, which looks pretty great depo. What do you think i mean im just judging by the screen, but i like the feel of the camera. The camera is actually pretty much exactly like the sony. A7S 3, the body uh. We have 33 megapixels photos, so this really is like a hybrid shooter. Camera photos really high quality photos and high quality. Video, with a caveat, did you just say: hybrid sounds like the perfect camera. For me it might be photo and video time to finally sell that canon stuff im always teasing Music. So we have an incredible 4k image. Oversampled from 7k, so take 7k squish it down to 4k, looks incredible, dare i say it better than the sony a7. 3, not 100 sure on that one great dynamic range like were used to with sony butt caveat 4k only up to 30 frames per second. I never use 30, so 24 frames per second now.

We do have 60 frames per second in 4k, but youre gon na have a crop. Youre gon na have a 1.5 times crop. I think its 1.5 quite a bit of a crop which isnt the end of the world, but when you have a full frame, beautiful camera, beautiful sensor and then you have to crop it down, it is a little bit of a bummer. Now we do have 120 frames per second, but only in 1080. It is a really nice. 1080. dont get me wrong, especially because its 10 bit 422 pretty high bit rate great 120, but it is 1080 only not like the 4k 120 that were used to on the sony a7s3 that im using right now or something like the r5. I will say, though, the image looks incredible. All of the footage that ive seen so far looks really detailed and crisp, and i almost want to say it might be better than the sony. A7. S3. You know what lets switch over ive been filming right now, for these talking heads with the sony, a7 s3 lets go over to the sony a74 and see if you guys can see any difference. Three two one okay now were on the sony a74. Could you tell any difference, lets do a little side by side here. You guys can pixel peep im, not sure i think its pretty similar, but i would imagine because of that bigger sensor and then squishing it down that this a74 would actually look a little bit better in the standard 24 frames per second, but probably not as good.

In low light, quick low light test, this is iso 1 million 2 400. How am i looking all right lets dial it down. Just a little bit see how good it is. This is iso 51200. These are absolutely absurd numbers that im saying right now, but uh yeah. How does it look 25, 600 lcd screen? It looks pretty decent 12 800. These are not scientific by the way in any way, im just changing isos and some of the settings all right. Low light test, wait, i i cant let this go okay. Looking at on the computer, it looks like the sony. A74 is like insane at low light. There was, there was almost no. There was very small noise im filming at 100, not my million. I got a like: i got a little excited there, but 102 400 iso right now and i want to see im going to switch over to the a7s in just a second. I want to see whats the difference, because is this actually better? Is this better than the sony a7s at low light? Could it be okay hold on a second im gon na switch okay? So now we are on the sony, a7s same settings: shutter 50. F, stop 7.1 and iso 102 400.. The difference, and now there could be that, even though the noise is much smaller, so in that way, its better in low light, possibly, but that the dynamic range youre starting to lose a lot of dynamic range or other things with the low but uh yeah.

Im really curious to see how does this hold up? Okay, im just gon na you can also go much higher sorry higher uh. You can go all the way to 400 000 um iso on on the a7s, but, as you can see, it is not good at all. After reviewing the footage, i dont that what do you think? Is it better or worse, switch its better? I dont know im confused weve literally been pixel peeping over here, and i i kind of our first step was like no. The a7s is definitely better and then once i color graded, i was like no. I think the a74 might be better at this a7s uh maxed out 100. 000. Iso. I think the a7 is, i think, its better. I i i think it might be because of that over sampling from 7k to 4k, the noise ends up being finer a little bit easier to deal with, and it looks like its more detailed than things like my beard and were losing some of that. Getting a little bit mushier on the a7s three i dont i dont know does this. Is this the new low light king gerald undone im sure is going to do some crazy tests and hell tell us the truth but uh? This was pretty mind blowing for me on top of the high quality video. You also get really high quality photos. This camera, you are not gon na, be left wanting really in any way shape or form when it comes to photography 33 megapixels.

All the bells and whistles shoots really fast, its really everything you would ever need for photos. You really cant complain there, but trying to make a hybrid camera that can take really incredible. Photos does have some effects on the video side, which is where we get. I think things like the crop on the 60 frames in 4k. Keep in mind, though, this is a 2 500 camera, not like the sony a7 3, which is 3500 or the canon r5, which is 3 900. The sony a74 is the canon r6 competitor, very similar specs, on both the cameras. The r6. I believe, doesnt have a crop in 4k 60, but then the a74 has 33 megapixels, whereas the r6 only has 20 megapixels. So little differences, but very similar exact same price range, important note that the a74 does have ibis and doesnt have crazy, wobble little jab there, a cannon and traditionally weve seen the canon as this autofocus king, but sony is just really doing well in the autofocus department. I was so surprised that this camera was able to keep the focus locked on my brother, as he was riding the one wheel through all those trees theres, just so many trees going by, and it just did so well. Actually that was shot on the new just announced 7200, which is incredible. The biggest difference is the weight theres, a massive difference with with the first generation 7200. You can actually feel the difference.

I think its 500 grams so thats like what thats like a pound difference. Better autofocus, less breathing, just overall an incredible zoom lens the autofocus, just incredible in video and in photos, dare i say it it might be better than canons autofocus i dont know have we reached that point of i dont know. On top of that we have s. Cinetone colors, which i absolutely love four two two ten that was my iphone four two, two ten bit super nice to color grade the body is almost identical to the sony. A7 iii, except the dial system, is a little bit different, which i im not sure. If its better or not but its different, and we only have one dual card slot that can take both sd and cf express cards, the other slot can only take sd cards and for the win. We have a flip lcd screen, which is super important. I think for this camera, which ill mention in just a second, the big question for this camera is: who is this camera for? And it is for those hybrid shooters that need really high quality video, but maybe not quite all of the bells and whistles of 4k, 120 and 240 frames per second and all of that stuff. But you need really high quality photos and theres a lot of people that need this all in one package and dont want to spend sony a1 levels of money thats like buying a car except its just a camera fun fact i was at unbox therapys office.

I did the podcast with them check it out. If you didnt see it yet and lou told me they have not one, not two, not three. They have nine sony, eight ones at the office that is pretty nuts, not to mention that. Have you guys seen the room they its absolutely nuts that it just goes forever of lights, uh, one of the most surreal experiences being in that office? Anyways? Of course, the sony a74 is for the more budget friendly shoppers who arent willing to spend the prices of an a7 s3 or an r5, or something like that. The a74 is a great choice and i would bet that the a74 on paper, youre gon na, be at first like okay and theres. Something else still right, like i think, were expecting more than were were getting on paper. But then, once you start using a camera like this, i feel like it could easily become just like the the most popular workhorse camera that works for most people, especially content creators youtubers, where youre, mostly filming in 24 frames per second, like this looks incredible, and then You got to take those ig photos or thumbnails, and the photos on this camera look so good. The wedding shooters, who need both photo and video the people in media in general, and you just need a camera that can do it all without having to sacrifice in big ways from one side or the other, its a huge upgrade from the sony, a7 iii.

But again, i feel, like a lot of people are going to be a little bit underwhelmed by the specs and i think were so spoiled at how good the cameras are these days, that it takes a lot to wow us. I feel like every camera thats coming out is just so good, so dont dont write off the sony a74 right away just because you were expecting crazier specs. I really think this might be one of those cameras like the canon r was in the beginning. It was so just underwhelming in specs, but at the time it worked so well for a lot of people. I feel like thats what this sony a74 will be for. 2021. 2022.. Sony just keeps crushing it. If you guys have any questions, comment down below and ill.