ive owned this for over a year now and i believe its time to finally do it and what do i still think about it? After all this time, is it still worth it and all that well lets check it out: Music, Music, Music, Music, the mavic air 2 has 48 megapixels well, technically speaking, its got 12 megapixels its a quad bayer sensor from sony, but in the end you do get The resolution of 48 megapixels – so i cant argue with that too much – it can record in 4k 60 fps its got hdr and 8k time lapses. Um. So i would say its got quite a bit of tech inside and keep in mind that not even the mavic 2 pro can do these things, although the mavic 3 just recently came out and its a beast, but also it starts at 2200, all the way up To 49.99, so unless youre really serious about it, its probably not worth it, and so i would say that these are the strong points of the air too 48 megapixel images, 4k 60fps, video recording 8k hyperlapses hdr 34 minutes of battery time. Its super compact and its super easy to use Music all right. So one of the most important things right, image, quality and id say for a consumer drone, its really rather good. The 48 megapixel photos are super detailed. You can zoom in quite a lot. The colors are pleasant, dynamic range is great, and one thing to mention is that the drone saves the photos in both jpeg and raw file formats.

You cant turn off the jpegs, but yeah thats, not an issue for the video again. The quality is impressive id say, especially for the small half inch sensor. The image looks sharp, maybe a bit too sharp. Sometimes so you might want to use those nd filters to add some natural looking blur. It has a dc like file format as well, which is kind of like a light log profile id say, with muted gray, colors its perfect for color grading and to retain as much dynamic range as you can. It also gives you control over um manual settings like exposure, shutter speed and all that, but ill, be honest, uh most of the times. I use it in the automatic hdr mode because its doing a pretty good job at maintaining and keeping as much dynamic range as possible, which is uh. You know pretty pretty cool and easy to use a step up from the previous versions and the mavic mini in this regard as well is the fact that its got a better obstacle avoidance with sensors in front back and below, however, not sideways, and above and you Have to be careful about that because i almost crashed it while it was tracking me and the terrain was elevated. Basically, it was a mountain, so yeah. The drone has eight gigabytes of internal storage. In case you uh forget your micro sd card at home, but yeah. Try not to do that, because eight gigabytes is not allowed for 4k footage on one side of the drone.

You have access to the card with the protective rubbery thingy and on the other side, a usb type c connection. If you want to hook it up directly to your computer, the transmission is greatly improved as well, this time with ocusync 2.0, its now a dual band transmission and it can deliver 1080p, live stream to your remote or smartphone up to 10 kilometers. Now, of course, your battery will be long dead by the time you reach 10 kilometers, but its nice to have that extra range, extra confidence and uh to be sure that youre, not gon na lose signal and your drone, and indeed i never. I never suffered any loss of connection, so yeah thats, a must id say tracking on this thing is, for the most part, uh pretty good and reliable. It works in three different ways: spotlight active track and point of interest. But, of course, if you make it challenging for the drone to track you with lets, say many obstacles between you and it. It will probably still lose you its also very handy if youre, a narcissist who wants to film himself but dont, have any friends to hold the camera. Now. No one will ever know the quick shots, are really easy to use and fun, and i think its essential that it makes using a drone easy for everyone and accessible, and i think my favorite one would be probably uh the circle one Music. Now those 34 minutes of battery time are of course, a best case scenario, and it will vary greatly depending on the wind, depending on whether you are flying in sport mode or not uh, how hard youre pushing it things like that, but i will say this: it Will last you for at least 25 minutes of actual use time, and that is still pretty great, but what i did and what i would advise you to do as well.

If youre, not the ultimate pro drone pilot is to get the fly more combo because for 200 extra dollars you get so many more things and, most importantly, two extra batteries which will allow you to relax a bit and not be in a panic that you only Have 20 to 30 minutes of flight time and youre rushing to get the shot and it will probably ruin your experience and you wont get those great shots either you get extra propellers a three way: charging adapter for all your batteries and nd filters, and also a Pretty nice and waterproof protective bag for your drone and everything has its own place in it. So id say its worth it. The controller is pretty big, but it actually feels nice in hand, and it will even charge your phone while you have it connected. It also comes with all three main types of cables: usb type c, lightning and micro usb and going back to the batteries for a bit dji built a safety and longevity feature inside them. So after a few days in which you are not using them, if they are charged to a hundred percent, they will slowly start to discharge to about fifty percent uh. So half their capacity and the only way in which energy can be released is um through heat. Basically, so dont be alarmed if your batteries start to heat up after a few days in which you havent used them its perfectly normal, its perfectly normal and a built in feature, but yeah just keep that in mind and uh only charge your batteries uh right before You are going to use your drone.

My favorite thing about the air ii is well a couple of things actually, but they inspired the same same thing, and that is confidence with those 10 kilometers of solid transmission, 34 minutes of battery time of flight time. Basically, and just overall having great maneuverability and being strong enough powerful enough to face any kind of winds you might suddenly encounter when you are out in the field. I think that is way more important than any other bells and whistles that a drone might have flying a drone, isnt necessarily an easy thing. So, regardless of the video and the photo capabilities, you might want to make sure that you are nailing the basics. The flight of the drone Music, it will depend greatly on who you are and what you want to do with your drone. But if you are, for example, a casual user and not a heavy duty, pro whos making money out of it, the mini 2 can be an option and its more convenient with half the weight 249 grams, which is indeed very convenient because from 250 grams there are Laws in most regions of the world, which will require you to register your drone so skipping that step is nice, but it comes with drawbacks as well. Of course, for example, it has a smaller sensor, only 12 megapixels for photos and only 30 fps for video. Just to name a few and a complete lack of safety sensors as well except downwards.

Another option we have is the mavic air 2s and, as the name suggests its an upgrade of this one, the air 2 and its a 200 difference uh in price. If you buy it new, it will be more than that if you buy the fly more combo and while the drone is very very similar, you do get some improvements like the 5.4k video recording in 30 fps, a 12 kilometers transmission, now two extra sensors on the Top part, but the biggest upgrade in my opinion, is the now one inch sensor which will come in very handy in low light situations or just in general, its always better, to have a bigger sensor. Is it worth the extra money sure for some people, maybe, but especially if you can find the air 2 at a discount, remember that there isnt such a dramatic difference between the two and actually keep in mind that the battery life has actually been decreased on the Air 2s, because of the more powerful transmission i wont, be recommending the mavic 2 pro, although it is a solid drone, no questions about that, but its now, the oldest drone on this list so for longevitys sake. It doesnt make much sense to me to buy a new one, but a used one at a great price. Sure thing, also not comparing it with the mavic 3 either because its not in the same category. That is a pro level drone, and so i wouldnt recommend it for most people.

Unless you know you have to have it, then you dont really need me to tell you that in the first place, do you so as a conclusion. I think the air 2 aged really rather well. I was kind of expecting it to be obsolete in a few months after i bought it, but thats not really the case and sure there are newer models out there that came out, but theyre not really revolutionizing. Anything in my opinion, theyre more of incremental updates upgrades um. So if anyone is asking me for a drone recommendation, this is still it.