Today we are taking a look at the snaptane sp7100. It is a foldable brushless motor 26 minute flight time, 4k, 90 degree remote tilt adjustable 5g wi, fi fpv optical flow sensor, ultrasonic sensor, gps, rc quadcopter ready to fly so taking a closer look. We have the foldable arms, which are spring loaded to keep them from accidentally, folding in and from accidentally folding out as well, so about midway out is neutral and it will spring into the direction of the fold. Now we also have foldable props as well, and it is with a center hub now the arms are staggered in design the front arms are higher than the rear arms, but the motors are just about at the same height due to the raised rear motors. Now we have the power push button switch right on the top of the canopy. We have four led lights in the rear that will indicate the amount of charge that is remaining on the battery. Now the battery is removed by pressing the latch button and holding the two sides and pulling it out and the battery is a 7.6 volt, 3600 milliamp lipo battery. It is said to be good for about 26 minutes of flight time. So, to put it back just slide it right in and it’ll click into place. Now, in the front, we have the couple of led lights, looking like eyes and the 90 degree remote tilt adjustable 4k 5g wi fi fpv camera.

Now there is no electronic image stabilization on this quadcopter, nor a mechanical gimbal on this one, but the camera is anti jello mounted so it’ll take 4k videos and 4k photos and record them to the micro sd card and the micro sd card slot is on the Side of the quadcopter it supports up to a 64 gigabyte micro, sd card class 10 or higher. Now, without a micro sd card inserted, it will still record 4k photos and 1080p videos to the phone app and thus into the camera roll of the device that is used on the bottom. We have the optical flow sensor camera to help to maintain horizontal positioning and the ultrasonic sensor to help maintain altitude position. There’S also the built in barometric pressure altitude hold as well. There are status led lights on the bottom of each of the arms, and there are four rubber pads and no other landing gear, but it still does a really good job in sticking that landing now, this quadcopter feels very well made and if compared it is equivalent To the quality of the holy stone, hs 720, it is very similar, except for some design differences. Now the sp 7100 will weigh in at 511 grams with the battery installed, so it will need to be registered. The remote control is said to be good for about 800 meters in control distance, even though there is no antenna wire running up the antennas, so these antennas are basically just for looks and they look good folded out.

We have the pull out phone holder, which will hold my iphone 6 plus with a minimalistic case, and that will be the biggest phone size. This phone holder will support, we have the fold out, hand grips and it feels good in the hands now on the left. Shoulder we have a rotary dial for the camera tilt 0 to 90 degrees and a dedicated photo button on the right shoulder. We have another rotary dial and it is to change speeds rotate it that way for speed, number two and rotate it. This way for speed. Number one and a dedicated video button, the gimbals feel good enough, although they are not hobby grade. We have four led light indicators. We have the headless mode button short press for headless mode and long press for emergency. Stop. We have the return to home button. We have the power push button on and off switch the one key to take off and one key to land button and the gps on and off button long press to turn gps on and long press to turn gps off both sticks to the bottom and to The left will calibrate the gyros of the quadcopter. Both sticks to the bottom and out will arm and disarm the motors of the quadcopter. Now there are no sequence for compass calibration with the sticks, but once the quadcopter is powered on and the remote controller is turned on, it will automatically bind and go into the compass calibration mode, all right, so let’s power on the clock out there.

Let the esc sing their tune and power on the remote control. Okay, automatic bind, and it is also now ready for compass calibration. So you will need to calibrate the compass every time you fly so rotate the quadcopter horizontally in either direction until it beeps and the status led lights change, blinking sequence, i’m, going to rotate it clockwise. There you go, a single beep is heard and the status led lights are now blinking in a different sequence. So horizontal compass calibration is now complete. Next will be the vertical compass calibration, so hold the quadcopter, with either the nose up or with the nose down and rotate it in either direction until another beep is heard and the front blue led lights, go solid. Blue i’m gon na do with the nose down there. You go, another beep is heard and the front led light is now solid, blue, so vertical compass calibration is now complete. Now both sticks to the bottom and to the left will calibrate the gyros of the quadcopter. Now, as you can see, the rear lights are still blinking because it has not acquired the necessary gps satellites and in the gps mode. You will not be able to arm the motors so long press, the gps button to turn off gps, and now you are able to arm the motors and are able to take off in the non gps mode. But you will not have gps position or the return to home, so do not press the return to home button while you are flying in this mode.

