Have my studio completely set up, but i do have this table which i’ll be using to do my table reviews here, it’s a new location. So, as you can see, i got a new drone in front of me that i’m going to review today and i’ve had this drone for quite a while, with all the chaos i’ve not been against around to it until now. This is a new gps, brushless gps. Drone from snaptane it is the sp 7100, as you guys can see on the box. It says it’s vision, positioning ultrasonic, module for altitude hold, so it’s got um downward facing camera. You know for um to use that optical flow to help hold this position. If you would lose gps, uh, lock or flying it indoors, and it says, it’s got ultrasonic module to help with the altitude hole, but you don’t see that on these more budget, uh amazon, gps, drones, again brushless motors gps, of course, which gives you return to home And then also i mean gps drone. If you follow me point of interest, which is like a circling mode and you want, you – can circle an object that you’re filming uh waypoint missions a headless mode which almost every drone even the cheapest toys, have that and some hand gestures. If you want to tell it to start, recording or take videos, you can do a two three finger: different uh things with your fingers, which i don’t.

Oh i test that occasionally that’s something that snap team really likes to put into their into their drones. So let’s go ahead and open up the box and we’ll take a look and see what all comes inside for this guy so inside, if it and inside here is just a case, so let me open it on the other side here i got ta open it On this side, it has comes with a really nice case. I just why i started out with the box, and i wanted to show you guys the actual carrying case that just comes in really sharp, really nice rubbery material got the snap teen logo on the front. So it’s good to open it up here now. This is just an unboxing today guys, i know you know just getting moved in it’s really cold in wintertime. Of course, the weather’s not too bad, but um. I just haven’t had a chance to try to get out and fly or do anything rc related. The last couple of weeks with the whole move now looks like i actually had it unzipped. So let me go ahead and zip it back the other way. I had already taken a sneak peek at this inside, of course, as you guys can imagine so there it is, and uh there’s a drone, the controller and accessories in there. So let’s go ahead and we’ll take a look at the drone. I’Ll show you the accessories, and everything comes with it now back here, it’s just an instruction manual, so i’ll go ahead and pull that out.

So we have that out of the way, just your basic instructions, how to calibrate the compass and all your instructions on how to fly it, and here is the drone. Of course. It is also foldable which we see so many foldable drones nowadays, and it makes it so much more compact and easier to move around and portable, and here just open up the arms and get these out of the way are fully open. Now you know sort of the mavic style. This is a big drone too. This is certainly well over. The 250 gram limit that is, you know, can be a problem in some countries, even here in the united states. That means you have to register this drone. Put your faa number on it. So here is the camera in the front, and this does have a bit of dampening, which is good and it does tilt. I can’t really move it right now, but the controller does have a tilt option: it’s motorized, so it’s, one axis it’s, not stabilized um, so you’re not going to be get that stabilized. You know gimbal deal here, but it you can at least tilt down. Look down below here is your uh optical flow, which lets you look down at the ground. You can see this heavy if it looks a little goofy looking it’s, because both these still have those little lens protection. Uh protection objects. You can see. I just barely have looked at this drone i have to you need to pull those off.

Obviously, your camera will look like garbage if you don’t pull that off same with this. Your optical flow won’t hold, if you don’t, pull that little sticker off, and this is that uh, i think that’s uh sonar. They called the ultrasonic for helping to find the ground. It listens or sends out those waves to the ground and it listens back and it can determine how far it is from the ground that helps so that you’re, not just relying on the barometer in the drone and that that should make this um hold its altitude. Better and then a gps envision system will help with its uh position left and right. So it ought to be a real rock, steady uh hold both height and location. If it works well, you know, obviously we have to find out and see how that works, and here are those brushless motors and, of course, the swing out. Locking props and kind of interesting looking brushless motors, really wide brushless motors are really thin and the height but yeah. These ought to be nice and powerful and give you a good amount of power and probably a pretty good flight time, because i’ve not looked to the instruction manual, so i don’t know the stats on all of this stuff. I’M. Opening this up, just like you guys, would if you ordered this without even reading the say, the amazon description, but this is a 11 point. Excuse me not 11.

. I was looking to you know. I read that wrong. 7.6 volt let’s see if i can. I don’t know if this is going to focus in or not volt. I believe i can see it in my camera 3600 milliamp. So this is a 2s lithium high voltage, so it’s a lipo high voltage that gives those extra 2 tenths of a volt there. Your typical would be 7.4 volt, so this is a high voltage to give you a little bit more kick a little more power and again 3600 milliamp ought to give you a pretty nice flight time on this, this little foam piece. You need to slide this off. This is so they can ship it with it in the drone and it won’t actually click in and turn possibly power up. The drone. Your power button, of course, is here on top to actually power it up so make sure you do pull this off. If you try to plug it in wonder why it won’t come on just because this foam inserts still on the battery let’s, take a look at the controller here, it’s really tight into the case here. This is a rechargeable controller. I’Ll show you guys the charging cables for both the battery and the uh controller. They give these little foam uh little knob protectors there on this gimbal sticks, and here it is now these antennas. I did take a peek at them yesterday. These appear to be fake.

I don’t see any wire inside of here, so you know you don’t have to have these up if there’s no wire in here, then these are just plastic in there for looks, and you see that awful lot on these cheaper drones now it doesn’t matter. If they’re toy or gps, they still a lot of them, have these fake antennas just for looks. There is a charging port here in the bottom. This is where you use the micro usb cable, which i’ll show you guys that’s in the box, and you do you can charge this up. I press the power button you can see. It looks like me, like it’s it’s flashing, because it’s not bound, but that is uh telling me that looks like it’s, probably fully charged yeah. So, as you can see, there’s that altitude hold – and it looks like here – we’ll – have to look at the instruction manual here. In a second and see what all these different buttons mean, but some of these are pretty well labeled like this is your angle for your uh up and down on the camera tilt, and this is your speed rates, here’s your video button and here’s your photo button. This is going to be your return to home right here. This is probably to initiate a compass calibration. This would probably be your auto takeoff and auto landing, and this is probably headless mode that’s, what i’m thinking um and rather than look at the instructions i mean, if anything.

