It has gestures for photon video, one key return, one key take off and landing and you can perform 360 degrees flips with it right. So let’s take a look inside it Music. All right, so we’ve got the instruction manuals. The packing list will tell you what everything inside it is some bits of paper all right with these. These are the landing skids, the rotor blades. This is the clamp so attaching your phone to the controller, just clamps on charges and propeller protectors, the drone itself and the controller battery there controller, and then you put your phone in that and that will clamp on there Music. So, on the right side, you’ve got a 3d flip. The left side controls the speed power button in the middle pictures, take off land and these are trim buttons. This feels very light, but you would expect to do so for the price all right battery compartment. Another battery in there blades power button at the side of the camera which you move manually and then your led lights at the bottom. It does feel very cheap and very light, but you wouldn’t expect this would do good in wind, but let’s give it a test. Oh Music down right. So what did i think of this drone, but going off first impressions when i said about the weight and how it felt and how it wouldn’t do very well in wind i’m going to say i was quite surprised with how well it did after i crashed it Into pretty much everything and more than once, i thought this would have broke with how flimsy all the parts feel and how hard it crashed into walls and trees and everything else.

I thought it would have. I thought it would have broke to be honest, but it was very resilient. I don’t know it has got a fair few scratches, but i was fearing the worst so just to come away with a few scratches is pretty good, like i said it very resilient. The only downside i saw when testing it was when a gust of thing came, it did get quite hard to control it. It took more effort to control it with the wind, but for what i want to do with it, which isn’t anything major or special. I think this is the perfect little thing so, with every taking everything into account, i’ve got to say. I think this is one of the best beginner drones out there and for the price you can’t complain. I said it was less than 100 pounds on amazon. I think it was up 70 pound, so not a major bank breaker and it’s a good little drone. I would highly recommend it so yeah the uh, the snap10 sp 650 for axis drone.