So if you do fly in the non gps mode, you will need to land and turn on gps and see if the rear lights go solid and a long beep is heard which will indicate all of the necessary gps. Satellites have now been acquired, but my rear, green lights are still blinking, so it has not acquired all of the necessary gps, but once they are, you can arm the motors and take off and fly, and this new takeoff spot will now be registered as the new Home point and the quadcopter will now come back to this new home point when it performs the return home fail, safe return home and the low voltage return to home. Okay. Here we go with the test flight of the snaptane sp7100. Everything was turned on and calibrated gyro is calibrated, the compass has been calibrated and it is waiting for satellite acquirement. So, in that meantime, let’s go ahead and start the phone app i’m going to be using my ipad here so getting into the settings and waiting for the network to show up okay. Here we go there, we go snaptanesp70100, and here is the app snaptane epic free downloadable app in the app store so check it out. It looks like that hit start and we are in the interface i’m going to go ahead and screen record and screen is recording. All right, let’s hit, ok and we have wi fi fpv, all right, so first things first still trying to acquire the necessary gps, but it says 15, gps, satellites and the wi fi connection is going in and out let’s see.

Here i got gps. I have acquired the necessary gps that long beep indicates that and let’s go into the settings here. Let’S see beginner mode is turned off, but if you turn beginner mode on flight distance is limited to 30 and flight altitude is limited to 30.. So you want to turn beginner mode off if you want to go further than that and hit save – and hopefully we have saved it. So let’s go ahead and take some photos. Okay, hopefully we’ll take taking a photo there. There we go a shutter noise and here we go making our rounds all right. The video quality looks good that one didn’t shutter yeah and the wi fi connection has gone zero, as you can see on the top. Oh now we have green. Oh, my goodness, it goes in and out and there’s a big delay here as well. Okay, so taking some photos there and let’s see let’s go ahead and take a video start, the video and look at that. It doesn’t want to take videos for some reason. The counter is not even counting and the wi fi camera is showing red and zero signal, oh my goodness, so that is not good guys. So why don’t i go ahead and take a video with the hard remote okay. Hopefully it is taking a video, even though the wi fi is not showing it, and i am screen recording so for this demonstration purposes, i’m going to be uploading.

The whole video in 1080p. So, even though i’m taking videos and it’s recording into the microsd card in 4k, i’ll be downgrading it and uploading it in 1080p. If the video quality comes out good, then i’ll do another video and upload that entirely in 4k. So i’ll leave the ipad right here. So let’s go ahead and check it out here. Both sticks to the bottom and to the out and it arms the motors and one key to take off all right. There we go and it is holding pretty steady here. Let’S go forward just a little bit all right, so let’s see how good the position hold is let’s, get it angry and let go all right goes right back to where it was holding position. So let’s check it out here. So speed number one and this is full pitch and full yaw, and that is the speed in speed number one. Still pretty fast let’s see slow down. Let me turn around and it’s a little bumpy when you let go of the sticks, so let’s test that out letting go of the sticks. Oh whoa there’s a toilet bowl activity and will it position hold? Yes, it will position hold okay. There you go so let’s. Go to speed number two all right, and here is the full pitch and full yaw in speed number two brushless motors on this one, not sure what size the motors are. I believe it’s 2204 about 1500 kv motors.

Oh man, this is a little bit erratic. It doesn’t come to a hover right away. Okay, so it is hovering now so let’s raise it up a little bit and let’s check it out here. Okay, do i have video okay, let’s tilt the camera down continuously, holding the tilt and continuously holding the tilt up and looks like i might be frozen in time? I got no wi fi, so i can’t really see what i’m doing here. Oh man, oh it did go down. I registered again. Let me go back up. Oh my goodness. The wi fi is the issue here. It goes in and out so i don’t know if the camera is up or not. Let me bring it down and physically look at it: okay, slight toilet bowl activity, i’m going to tilt it down and there you go. I can see it tilting all the way down and i’m gon na tilt it up, tilting all the way up. Okay, hopefully we are still recording a video to the sd card, so i can show you guys that at least so all right, so let’s test out the core functions here hold on a second. Before we test out the core functions, i have to land and establish a new home point which will be the landing pad so i’m gon na go ahead and hit the one key to land and it is coming down by itself and i’m controlling its path.

I’M. Redirecting it to make it land on the landing pad there, we go a little hover above the ground touchdown and the motors turn off. Okay, so a little bit of issue with the wi fi phone app with this drone and also the toilet bowl activity. Okay, so let’s go ahead and arm the motors and one kid will take off and from the ground that will be the height that it comes to hover, so let’s go ahead and go up and place it right about here. I believe the altitude is 15 meters, so let’s go ahead and hit the return to home button right here and it rises up and the remote control is beeping and there you go 15 meters in height, coming back backwards and wastes no time and it starts to Descend and of course, wall is coming back, you can hit the return home button and retake control of it. Let’S see how close to the landing pad center. It comes to a landing, and that is pretty good. That is almost right down the center. A little skip and a hop helped it out. So put it back right here, all right, so now it has cancelled out. I believe, it’s not beeping anymore automatically, so let’s go ahead and arm the motors again and manually. Take off all right. Send it out once more and hit the return home button and it’s going up once again and on the way back i’m gon na hit it again to retake control there you go, i hit it again and it has stopped its return home process and i have Regained control of it, okay, so far, so good, now, it’s not doing that toilet bowl activity as much and look at that bird checking us out all right.