If i sit in this wrong i’ll, let you know maybe the flight review that’s when i always go over everything again. I just want to give you guys a look at this first look at this drone and, of course this is where you pull out these hand. Grips here just for your hands, you know that’s, pretty typical style. You see nowadays and your phone for the snaptane app you use. Your phone goes right in here. So i’ll. Let you guys know the app that we use when we do. The flight review and i’ll give you a screenshot of that now because again i haven’t looked over all that this is an unboxing. So an unboxing will give you sort of a review of the table review, but it’s not going to be as good as a full review. So i don’t do tons of these unboxings, but i do like to do them at times, especially if i have something neat and then, of course, when we do the flight review. I’Ll do a quick overview of anything i missed in the unboxing and it makes the video shorter, because not everybody wants to sit through a 30 minute video um for some of these um. You know these toy borderline toy drones. You know if it’s a if it’s a high end drone people are more willing to sit through those videos because uh there are a lot more money. You’Re gon na invest a thousand dollars on a drone.

You might not mind spending 30 minutes watching the video now here’s a charger for the battery kind of unique uh look here. It does go uh power off usb, so make sure you’re using a two amp uh wall plug if you plug in your computer, it’s gon na charge slower because that’s almost always what i had like the one amp use the two amp. So you get a good, faster charge using this. This has a light in here. I think it turns green. The light does inside of here whenever it’s fully charged – and it just goes right on here like this – you match up these pins on top with the pins. Here put it in and then plug it in to, i said, preferably a wall usb this two amp which most your newer phones and that come with the quick charge: 2 amp usb wall adapters and then this little bag comes in here. It’S got some spare props and it’s got a uh micro, usb cable that’s in here right here in the middle, and that is to to charge the controller so yeah i mean that’s pretty much everything that comes with it in the box. It’S not a whole lot of stuff everything that you do need and it’s really nicely packaged beautiful case, and the drone itself feels really nicely built, especially when you get the battery and additional weight right now. It feels lighter because the battery is obviously your heaviest part.

The heaviest component of the drone, but it has some nice things you don’t typically see and it doesn’t feel super super cheap, like some of the drones that you do buy pick up amazon because snaptane like uh potenzic and holy stone. These they’re pretty much almost not almost non exclusive but almost exclusive to amazon to where they sell most of their stuff now let’s see. Does it have a micro sd card slot? Yes, it does that’s what i want to make sure you don’t miss. You can put yourself a micro sd card that’s, not included with it. You snap that in there and that’s going to let you save the video locally to this card, so you’re not going to have to worry about saving over wi fi, which some of these drones do. You lose frames, interference, anything it messes it up and you’re not going to get that here, save on it locally now i don’t know if it tells us on the box or not what the actual camera resolution is on this i’m just glancing at it up here. I don’t see any specifics on that, so i have to look and see. Maybe i can take a quick sneak peek at the instruction manual i’m curious. If this is like a 4k photo, and maybe a 2k video or something like that, i don’t exactly know so you know i don’t know if i’ll better find it here, just uh glancing at the the manual there’s a quick start manual too.

This will be a help because everybody wants to read through an entire manual that’ll, get you off the ground guide you through the compass calibration and gyro calibration, which is usually like. You know two sticks down and right or something like that, but they probably have a a little specs area here in the manual i don’t know. If i can find that i’m so i’m, hoping at least let’s see what here it is. It says it is uh. It says five gigahertz is probably five gigahertz wi fi i’d. Imagine most of these do use that because it’s a higher bandwidth and there’s less interference on that 2.4. I think on the remote controller you don’t have any specs here for the actual camera so yeah. I don’t, i don’t, see it here what this is well, if i think of it, and i do notice that i’ll put the uh the camera specs up here inside Music in a little text insert to see, but i would imagine it’s going to be at least 1080P um, but unfortunately i said it doesn’t, it doesn’t appear to be stabilized. I see no mention of it. Obviously it’s not gimbal stabilized. I don’t see any notes about having eis, which is called electronic image. Stabilization we’re, seeing that now in some of these new drones and some of them do a really fantastic job, but to where it makes it. Okay, if it doesn’t have an actual mechanical motorized gimbal, which are always the best, but the eis has really come a long way.

As far as i know, this drone does not have that so we’ll see when we take it out for the fight review. We’Ll see how the video is again. It ought to be 1080p. It could be a bit higher than that, but uh i don’t as far as i can tell it’s, not stabilized. Unfortunately, so i you know if this thing flies great you’ll have to see what the price is. Sometimes these drones can be fantastic and the the camera’s lack of stabilization makes it a uh a killer for some people. Some people just want photos and it’s fine or they don’t care about the stabilization. They just want some decent video so again, we’ll see how it does so all right, guys that wraps up the unboxing of the sp 7100 by snaptane i’m glad you guys stuck around. We got a whole bunch coming this new year, i’m, going to have a whole new studio here, i’ll be on camera, more there’s, going to be a lot more to look forward to a lot of stuff will be like this. After we do an intro and on camera all that good stuff and just everything should just be even better than it ever has been. So i appreciate all you guys supporting the channel make sure that you thumbs up this video i’d like to see more likes on the videos and any questions you got. Leave a comment down below i’ll be more than happy.

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