So what i’m going to do now is i’m going to do the fail, safe return home by turning off the remote control. Now, if i turn off the remote control, the video is still recording correct yeah. So how long does it take before it realizes disconnected and there you go that’s about how long it takes i’m, not sure what the manual says. I don’t think it says anything about how long it takes but took about good six seconds or seven seconds and it is coming down and comes to a hover and let’s see how close it gets looks like it might miss the landing pad this time. But you never know yeah it’s going to miss it just by a little bit, and that is still very good all right and the motors turn off so very good. Good fail, safe return, home all right, so i’m gon na turn on the remote control. Once again, let’s see if it automatically bound yep there, you go so automatically rebinds. So that is good looks like i am in speed number one though so let’s send it out one more time and this time i’m going to go ahead and turn on the remote. While it is heading back from a fail, safe, so turned off the remote and let’s see it go up in the air. How long does it take again right about now yeah about six seconds so i’m going to go ahead and hit the return to or the power button? Okay but it’s coming back so i’m going to go ahead and hit the return to home and i have retaken control all right.

So i got ta go back to speed number two, so it automatically defaults to speed number one when i turned off the remote control. So once you got reconnected, you’re going to have to hit the return home button for you to reconnect after a fail, safe return to home. So far, so good, all right so i’m, not sure if i can be able to do some fpv, because the wi fi is just not working at all. Look at that. Where am i yeah, no bars showing on the camera, icon and i’m doing a yaw? And i have nothing guys, so this is really really bad and i connect it with my phone and my phone just crashes as soon as i open up the app. So i cannot even start the app with my phone, so there’s some definite fixes. This thing has to make with the wi fi phone app other than that it seems to be flying pretty good and hopefully, i’m recording a video. So let me go ahead and let go of the sticks and look at that now: it’s doing the toilet bowl activity by itself, hopefully it doesn’t get any bigger and it’s not going to hover this time. Let me go ahead and wow okay, but it is still start starting to do the toilet bowl activity by itself. Okay, now it’s gon na hover. Let me go ahead and hit that video icon or video button. Okay, the first time around i don’t know if that recorded, because it’s supposed to go beep beep when it stops now it’s recording a video, oh geez, am, i recording, looks kind of like i’m recording okay.

So in gps mode, this thing is not very well flyable because of the toilet bowl activity, and that is not good. So when i let go of the sticks once again right here, look at that holy cow. That is not a safe quadcopter and if you are a beginner, this could hurt somebody if you’re not careful enough here. Okay, so let me go ahead and stop and let me go ahead and bring it in too. Let me go ahead and land it, because apparently you cannot get out of gps to non gps mode while you are in the air so that took a long time to get descended as well all right. So there you go. Let me go ahead and hit the video button. One more time see. That means you turned off the video, so at least we recorded that segment. So let’s see i’m gon na hit the video button again and then now i’m gon na go ahead and turn off the gps. Okay, that has turned off the gps and the gps indicator. Light is just solid so when gps is turned on it blinks when gps is turned off and you are in non gps mode, it goes solid. Okay, i mean the motors and one key to take off in the non gps mode. Now, in the non gps mode, you don’t have return home functions and none of the gps functions. So, even though you press the return home, it should not work but i’m going to go to speed number two here, but don’t press it just in case you never know it might go back to the last known home point that it had registered.

Maybe it still has it in its memory, so you don’t want to take a chance, so let’s see i’m going to go as far as i can. This way line of sight, i guess visually until i cannot see the clock up there anymore and see how far i can take. This thing go up in altitude, a little bit and hopefully it’s recording a video and so far it is doing good with fake antennas. Look at that i’m still heading that way. Okay, i still see it going and that’s about halfway there. I think so perhaps about three to four hundred meters now and beyond, and i can still see it so this clock up, there has pretty good distance. So i’m still pushing it and there you go. I want to bring it back so remember i don’t have gps turned on too so i don’t have return to home, so i’ll just bring it back. So pretty good distance control. Distance looks like that could have been about five to six hundred meters, maybe so i’m, bringing it back pulling the sticks back, and it is heading back so definitely need to try this thing out with an all in one vtx with the gps turned on okay, so I’M going to go ahead and bring it in because we have no gps. Okay now it is behaving very erratic and i am unable to control it as if the wind is too strong for it or something okay i’m trying to push forward.

This is speed. Number two and it’s not really moving. Look at that. Okay, maybe what i’m gon na do is i’m gon na go ahead and land it and see if we are in low voltage or something okay, bringing it in one key to land and it is gradually coming down. Okay, so that was a flight with gps turned off, it is a little smoother and you don’t have that toilet bowl activity, but it kind of drifts off by itself, not because of the wind, but not sure what that is. I wasn’t able to really pitch forward all right so i’m going to go ahead and hit the video again, so we saved that video i’m gon na hit it again so recording a video and turning off gps or did it turn on gps? It is not blinking. So i turned on gps, and now it has acquired the satellites and now it is blinking and it sent out a beep. So now i know we are in gps mode: okay, okay, there we go and let me just bring it down to see what the level of battery that is remaining. Hopefully it doesn’t do any okay. We got two bars remaining on the battery life indicator, so we might be in low voltage, but there’s no beeping going on. So there should be a 30 meter geo, fencing in which i’ve already surpassed. So it is not quite in the first phase of low voltage.

So it has two phases: first, phase of low voltage will limit you to 30 meters in distance and 50 meters in height and once it goes into the low voltage return to home. If you are beyond 30 meters, which i am right now just cruising, it will come back and within the 30 meter radius to the home point and hover. So you are able to retake control of the quadcopter and fly about and then when the second phase kicks in it will land so let’s go ahead and see if that works. So i won’t come closer than 30 meters and i’ll stay far away. Hopefully we got video guys, it does fly good. So let me go ahead and let go of the sticks and see if we got position hold and no toilet bowl activity, yeah, no toilet bowl activity, this time and it’s holding steady now so yeah. Sometimes it does toilet bowl and sometimes it doesn’t so not very reliable, unfortunately, and because it doesn’t have a gimbal and electronic image stabilization, the video could be very shaky at times as well, even though it’s 4k and it should be kicking in pretty soon 26 minutes Of flight time and on paper, it says 500 meters, wi, fi distance, so i’m, not sure about that. My phone normally works with other quadcopters, even though it’s a old phone. I had no issues with it and sometimes some of the apps do not work correctly, and this one is not working correctly and on the ipad as well.

The connectivity is very poor, but it all depends on your device, so it might be just my equipment and there you go triple beeps and we are in phase one of low voltage, rising up in altitude and it’s heading its way back and look at that. Automatically comes to a hover so now, but it is doing a little movement there. Oh now it became steady and it is holding its position very well now. Look at that. It is not even moving okay, so we are in first phase of low voltage, so there’s a 30 meter geo, fencing, let’s, see there, you go bounces back and does it do anything? No, it just holds its position right there, so let’s bring it back and go the opposite direction. This way, still triple beeps boom, geofence all right. So there you go 15 meters in height and 30 meters in distance, so let’s go up in altitude and see how far it goes up. Yeah that’s more than 50 meters in height, so the geo fencing in altitude is not working geo, fencing in radius of 30 meters that’s working okay, so you have a geo fencing without altitude, just 30 meters in distance. So once it goes into phase two, which means that you got only one bar remaining on the battery life indicator, then it will come back and return home and the beeps will change from triple beeps to a long, solid beep, and it seems like this.

One also has a very long period between the first and the second phase of low voltage. There you go geo, fencing all over the place, let’s see if i got video okay, no, it doesn’t look like. I got video guys nope, no video, which is a shame, because you are not able to do wi fi or see where you’re flying and usually my ipad does a very good job. And i use my ipad when i’m in desperate need and this time it’s not even working so because of that i can’t really say this is a good one to get and also because it does not have a mechanical gimbal as well as the electronic image stabilization. So that’s already, you know not as good as some of the clock ups that are coming out now and raising the bar with mechanical gimbals and electronic image. Stabilization built right in so all of these quadcopters are now gon na have to catch up, because without a gimbal and electronic image stabilization it just doesn’t do the same thing. So we are still in phase one of low voltage and i can’t do any fpv as well there’s a little toilet bowl activity when i let go of the sticks. Look at that. Look at that. Look at how big this toilet bowl activity is. Oh yeah don’t fly low to the ground, otherwise this thing boomerang right back at you, so at least go up in altitude.

If you decide to get this quack up door, if you already have this quack up, look at that, hopefully that’s just mine and not others. Oh it’s, not long beeps, it’s, really fast beeps, and look at that. It is too busy doing toilet bowl activity. That is not able to come back and land. Oh wow, okay, so, and i am unable to take control of it. Look at that. I can’t do anything because it is in second phase of low voltage, so i have to wait until it comes down. Okay, it’s coming down now and you are not able to cancel the return home you and this is not doing the toilet bowl activity as is coming down. Okay, so it’s coming down and man that is annoying, but look at how close to the center of the landing pad that it is landing. Oh, my god. So that is awesome. Let me go ahead and stop the video recording once the motors shut off. Okay, there. You go and the beeping has stopped too okay. Hopefully we got that on video guys, so there you go guys my review, video and flight test of the snaptanesp7100. Thank you so much for tuning in and watching have a great day and we’ll see you again.